Western Kentucky lost 77-54 on Thursday to visiting Georgia State. Comments from Ray Harper and senior guard Brandon Harris.

Ray Harper

 What happened? “We got our tails kicked, every way you can get it kicked. Their guards dominated the basketball game. Give them credit, they were the better basketball team, defensively they beat us to loose basketballs.

“We had some really good looks at times, and then as the game – in the second half we started gambling a little bit. We didn’t do a very good job with our ball-screen defense and then we started shooting the ball too quick, ‘Let’s try to get it back, let’s try to get it back.’ We continued to miss wide-open rim shots.

“And 32 3s is entirely too many and we talked about, you can’t settle against this zone. If you’ll move the basketball and get some cutters you’ll get some good stuff. I thought at times we did that, but we didn’t finish when we did.”

   Second half start: “I don’t know. They were just better than us, they were quicker than us – they dominated us. It wasn’t like we were about ready to make a run at any point in the second half. Their focus was better.

“They came here on a mission, they were 22-for-22 from the line, they shoot 100 percent, we shoot 50. That’s how you win on the road. They took care of the basketball better than we did – they’re supposed to win.

“Every player for them, whipped whatever player on our team’s tail. (Ron) Hunter whipped my tail – they were better than us. It is what it is.”

 George Fant: “He just was rushing everything around the rim, wouldn’t slow down, shot fake – (Calvin Washington) leaves his feet every time around the rim if you’ll just shot fake him. He’ll also block shots if you think you’re gonna go in there and shoot it over him. He had more than two blocks I promise you that. He had three or four there to start the second half.

“Anyway, they were better. Hopefully we’ll be better next outing.”

    Officiating: “Shit, my mom could’ve officiated, wouldn’t have helped.”

Brandon Harris

    What happened? “They’re better than us. They out-toughed us, did everything they were supposed to do. They were supposed to win, they deserved to win tonight.”

    Second half: “I guess we just wasn’t ready and they were tougher. You saw they beat us to loose balls – got out-toughed.”

    Rebounds: “They were tougher. I didn’t know we out-rebounded them. You couldn’t tell because they’re scoring the basketball and they didn’t miss free throws. That’s what a tough basketball team does.”

    Are you stunned? “No sir. You lose basketball games. We got another one next Thursday and this one’s behind us. We’ll come out, get ready this week, play tougher than we did next Thursday.”

    Officiating: “No comment. That’s not my concern. I’ll let me coach talk about that. I just play basketball.”


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