Two Indiana residents died Wednesday in a three-vehicle crash in the northbound lanes of Interstate 65 in Warren County, shutting down interstate travel in that direction for nearly six hours.

An Alabama man was taken by helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

A preliminary investigation shows that a Ford F-250 truck was in the far left lane near mile marker 19 when the driver made an abrupt lane change, causing the truck to hit a tractor-trailer in the center lane at 11:47 a.m., said Trooper Jonathan Biven, spokesman for Kentucky State Police Post 3 in Bowling Green.

The Ford F-250 then crossed into the far right lane, striking a second, oversized trailer before leaving the road and running into a row of trees, Biven said. The driver of the Ford, Hershel Olive, 75, of Demotte, Ind., and his passenger, Betty Olive, 81, died at the scene, according to state police.

The collision caused the oversized trailer to exit the right-hand shoulder of the road, Biven said. A modular home that was being hauled by the tractor-trailer overturned and landed on its side, with the roof facing the highway. The trailer the home was sitting on landed wheels up and tilted toward the highway.

A red plastic flag still was fastened to the back end of one side of the metal trailer. Several skid marks marred the road heading into the shoulder and the trees.

By 12:55 p.m., the injured truck driver, Joseph Daniel Donaldson, 70, of Haleyville, Ala., was being loaded into a medical helicopter that lifted off within five minutes.

Warren County Deputy Coroner Chris Smith declined to comment at the scene.

Donaldson was the driver of the tractor-trailer that was hauling the modular home. He was listed in stable condition today at Vanderbilt, hospital spokeswoman Ashley Culver said.

The other truck driver, Terry Beckner, 57, of Bowling Green, was not injured.

The Alvaton Volunteer Fire Department responded with several pieces of apparatus and several volunteer firefighters. The Alvaton large ladder truck was anchored along I-65, parallel to the highway, and the ladder raised so that the investigation into the accident scene could be enhanced by photographing the area along the northbound lane shoulder from above.

Michael Rich of Bowling Green responded to the accident call as a member of the state’s Safe Patrol – Safety Assistance Freeway Emergency. Rich said he is dispatched out of Frankfort to assist motorists from anything such as a flat tire to more serious matters such as Wednesday’s accident.

Veteran truck driver Rick Fieldman, 63, driving for Lucky Transfer, made the best of sitting in traffic on I-65 for several hours by breaking out some Georgia peaches he had in the truck and a case of bottled water for others who were stranded.

Fieldman said he was northbound Wednesday on I-65 in what was light traffic. “Then, whoa, I came up on all the stopped vehicles,” he said.

State police rerouted traffic to U.S. 31-W North in the aftermath of the wreck. Traffic was stopped from mile marker 19 to mile marker 13. Traffic south of the wreck was then routed off I-65 northbound at Exit 6 for Scottsville and Franklin.

“I’m one of the thumb-twirling victims,” Fieldman said of the lengthy wait to clear the road.

While Fieldman waited along the road, his load of 43,000 pounds of raw peanuts sat immobile. It was destined for Illinois to be used to make peanut butter.

Northbound lanes of I-65 reopened about 5:30 p.m.

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The accident was awful, I pray for the deceased, injured and their families.

This is yet another local bad accident caused by someone who could not stay in their lane
for whatever reason. Too much driver inattention these days with cell phones glued to most
everyones face.
I see a man driving on cumberland trace road recently, looked like he was eating a slice of pizza.
Also, get your stupid pet off your lap while you drive, another problem that needs to be addressed.

Why should ANYONE be driving with a dog in their lap? What a dufus! Isn't this illegal??
If you cause harm to anyone because of a dog in your lap, hopefully you'll be sued and your dog given to
someone with more brains than you.


FIRST OFF who cares what the trucker said VICTIM! I was in that mess for 3 hours with a hungry 5 yr old child that was HOT! and dying of thirst! Honestly you people didn't have to sit in a hot car fear of running out of gas! 3 hours is a long time to wait! People need to comment about the accident and not what someone said! Yes it's tragic! awful! They finally opened one lane! as we drove by we were thankful to god that it wasn't our family and prayed for the ones in the accident! I'm not focusing on what one person said yes we were all victims of this heat, and waiting for hours with no food. So please spare me your thoughts you have no idea because you weren't there to begin with you don' t know how I felt or anyone else that was there waiting and waiting also worrying! [sad]


As a family member of the TRUE victims, we look for news as what happened to our loved ones and after reading Mr Fieldmans “I’m one of the thumb-twirling victims,” comment I dont understand how he claims to be a victim. So sorry for your delay in traffic but how dare you claim to be a victim. Daily News cldnt you be a little more considerate of the victims and their familes to include his inconsiderate/heartless comments?


How can you defend his choice of words? Did you not read the article? "I’m one of the thumb-twirling victims" he said. I don't blame him for being upset about the situation, but his choice of words was inappropriate. I also don't care if his is a truck driver, taxi driver or tractor driver, he should not have used the word "victim" to describe his inconvenience when two people lay dead. How in the wide world of sports was his comment thoughtful? He obviously THOUGHT of only himself and his inconvenience when commenting on the situation.

bgresident, Feldman wasn't acting like a victim. Being a truck driver, he knew that I-65 N would be closed until the accisdent scene was cleared.If anything, his actions were thoughtful.


So Feldman thinks of himself as a "victim" in this tragedy, because he had to sit there for a few hours. No Feldman, there were some victims here but you do not get to be included. The true victims lost something here much more important than an idle afternoon. They lost their lives. What a disrespectful and insensitive choice of words...and very poor editorial discretion in printing it.

Joanna Kimbrell
Joanna Kimbrell

For the sake of future family members that loose their loved ones, please be a little more conciderate. Junior and Betty Olive are my family, and when I read this article I couldnt believe that it was so important to include the comments on how people had to entertain them selves for six hours. With little reguard mentioned to the victoms of the wreck. Just keep in mind that the victoms loved ones may end up reading your articles. My prayers go out to the truck drivers that were involved and to the rest of my family. Thank you.

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