Nashville International Airport released a videotape of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., at a security checkpoint this week.

The tape doesn't show Paul being irate, as a report from the Nashville Airport Department of Public Safety mentions.

Instead he mostly sits, sometimes paces while talking on a phone in a clear cubicle next to the checkpoint. For a good portion of the video, Paul was obscured by a column. After some time, Paul was escorted away from the checkpoint area.

"Senator Paul wanted to speak with the management of TSA concerning their screening procedures and how it affects the passengers' perception of wanting to be screened," the airport police report said. "Senator Paul advised TSA he was going to make a phone call and he was allowed to but he continued to be monitored by TSA."

The report went on to say that "Senator Paul said to me on the way out, that TSA was just embarrassed from the incident" but he left the area with no further involvement.

Neither Paul's Washington or Kentucky spokesman could be reached for comment today.

Paul rebooked a later flight Monday.

The incident has garnered Paul, the son of presidential GOP hopeful Ron Paul, a lot of media attention. Both Pauls have been outspoken critics of TSA officials, accusing them of gruff and less than humane treatment of passengers.

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