Western Kentucky’s sixth practice of fall camp was cut short Thursday by a storm that moved in around 7 p.m. The Tops exited the field then before heavy rains and frequent flashes of lightning moved in.

Comments today from coach Jeff Brohm.

Jeff Brohm

 First week of practice: “Well I think the first week has gone well. A lot of guys are getting repetitions, a lot of guys are getting work. We’re developing depth, but at the same time getting guys ready to go. I feel good about the effort, I feel good about the attitude and I think we’re making strides.”

 Scrimmage Saturday: “Well the scrimmage is really the first true live setting where it’s true game conditions. Everyone’s off the field, people are having to make decisions quickly right after they get the calls, we really can’t help them.

“So you really see what they know, how fast they can react and then who’s really gonna make plays. Then a lot of times when it’s not full-speed tackle, guys make a lot of plays than when it is a scrimmage situation.

“A live setting we’re going to see who makes plays, who plays hard, who fights and battles and that’s what we want to get out of it.”

    Areas of concern? “Right now we need to continue to develop the offensive line. We don’t have as much depth there as we would like. We need to get guys healthy and get’ em ready to go for the first game, that’s important for us. That’s probably the area right now that we’re working the hardest on.”

   Second year in the system: “I think guys understand what we’re doing. I think they got a good grasp. They feel good about it. I think we have some playmakers if they continue to work hard and play well then we can spread the ball around.

“And I think on defense we got a good system. We got a lot of guys there that are fresh, that can keep each other fresh and can play. We don’t have quite the star power on the defense, but I like the 22+ guys that we have and I think we can rotate ‘em in and keep ‘em fresh and if one guy isn’t playing at 100 percent, then we’re gonna bring another one in that can.”

 Turnovers: “It’s very important. When you’re playing good teams every week, if you win the turnover battle then you got a chance. If you turn it over a lot then there’s only so many possessions you’re gonna get. You can give them any more opportunities than they have.

“It’s important for us as a quarterback, as skilled guys to protect the football. We make cut-ups of all the turnovers and we make those ready for them to watch to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

“On defense it’s about creating turnovers. That’s playing fast, hitting people, flying to the ball.”

 Offensive linemen Cam Clemmons, Max Halpin and Derrick Stark did not practice Thursday: “Those are guys that gotta get healthy. Those are both – all three of them are starters for us, or at least right in the mix for it. We’d love to have them out here every day but right now they’re nursing a few things and hopefully we can get them back soon.”


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