Western Kentucky lost 37-20 at home Tuesday to Louisiana-Lafayette, dropping to 4-3 and 1-2 in the Sun Belt. Comments from Bobby Petrino, DB Arius Wright and WR Joel German.

Bobby Petrino

“That’s a tough loss for us. We were in control in the first half and then fourth-and-one and it was a bad call. The blame goes strictly to me.

“We had an opportunity to either kick a field goal or run the ball in. I decided to run a play-action pass and we threw an interception, he runs all the way back for a touchdown. That kinda changed the game around.

“Then we were moving it, came right back and moved it and kinda got the ball stolen from us there on another fourth down so it ends up so it ends up 13-10.

“Then I thought our offense drives right down, got three points right before the half and it would give us some momentum, but when we came out in the second half we got outplayed. They were more physical on the offensive front and ran the ball.

“They took the first drive and went eight minutes and ran the ball and you’re sitting over there on the sidelines.

“We still had another chance. We still had another chance on a fourth-and-one where we just made a mistake and it hurt us.

“You take your hat off to Lafayette, they did a good job in the second half of controlling the line of scrimmage and pounding their running backs at us and we weren’t able to make plays when it was the critical time in the game.”

    Should you have given the ball to Andrews on fourth down? “Yeah, you always do (second-guess) that, but you know we ran it three times in a row the first time and weren’t able to get the ball in the end zone. Looked like two of them would score, so we felt like we had a chance.

“But ends up being a bad call and certainly affected the outcome of the game and, like I said, that’s on my shoulders.”

    ULL run game: “We know they’re a running team. I think what they did is came out in the second half and said they didn’t want to give the ball back to our offense.

“They didn’t really stop us in the first half, we stopped ourselves with errors and mistakes. They worked the clock. They were in, like, four-minute offense the entire second half and pounded the ball and they did a good job – they found a way to win the game.”

    Turnovers: “They were the difference in the game. No question it’s the difference in the game. You can’t win games when you throw interceptions for touchdowns and get out-competed for balls in the air. It’s difficult.”

    Brandon Doughty: “Yeah he got hit hard. He was out of the game for a period of time and (Nelson) Fishback came in and made some plays for us. Made a critical error on the fourth-and-short.

“But Brandon took a good hit and the doctor said he was ready to go, came back in and we just weren’t able to execute.”

    Turnovers and the second half: “There’s a lot of chances there. We had a lot of chances, but we weren’t able to make the plays. we gotta be able to make the plays. It’s just not a good job of finding a way to win the game.”

    Week off: “We go back to work. That’s what you do. You go back to work, we’ll get in here (Wednesday), watch the video, be very critical of it, go out and run and work our young guys and then we’ll put it behind us and start preparing and getting ready for the Troy game.

“It’s disappointing to me because we knew going in you had to win all your home games to have a chance to win the conference. We weren’t able to do that. We still have opportunities ahead of us to win enough games, get in a bowl game, send the seniors out with a good year.”

Arius Wright

    ULL run game: “I mean, going into every game you know a team’s gonna run the ball, so that’s the first thing you gotta be prepared for. When you get the amount of yards running like they did, then, what else can you expect for them to do but run the ball?”

    Terrance Broadway: “Really (the gameplan) was just to minimize his plays because he’s a great player, throwing the ball and running the ball. So we just tried to do what we could do, minimize his plays, not let him use his feet as much.”

 254 yards rushing: “It hurts a little bit because we pride ourselves on stopping the run. Again, there’s nothing we can do about it, just put the game behind us and move on to Troy.”

Joel German

    Did pick-6 take air out of sideline? “I mean, no one wants a pick for a touchdown. It kinda did but as leaders we have to pick our team up and we did that. We came out and we was alright. We was fine.”

    The loss: “There was a lot at stake tonight and we want that Sun Belt championship. We finna put it behind us and work on Troy.”

    Pick-6: “In football it’s adversity. Our coaches do a great job of making our practices a lot of adversity. Things happen.”


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