Arkansas State coach John Brady talks about Saturday’s visit to Western Kentucky.

John Brady

    Recovering from Thursday’s heart-breaker: “Well I’ve always had the philosophy or the idea that one game doesn’t affect the next one. I don’t think you can allow your team to base their play or however they’re going to perform on the last game you played, whether you win it or lose it.

“Each game’s different, each game’s a different preparation, so I’ve always taken things like that. If we’d have won last night at the buzzer or got beat in the last five seconds, it has nothing to do with this game. I expect our team to prepare like we do always and try to play well.”

    Arkansas State: “I like our team. We could have just as easily not lost a league game, and the game last night we out-played Georgia State on their home floor and missed two wide-open shots late and a layup at the buzzer to win the game. Our team played well last night.

“I like our team. I think we’re a good offensive team, I think we’re getting better defensively, we’re rebounding the ball a little bit better and we don’t throw it away. We’re close to being a really good team – we’re not quite there yet, but I think as we move this thing along and after a couple more weeks, we’ll be one of the teams to be playing for something, I hope, in the last 10 days of the season.”

   Western Kentucky: “I guess (Price) is going to play, I don’t know what happened to him last night. Little Rock got a break with Price not playing. If our leading scorer and best player didn’t play, someone might get a break against us, also.

“They’re a good team, well-coached, they do what they do. They run good sets, they run good offense, they take care of the ball, they’re efficient, a team that is going to press all over the floor and try and fast-break you to death.

“They will take a break. I would say they’re closer to a half-court team than they are an up-and-down team, based on their scores. So teams like that, that are possession-conscious, we’re gonna have to be possession-conscious, too, make the best of our opportunities.

“We’ve been shooting the ball really well on the road. We didn’t shoot it well last night down the stretch and that really cost us in that one-point loss, but it we can make a few baskets and get better defensively, it should be a good game.”


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