Neither rain nor hail nor tornado activity could keep Agriculture Commissioner James Comer from appearing Wednesday at the Warren County Clerk’s Office.

Comer was in Bowling Green to promote an annual fundraising drive asking citizens to make an optional $10 donation when renewing farm license plates. The total amount collected will be split three ways – between the Future Farmers of America organization, 4-H and the Kentucky Proud program.

Comer was a few minutes late for the event, saying the severe weather Wednesday slowed his pace.

“We were going about 35 (mph) down the interstate and we couldn’t see anything,” he said.

The wet weather didn’t dampen his supporters, however, as Comer shook hands and took pictures with members of the local FFA and 4-H chapters, as well as Warren County Clerk Dot Owens.

“Any group that has a special tag collects a certain amount of money in return, like our veterans tags,” Owens said. “The farm tag costs $21 and with the donation, the total cost would be $31.”

Comer said the money will be spent at the discretion of the recipients. He hopes to raise $600,000 this year, nearly double the previous year’s totals.

“Hopefully that will pay for some field trips, scholarships and so on,” Comer said.

Comer said the Kentucky Proud program, which supports Kentucky-based products, will probably devote its part of the funding to marketing.

Comer hopes this program will allow a new revenue stream if more people are willing to participate.

“Transparency has been a problem in the past for the program, but that’s something I plan to change with my administration,” Comer said.

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