A Bowling Green man is devoting his musical talents to help police across the state of Kentucky.

Ricky Beavers, a Bowling Green musician, is turning his passion for police officers into a growing fundraising effort. Beavers was emotionally affected by the 2006 death of Bowling Green Police Officer David “Slim” Whitson in the line of duty, so he founded Successful Records.

He has spent the last year working to raise money for the Fraternal Order of Police, Chapter 13, to support its causes. FOP causes include supporting police officers and their families, supporting families who have had an officer die in the line of duty, championing better benefits for police officers and hosting community events, like “Shop With a Cop,” according to Russell McElroy, vice president of FOP 13.

Beavers, who is blind, made an album that he sells, along with T-shirts, and all proceeds go directly to his efforts to contribute to FOP.

“I just want to make a difference in people’s lives,” Beavers said.

So far, Beavers has sold 100 CDs from his home just from word of mouth.

Beavers’ future goals include getting a music video made to run on Country Music Television in order to spread the word of his mission.

“We want to make a difference with families all over the United States,” Beavers said.

Beavers said he “loves putting a smile on people’s faces” and refuses to waste his musical talent.

“God gave it to me, so I just want to run with it,” Beavers said.

McElroy said FOP 13 has partnered with Beavers for the past year and greatly appreciate what he does.

“We’re still in the infancy (of this project), but we’re proud to have him help us out,” McElroy said.

Beavers is set to perform in front of police officers from across the state at the Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police Executive Board meeting in October.

“It’s really outstanding that someone comes forward and offers their talent to support us,” McElroy said. “It’s not often that someone does what he’s doing, so we really appreciates that.”

In order for his mission to become more successful, Beavers said he’ll continue to get the word out to the community.

“It takes a village of people,” Beavers said. “I can’t do it alone.”

Since Aug. 7, Beavers has been performing on Wednesday and Thursday nights at Dolphies inside Comfort Inn on Scottsville Road. Thursday nights are also open mic nights at Dolphies, and Beavers said anyone is welcome to perform.

— Monica Spees covers police and crime news. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/BGDNcrime or visit bgdailynews.com.

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