SOUTH UNION — For this year’s corn maze at Just Piddlin Farm, owners Chip and Jill Willingham wanted to try something different. 

“Planes fly overhead, so we were looking at something that would be neat to look at from the air,” Jill Willingham said. 

On Wednesday, the shape of the National Corvette Museum’s Skydome and the outline of a Corvette took shape in a cornfield on the farm, located on Ky. 73 in Simpson County just south of South Union. 

The idea for a Corvette-themed corn maze came to Chip Willingham during coverage of the museum sinkhole, which swallowed eight cars.

“I heard them say something about an anniversary and called them to find out,” he said.

The Willinghams partnered with the museum to create the 8-acre maze, which will open Aug. 27 in time for the museum’s 20th anniversary celebration. A kickoff event for the maze is planned for Aug. 29 with live music, hayrides and food. “Our plan is to have a much bigger shindig than we’ve had in the past,” Willingham said.

To mow the design into the cornfield, the couple brought in Don Watts of Doylestown, Pa., who creates corn mazes across the eastern U.S. through his business, The Corn Maze Guy.

Watts mowed the field Wednesday using a GPS with a screen that showed him the exact path to take to create the Corvette design.

“It’s kind of like following a video game,” he said. 

The Willinghams worked with Katie Frassinelli, marketing and communications manager for the museum, to come up with the maze’s design.

“When I saw the final design, I was blown away,” Frassinelli said. “It’s really detailed and it’s a really large maze. It’s really cool.”

Corvette enthusiasts who visit the museum are always looking for other activities in the area, and she thinks many will want to check out the maze. 

“I think it will really be a draw for the Corvette community,” Frassinelli said. 

Though the path is now in place, there’s still a lot of work left before the maze is open. The more than 2-mile path will have to be kept trimmed, and the Willinghams plan to add checkpoints with Corvette trivia questions throughout the maze. 

And of course, the remaining corn, now just 2 feet tall, will have to grow. 

“By the time we open, it will be well over head height,” Chip Willingham said.

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