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Business leaders concerned - Bowling Green Daily News: Local

Immigration Business leaders concerned

Business leaders concerned

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Posted: Monday, December 19, 2011 11:52 am | Updated: 10:15 am, Wed Dec 10, 2014.

Proposed state legislation is being characterized by some as potentially forcing businesses to "police" illegal immigration.

The legislation, proposed by state Rep. Stan Lee, R-Lexington, would essentially require businesses to use the federal E-Verify computer check system to see if employees are legally in the country. As a consequence of hiring illegal immigrants, a business could lose its license to operate in the state for up to six months.

"We favor a comprehensive federal approach to dealing with immigration as opposed to states taking piecemeal action," said Dave Adkisson, president of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. "Especially if it forces employers to be part of law enforcement in verifying employees," the chamber is not in favor, he said.

Rodney Rogers, chairman of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, is also president of Stewart-Richey Construction. Rogers said he expects about 2 percent of his company's work force are immigrants. The company already thoroughly checks the status of its employees.

After a person is hired, and not before, all employers must ask for two forms of identification, such as a driver's license, Social Security card, passport, work visa or an I-9 form that shows the prospective employee is in the country legally. The information is sent to the E-Verify system, which then lets an employer know if the documents are legitimate.

"But we shouldn't be required to police our borders," Rogers said. "It's just too much."

Rogers said immigrant employees are a valuable resource in the construction industry.

"But I am a strong believer that they should be legal," he said.

Similar legislation was approved earlier this year in the House, which had been filed by Democrats, but it failed in the Senate. It would have taken penalties a step further by requiring that any company found to have unauthorized aliens be suspended from obtaining public agency contracts for five years.

"This is yet another way to make sure that employees working in Kentucky are in the U.S. legally while employed on projects either funded by public or private funds," Lee said in a news release. "It is unfair to those firms who hire legal U.S. citizens to have companies that use illegal aliens to profit from doing business in the commonwealth."

Lee said the legislation is similar to that approved in Arizona in 2007.

Companies that use the E-Verify system aren't considered at fault if their employees are found to be illegal.

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Welcome to the discussion.


  • southofcincy posted at 3:21 pm on Tue, Dec 20, 2011.

    southofcincy Posts: 13

    Ghostwriter, Kevin is correct. Where I live, an illegal can purchase someone else's social security number for $200. Many banks accept the Mexican Matricula Consular I.D. card to open a bank account - this is a government issued I.D., but it's issued by the MEXICAN government, so should not be valid at any bank.

    Illegal alien families also receive food stamps, usually because they've had a child born in the U.S., so they piggyback on that new U.S. citizen. Many illegal aliens are 'good, hard workers' because their employers often threaten them that if they don't work hard and be 'good', they'll be turned over to ICE. Modern day slaves in many ways. A U.S. citizen wouldn't have to put up with that, and of course would insist on a legitimate, living wage - I bet there would even be payroll taxes deducted!

    If all illegal aliens went home today, that would be a welcome event. Since Alabama implemented its new illegal immigration law, and many illegals have left for greener pastures, unemployment has dropped in that state. It really IS U.S. citizens and legal residents doing those "jobs that Americans won't do".

  • donny1020 posted at 12:28 pm on Tue, Dec 20, 2011.

    donny1020 Posts: 1

    As a business owner I agree 100%. I see the efforts of those that would further restrict my ability to manage my company as I see fit no more than socialism at it's worse. I should be free to hire and fire who I choose without intervention from governmental agencies.

    The American worker must realize that we are now part of a world, or global economy. If one goes to their local WalMart and simply chooses to buy a shirt they will be provided with several options. The majority of these being of very high quality and relatively inexpensive. They are relatively inexpensive because the manufacture is exercising his ability to manage his business and make a decision within the reality of a global marketplace. Consumers expect the business owner to search out the most cost effective labor for the production of their product so that that savings can be passed on to the consumer. The American consumer has voted with their wallets and approved of this. Because of the manufactures decision that allows for a lower price point the owner was also able to expand his market beyond the borders of America and sell his wears to a larger customer base.

    Though I am not in manufacturing or retail I should be afforded the same latitude as manufactures are. labor is simply a world commodity now. The flow of labor should not be impeded by lines on a map. I would advocate that those attempting to restrict my ability to manage my business as I see fit put a little faith in free market capitalism. I have never had a customer yet complain when my bids for construction services were at least 20% below my competitors.

