A naked man running down Broadway Avenue during Tuesday afternoon rush hour traffic was arrested after drawing the watchful eyes of several people.

Many of those people called police. Others took to social media to talk about it, and at least one photo was posted to Twitter of the man with a farmer’s tan in full stride, wearing only athletic shoes and white socks.

Police records don’t specifically indicate where the man’s sprint began. He ran past Walgreens pharmacy and crossed the U.S. 31-W By-Pass in front of Taco Bell – one of Bowling Green’s busiest intersections – and continued until Bowling Green police caught up with him at Broadway Avenue and Covington Street, said Officer Ronnie Ward, spokesman for the Bowling Green Police Department.

Police identified the man as Benjamin J. Jaggers, 23, of 3831 Mammoth Cave Road in Cave City, according to police records. Police charged the 5-foot-8-inch, 150-pound Jaggers with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

“Jaggers stated he was running while naked for the attention,” according to an arrest citation written by Officer Bernard Wiedemer.

“When Jaggers saw my marked police car, he ran through traffic across Broadway Avenue twice, each time causing vehicles to brake and swerve to avoid him,” Wiedemer’s citation said. “Jaggers’ actions caused a public annoyance and created a risk and hazardous condition by an act that served no legitimate purpose.”

Wiedemer asked a dispatcher over the police radio to call Warren County Regional Jail and to have a jailer with an orange jail jumpsuit in hand meet his cruiser in the jail’s sallyport.

Jaggers is being held on a $2,040 bond, according to online jail records.

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"did they search him?"[beam]

Don Weenow
Don Weenow

We're they Nikes or Adidas? Jordan's or Chuck Taylor? Come on, you're missing the important details here.