Motorists traveling on Interstate 65 and Scottsville Road might have noticed large steel pylons sticking out of the ground near the existing overpass.

The steel is part of the foundation of an expanded bridge that will ultimately be a single-point urban interchange.

"Right now, they are working on the north side of the bridge," said Keirsten Jaggers, spokeswoman at the Department of Highways in Bowling Green. "They will put all the big steel piers in the ground ... then they will go ahead and build up the ramps that will be closer to the interstate than they are. There is a lot of earthwork for those ramps needed."

Once the north-side ramps and that side of the bridge are complete, construction will move to the south side.

"I've had people Facebooking or emailing me, wondering what is going on," Jaggers said. "I try to explain to them what the new bridge is going to look like."

Examples of similar interchanges in this region are at Briley Parkway and McGavock Pike near the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, or locally at the new Plano Road interchange with the William H. Natcher Parkway extension. Both are single-point urban interchanges, or SPUI, as the state likes to call them.

On Scottsville Road, there will be two lanes both on and off each direction of the interstate and three lanes of traffic that will continue on Scottsville Road. All the lanes converge at one traffic signal in the middle of the bridge, with the ramps much closer to the bridge than they are now.

Kenny Reynolds, vice president of Scotty's Contracting & Stone, said in addition to driving the pylons, workers are also bringing in fill for the site as long as they have good weather.

For the most part, the work will shut down Friday evening for the holidays.

"But we may have some bridge crews who do some work," Reynolds said.

Jaggers said Scotty's is going to make a big push to get all the work done, except the final coat of pavement, in 2012. The contract technically has a completion date of summer 2013.

"A lot will really depend on the weather," she said. Reynolds echoed that sentiment.

Jaggers said the work in the next few months likely won't influence traffic on Scottsville Road or I-65.

"I imagine at some point we will have to push down traffic," she said. "But they will try to do as much as they can at night if it's feasible."

Greg Meredith, chief district engineer for the Department of Highways, said the cabinet, contractor and Operation P.R.I.D.E. met at a preconstruction conference to talk about how the new interchange can be beautified.

"We looked at opportunities in each corner of the bridge," Meredith said. "On the Bowling Green side there is some opportunity to expand the existing beds and on the southern end near the Gulf station and the Hardee's, I think there might be some opportunities there to do some landscaping beds. But there will be nothing in the middle of the bridge."

Scotty's also is progressing on two other area projects, including widening I-65 from Park City to Cave City and widening U.S. 31-W. Work on those projects also will shut down for the holidays, Reynolds said.

On 31-W, crews are bringing in fill to build the road up to go over the CSX railroad.


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Sorry, continued from my last post..

The dedicated right turn lane that turns into the road leading to
Sams Club is confusing for visitors. They find out they HAVE TO
merge left or turn right, not always easily done in that mess of traffic.


Glad to see something being done.
Just wondering if the exit lane from the southbound side will be able to handle all the traffic?
Right now at times it backs up to the interstate, especially if a tractor/trailer is in the line.

The dedicated right turn lane that turns into the road leading to
Sams Club is confusing for visitors. They find out they HAVE TO

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