    I will admit that for some American workers there will be pain learning to adapt to the free market. Just as when the Wall went down in East Germany, workers can no longer depend on big government to protect them from the forces of free market capitalism. If the true market value for construction labor is $35 a day why should I be forced to pay $80? If an agreement is reached between me and my employees to forgo overtime why shouldn't we be allowed to proceed.

    The American workforce is aging, construction work is physically demanding, I should not be forced to hire a 40 or 50 year old construction worker simply because he was born in America when there are thousands of strong 20 year old workers willing to put in an honest days work for an agreed upon wage.

    The American worker can no longer depend on a Union to protect them and they should not be asking government to protect them from free market forces. The American worker needs to compete in this global economy based on merit and merit alone. The American worker needs to examine his expectations for material goods. If he is not willing to take the time to get an education and have the ability to compete for jobs other than those that are simple labor he will pay a price, I should not be responsible for his failure to act prudently. I do not see scientist complaining about competition from scientist born outside of the US. It is only those individuals that were lazy and failed to attend secondary and post secondary education that are worried about competing for wages on a global free market basis.

    We must also remember that in free market capitalist societies there has allways been differing strata of citizens. It has only been in the era between the end of WWII through the early 80's that the average worker was able to own his own home, own a car and have all the consumer goods that everyone believes they deserve now. Why does the American work have these expectations while no where else in the world does simple labor enjoy this standard of living. This is simply a market correction and like any correction those that were riding the bubble will feel pain. Regardless of this fact we can no longer live in a fairy tail and understand that physical labor no longer deserves to live like the educated.

    I would also state that we all need to work together to defeat Obama in this next election. The Obama administration has unleashed a terror campaign against business in the past year. More businesses have been raided and more hard working employees have been deported than in any other year in US history. We need to understand that this is a global economy and labor is simply a commodity.

  • Ghostwriter posted at 11:58 pm on Mon, Dec 19, 2011.

    Ghostwriter Posts: 2

    Kevin-My opinion is a fact.....maybe a hard to prove fact since it will never happen.... illegals need Government IDs and SS cards to get jobs, open a bank account, and try to get a license so they can drive to a job and get around. Not to say some arent brazen enough to try to or get Government benefits but I would say the curve is low since they dont want to risk getting caught. They may have documents but most are fake or duplicates of others and they know this.

    Even if my opinion is rhetoric......if all illegals in America went home tomorrow.....what do you think would really happen? Americas work force is lazy. Americans feel entitled to things not earned and worked for.

  • Kevin posted at 7:30 pm on Mon, Dec 19, 2011.

    Kevin Posts: 69

    To complete my statement, if those documents were required to simply stay in the US , there wouldn't be fewer illiegal immigrants in the US.

  • Kevin posted at 7:20 pm on Mon, Dec 19, 2011.

    Kevin Posts: 69

    Ghostwriter said:

    "What people fail to realize is immigrants are very loyal and hard workers that dont have the benefits of the "American Way" such as food stamps, unemployment, and all the other free perks that the lazy, Im entitled to something for nothing, general legal american public have."

    Two words for Ghostwriter - false assumptions.. Your opinion quoted above is based in rhetoric, NOT fact. If it were true, then there would be no black market for government documentation ranging from fake drivers licenses which provide the government-issued photo ID's and Social Security cards required to apply for the exact government benefits you mistakenly assume illegal immigrants can't aquire! Illegal aliens do not need those documents to live in the US. If they did

    The truth is

    , your opinions are not based in fact.

  • Casca posted at 4:20 pm on Mon, Dec 19, 2011.

    Casca Posts: 1

    Illegal Immigration, jobs and the Economy?

    The spendthrifts in Washington has never owned up to the ongoing expenditures for the illegal alien assault? Although highly studied by the Heritage Foundation, this entity projects costs of $113 billion dollars annually for the US. Then the godfather Sanctuary city of Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich claimed the "total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers" was more than $1.6 billion in 2010.

    Then no state is exempt from the 14th Amendment law, to supply free welfare to any child born within the USA. Currently there is a bill in passage with 80 sponsors to stop this travesty of our laws. Rep. Steve King's (R-IA) Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011, which would stop the misinterpreted practice of instant citizenship to children of illegal alien parents, unless one parent is either a citizen or naturalized citizen. Change is needed and only voters harassing their US and state lawmakers, will bring some sanity to this notorious law. Change also is required to stop nationwide businesses hiring illegal workers. Almost on Cue another Republican Rep. Don Manzullo (R-Ill.) has cosponsored Chairman Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885) that would require 100% of businesses to use E-Verify within two years.

