It’s been a hectic first month for Bowling Green Hot Rods play-by-play man and broadcasting and media relations manager Hank Fuerst.

Fuerst and his wife Deirdre are welcoming their first child, a boy.

The due date is April 26, but the couple could welcome their son as early as today.

“I’d be lying if I said the timing wasn’t less than ideal, with it being not only the season, but the first month of the season,” Fuerst said, prior to Sunday’s game against West Michigan. “You’ve got the anticipation and the anxiousness that comes with the first month of the season. To couple that with a pretty significant event in my personal life, there is certainly a lot going on. It’s definitely keeping me on my toes and keeping me excited.”

The couple learned they were expecting at the end of last season, so Fuerst has had time to prepare for this hectic month.

It hasn’t made it any easier, however.

During the opening road trip of the season, a four-game series at South Bend (Ind.), Fuerst said he was nervous, calling every couple of hours to make sure Deirdre was OK.

While on the air, Fuerst keeps his cellphone on, instead of leaving it on silent or vibrate like he normally does.

Even on the just completed seven-game homestand, Fuerst checked on his wife via phone calls or texts.

Fuerst’s duties with the Hot Rods don’t just include radio.

He is at the park at 8:30 a.m. weekdays handling administrative duties, and then he works the game that night, making it a 14- to 15-hour day.

Things have been a little easier with Fuerst gaining a broadcast partner this season, Chris Kleinhans-Schulz. 

“When you are flying solo, it gets really hectic,” Fuerst said. “If this were to happen last year, or I didn’t have Chris this year, a lot of things would be left undone. I’m obviously going to drop everything when the time comes, but having Chris here allows the show to go on.”

Kleinhans-Schulz will fill in for Fuerst on a couple of road trips this season, including the current six-game trip through Great Lakes (Mich.) and Dayton.

Fuerst said he will still have a radio on and keep his scorebook, while working his Twitter account and helping Kleinhans-Schulz with any questions he might have.

He said he is grateful to the BG Hot Rods front office for everything they’ve done to help him as the big date arrives.

“The front office has been very accommodating,” Fuerst said. “They’ve allowed me to be there for the important doctor’s appointment. They’ve been nothing but helpful to make sure I’m there for what will be a pretty important moment in my life.”

— Micheal Compton covers the Bowling Green Hot Rods for the Bowling Green Daily News. Follow him at or visit

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