Democrats say the term “Obamacare” is racist. When people called Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health care plan “Hillarycare,” no one cried foul. What’s the difference?

“Hillarycare” wasn’t endearing. People who used it didn’t like the plan and didn’t like the politics of Clinton. But there was no claim of racism. Using that term did not equate with “caucasiancare.”

If people were using the term “African-Americancare,” I can see where that would be considered racist. “Obamacare” is used even by some Democrats (“lovingly”). Most who use the term, however, have no love for the plan, and they have no love for Obama’s socialist ideology, but race is not a factor. The law would be as egregious if it came from the mind of any politician of any race.

There is likely a racial mix in most of us whose families have been here for hundreds of years, but that is certainly true of Obama. So, about which of his races are we being racist? He’s half African and half Caucasian-American. Being a person “of color” does not bestow any distinctive racial label. East Indians, Chinese, Samoans, Native Hawaiians, Native Americans, Africans, African-Americans or mixture of all of these are all “people of color.”

A socialist from any of these races could have promoted this health care law. If an American of Chinese descent had railroaded this bill, would it be because of their race? No. It would be due to their socialist ideology.

If a label must be applied to people who use the term “Obamacare,” it should be “politicist” since there animosity is directed toward socialist politics.

Being a child of the Cold War, I hate Communists, and I believe socialism is anti-constitutional. I dislike Obamacare for the same reasons I opposed Hillarycare. Politics, not race.

Let’s change politics in November.

Tim Hulsey

Bowling Green

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Once the land of the free and home of the Brave. We are now the land of the fat and home of the government dependent ! And,soon the land that will be no more because of morons that think the government is suppose to or can wipe their a_ _ for them !! What a disgrace this country has become and what a pathetic president. For the first time in my life I'm ashamed to be an American. Sound familiar ?
This clown didn't even bother to show up at the NAACP but just a few days later was in the same state for guess what ? A fundraiser. And,yet these people are stupid enough to keep voting for him. I guess a lot of people are just afraid to leave the plantation and try to make it on their own.So sad. Slavery is alive and well in the US. All hail the grand slavemaster Obama !! The sorry thug would not even help his own blood brother in Kenya but has the audacity to talk to people about paying their fair share. I guess he means the fair share Biden the bufoon gives like around $ 300 on his 200K income. Two pathetic losers !


Lucilius FTW.


Hey jed, was it a socialist idea when Mittens had it in Massachusetts? Or when the right-wing Heritage Foundation initially proposed it? Is it any less socialist than the more-generous plan proposed by Richard Nixon?

Wingnuts have the attention spans of gnats, I'll tell you ...


O bamacare! Whatever! Its still hinged/rooted on/in socialist ideals. America has become the welfare state just what the liberals want until it affects them.

are you kidding
are you kidding

Very, very, well said.

As Jack Buck once said during a Cardinals broadcast, "pardon me while I stand and applaud".


Tim Hulsey does a fine service to the Democratic Party and the Obama reelection campaign by repeatedly and publicly demonstrating the phenomenal stupidity of the president's critics.

In this case Hulsey is demonstrating either his personal inability to grasp written English, or the yawning depths of his gullibility in swallowing whatever fabrications the wingnut echo chamber feeds him.

No, Democrats do not say "The term 'Obamacare' is racist." Democrats have said and continue to say that some of the opposition to the Affordable Care Act is rooted in racism, and that "Obamacare" originated as a derisive term; but that's very different from saying that the term itself is a racial epithet.

And there are some thoroughly dishonest right-wing outlets that have deliberately distorted Democrats' comments on opposition racism into the claim that Democrats assert "Obamacare" is a racist term, but those claims are without foundation - the very examples used to supposedly prove those assertions, on actual examination, turn out to be what I've already mentioned: statements that some of the opposition is racism-based, not that the specific word is racist.

In short, either Mr. Hulsey has once again failed to do his research, and thus fallen for a transparent trick, or he really is dim enough not to understand the difference between a motive and a word. In either case, he inadvertently provides a backhand endorsement of Obama: if Hulsey represents the quality of Republican thinking, then the other side has got to be better.

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