    The bill also requires all federal, state, and local governments to E-Verify their entire workforce. Every American has heard of the Mandatory E-Verify law that has now 72 sponsors. With only 28 co-sponsors to go forward, the E-Verify, ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ can and will punish employers who hire unauthorized workers. Again American voter’s participation can make the difference by pressing Congressional members in the House to pass this bill. The ‘Legal Workforce Act’ is massively beneficial to jobless people, who quickly see an opportunity when work is scarce. Commit yourself to contact your Representatives and insist they sponsor ‘The Legal Workforce Act’ The bill will have the advantage of not only penalizing inveterate business owners, but this potential law will send illegal aliens scurrying home, as with no work available that is their only option, taking family members with them.

    This will bring to a halt of intimidation by the Department of Justice on states that has found it impossible to keep financially supporting millions of invaders who arrived and stayed, by whatever means. This is all complicated by the attachment of faith groups, the radical open border nuts and the special interest lobby, who think we own the world a living. THEN ALABAMA FOR INSTANCE HAS SEEN A CONSIDERABLE DROP IN UNEMPLOYMENT, SINCE THE ENACTMENT OF IMMIGRATION POLICING LAWS. Just remember that most business owners have no conscious, just the thought of cheap labor adding to the additional profits; or the Democratic side perpetually looking for more voters, no matter the consequence to the working population. We saw this materialize in previous elections with the ACORN organization registering non-citizens to vote. There have been eleven State attorney General prosecuting these people, but there already setting up the canvassers under a different name. Our voting system has been compromised, so we must demand everybody who votes possess some kind of official picture ID.

    Either party seems to ignore the fact that taxpayers must bear the cost of carrying people from other countries and this is entirely wrong. Our country is being vigorously reset by the Liberal extremists and progressives and radical environmentalists. The latter would have all on bicycles than exploit the huge mineral and oil resources that lay beneath the earth. We have a massive abundance of oil deposits, natural gas, clean coal that can power our country for generations. Doesn’t mean we cannot tap the wind, geothermal a solar energy, but not rides into it blindly as President Obama and others have tried to do. Recognize that the TEA PARTY are the only sane party (The American physical Conservatives) and Independents for avoiding deficit spending, reduction of overall government spending, national debt reduction, free trade, deregulation and of ultimate importance lower taxes. This includes rigid enforcement of all laws and no amnesty for persons who trespass in our country.

    As a voter its imperative you call Washington at 202-224-3121, or you can read about this indignation at NumbersUSA website. America does and always has welcomed—LEGAL IMMIGRANTS—and always will. The 50 states also welcome highly skilled workers who are educated in the Sciences, Engineering and technology. These Immigrants will never end up in the welfare lines. This country must inhibit the poverty from other countries, as we cannot even look after our own people who are in dire need of food and a decent life.


  • Ghostwriter posted at 3:30 pm on Mon, Dec 19, 2011.

    Ghostwriter Posts: 2

    The harsh reality is if ever company in American quit hiring immigrant workers the economy would be world than it is. What people fail to realize is immigrants are very loyal and hard workers that dont have the benefits of the "American Way" such as food stamps, unemployment, and all the other free perks that the lazy, Im entitled to something for nothing, general legal american public have. Illegal immigrants have to work and are happy to do it to support their family. If and when mass illegal immigrants start get deported out of America......prices will rise and the economy will get worse than it is now. Most of the American workforce is lazy and feel like their owed something and unfortunately they are being given it by the Democratic system. How can you give to the less fortunate without them working by taking from the more fortunate who are working.........but I guess thats a whole other discussion.

  • southofcincy posted at 2:02 pm on Mon, Dec 19, 2011.

    southofcincy Posts: 13

    Mr. Rogers, you are not being asked to "police our borders". You are being asked by U.S. citizens and legal immigrants with work authorization to confirm the employability of your hires (via a free service). It's the least you can do to provide jobs for Americans and those who follow the law.

    Being connected to the C of C, you already know that an employer who uses E-verify is protected from fines and jail time if an illegal alien is accidentally hired. You said you are a strong believer in legal workers. Prove it.