Police responded to Caudill Law Firm, 422 E. Main Ave., on Saturday at about midnight after receiving a complaint from an anonymous caller, who said several people were on the rooftop shooting down at people with paintball guns. 

The caller claimed to have been hit with one of the paintballs, according to a Bowling Green Police Department report. However, police could not find any evidence of paintball guns after arriving on scene, said Officer Ronnie Ward, spokesman for city police. 

Four people, including three men and a woman, all of the Bowling Green area, on the roof at about midnight Saturday appeared to have climbed up using a ladder, the report said. 

They told police they climbed on the roof in order to get a better view of Bowling Green, the report said. The group denied shooting any paintball guns at people below, the report said. 

When police arrived on scene, the group hid on the second landing of the roof, and they did not readily comply with repeated commands to come out, the report said. 

The Bowling Green Fire Department assisted in removing them from the rooftop, as they appeared to have been drinking alcohol before the incident, the report said. 

No arrests were made, Ward said.

“No charges have been filed at this time,” Ward said. “It’s going to be up to the property owner to decide if they would like to press charges or not.”

Update ––Warren County Sheriff’s Office deputies are asking for the public’s help in gathering more information regarding Wednesday afternoon’s head-on collision that left two people dead in the 9900 block of Nashville Road. 

Deputies were told a witness left the scene before law enforcement arrived that day, according to a sheriff’s office news release. Deputies want to speak to that witness or any others who saw the cars in the seconds immediately leading up to the crash.

The sheriff’s office asks for anyone with information to contact Warren County Sheriff’s Capt. Brent Brown at 270-842-1633.

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