A recanvass of the Barren County Democratic judge-executive primary yielded the same results as those of election day two weeks ago.

Michael Hale, W.R. Bud Tarry and Chris Steward ended up in a tight race in the May 13 primary. Hale had 1,643 votes (28.41 percent), Tarry 1,640 (28.36 percent) and Steward 1,627 (28.13 percent).  

Amanda Sturgeon, elections coordinator at the Barren County clerk's office, said the results were calculated again at 9 a.m. today with the same outcome.

Hale said he wasn’t worried because he was confident in the professionalism of poll workers and the clerk’s office staff.

"I felt like it was pretty concrete," Hale said. "After counting (the votes) four times, it's probably not gonna change after the fourth time."

Hale said he has no hard feelings about Tarry and Steward requesting a recanvass.

"I'm pleased. I don't blame my opponents for wanting a recount. I think that's just due process of law," Hale said.

Hale had already started planning for the November general election a couple of days after the primary.

"My plans haven't changed," Hale said.

Tarry, though disappointed, had prepared himself for the final results.

"Personally, I didn't think we would get much of a change," Tarry said.

As he said on election night, Tarry said today he felt he owed it to his staff and supporters to request a recanvass.

"I felt like I should at least take that step forward," Tarry said.

Tarry has no plans to further challenge the results.

"I think it's time we probably moved on," Tarry said, laughing.

Steward could not be reached for comment.

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