Western Kentucky’s defense talks below about facing Louisiana-Lafayette’s offense. Comments from defensive coordinator Nick Holt, senior linebacker Xavius Boyd and senior defensive end Bar’ee Boyd.

Nick Holt

   Is ULL offense best you’ve seen this year? “They’re pretty close. Their quarterback’s pretty good. All around the skill guys are really good. Got good, tall wideouts that catch the ball. Offensive line is real solid, a veteran group.

“So this is a really good offense that we face. The quarterback makes them go and whenever they need a play, man, they look to him and he comes through quite a bit for ‘em.”

    Terrance Broadway: “He just seems to find a way to make the play, whether it’s with his legs, running for a first down or a big play or extending plays in the pocket and finding an open receiver – just running their offense, he’s good.

“Their offense, they do some hard things.”

    Keeping defense momentum going: “Well we practice hard and compete everyday. We do a lot of goods-on-goods and our practice tempo helps us stay focused and stay ready.

“We’ve done a nice job in the weightroom, our guys are feeling good, I think our bodies are feeling strong and I think our kids are fresh and ready to go.”

    Tuesday ESPN2 game hype: “That might be part of it. I think they also respect Louisiana-Lafayette, they know they’re a good football team. They know they’re gonna be in for a battle. They know every game now for the rest of the season is, really, must-win if you wanna win the conference championship.

“Every week we gotta come to play, come ready to play regardless of who it is. This is a good foe coming into town and we have ‘em at home which will bring some excitement to our kids, I know that for a fact. Hopefully we’ll come with it.”

ULL offense: “Their run game’s real solid. What really stands out is the quarterback play – makes good decisions, doesn’t turn over the ball very often, not a lot of incompletions and they take shots at you.

“They’re a big seam, big vertical team and they do a good job. A lot of good play passes, play-action passes. They suck up your secondary, suck up your linebackers and they throw the ball, chuck the ball over your head.

“And they got big wideouts and they put the ball up and let those guys go catch it.”

Xavius Boyd

    Terrance Broadway: “Just the mobility, he can make plays after he runs. He can read the defense really good, from what I can see and really he’s just a mobile quarterback, an extremely hard mobile quarterback to defend.”

 Defense’s momentum: “Just the drive, all the energy that the guys are getting now. And all the young guys are coming along which is making the older guys play a little harder than what we were.”

 Staying sharp in practice: “Just paying attention to the little things, working on your technique and really watching your keys in practice and trying to play fast.”

    Tuesday night, ESPN2: “Yeah, it’s real good, we’re the only game on and everybody else gotta watch you. So ESPN2, it’s gonna be a good night.”

Revenge factor: “Yeah, we really wanna get another shot. We won’t get another shot, so we don’t want it to be as close of a game as it was (last year). We really wanna try and come out and start fast.”

Bar’ee Boyd

    Staying sharp in practice: “Pay attention to your keys, keep the quarterback contained, do everything you can do, don’t slack on nothing.”

   Tuesday night, ESPN2: “It’s an ESPN game. Everybody wanna show something. Every game is a game to us, so we’re just gonna play it like any other.”

    What makes ULL offense tough? “They got a quarterback. Their quarterback’s pretty good, we gotta keep him contained because once he gets outside the pocket he can throw.”

    Couple extra days off: “We still practice. Those days we’re supposed to have off, we’re never slacking, we’re coming back everyday.”

    Revenge factor: “I feel like it’s a different game from last year, but we did want another shot at ‘em. It’s on.”


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