After a Bowling Green man told police that his brother shot at him Monday morning at 920 West Town Court, the resulting daylong investigation netted a marijuana growing operation, 30 morphine pills, a video surveillance system to observe the marijuana grow, $1,000 cash, firearms, dried marijuana, nine marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia.

At about 10 a.m., Chad Gidcumb of Bowling Green showed up at the city police department to report that his brother, Brian Morgan, 24, had shot at him, according to Warren Circuit Court records.

Gidcumb told police that Morgan showed up at Gidcumb’s girlfriend’s house. Gidcumb’s girlfriend is Morgan’s ex-girlfriend, court records show. Morgan and his ex-girlfriend have a child in common, Bowling Green Police Department spokesman Officer Ronnie Ward said.

Gidcumb said his brother started shooting at him, court records show. Police found a bullet hole in Gidcumb’s front passenger seat, the rear passenger seat and the front passenger tire.

Police found six shell casings at the scene. While officers investigated the shooting, they learned about a possible marijuana growing operation at Morgan’s residence at 682 Witt Road.

During the investigation, Brian Morgan’s brother, Chris Morgan, 22, said he had taken all of the marijuana and other items from the house to keep officers from finding them, according to court records and Ward.

When police searched Brian Morgan’s house, they found evidence of a marijuana grow. As the investigation continued, officers then drove to 720 Witt Road, the home of Lance Hogue, 23, Ward said. Police found one 30 milligram morphine pill on Hogue, along with a marijuana blunt. Police also searched his room, where they found marijuana in a shoe box. He also told officers about a pipe that was inside a garage attached to the house, the warrant shows.

Information gathered from the investigation then led officers to 4530 Mount Olivet Road, the home of Cody Motley, where officers located the marijuana plants from the growing operation, Ward said.

Brian Morgan is charged with six counts of wanton endangerment, first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, trafficking in marijuana over five pounds and cultivating marijuana five or more plants.

He turned himself in at Sugar Maple Square Shopping Center and he is in the Warren County Regional Jail. His combined bond is set at $150,000.

Chris Morgan is charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence, trafficking in marijuana over five pounds, cultivating marijuana five or more plants, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia buy/possess. His bond is set at $5,000 cash.

Hogue is charged with possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia buy/possess and possession of marijuana. His bond is set at $2,500 cash.

Motley was issued a citation for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia buy/possess.

In addition to the drugs, money and three firearms, police also seized two vehicles, Ward said.

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To Denney: If you are going to trash my opinion at least say why I am wrong instead of dumping on me personally. It is a valid opinion and if put into practice there is no innocent people whom havent harmed a soul thrown into cages and having their lives turned upside down. If we are all equal and free then nobody has a legitimate right to criminalize people for having a plant. If we are all slaves to the bureaucrats and politicians like you apparently believe then I guess I can see why you think its okay to harm peaceful people. What a terrible opinion to have. What if I was high when I wrote it, does that somehow hurt anyone?To Kevin. Aside from a few letters to the editor and some very small scale civil disobedience as well as trying to persuade people to my views I havent done much. But what can I do? Write letters to politicians and beg them to change the laws, that doesnt do any good. I would be up for large scale civil disobedience but getting that worked out is no small feat. I am open to suggestions.


@Gregj:They weren't free. Maybe now they will be...ya' pothead!Please continue to be an American, but one people should avoid avoid whenever possible.What a degenerative waste, and what a terrible opinion--were you high when you wrote it?


What action have YOU taken, aside from idly complaining here, to change the law? The proof of your believe is in your actions.


It should be government subsidized. If we all smoked a bowl a day, we wouldn't have war.


More people fall victim to the drug war and what is the net gain? Nothing. Free people should be free to consume and posess a plant if they wish to and everyone else should be free to not have to pay for cops and bureaucrats to search for and imprison those people whom decide to consume this stuff.

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