Two former Western Kentucky football players – defensive end Quanterus Smith and tight end Jack Doyle – have a serious chance to be drafted this weekend during the NF Draft. Here’s a couple comments from both. Their names are hyperlinked to their NFL Draft profile page.

Quanterus Smith

Knee: “It’s good. (Rehab) is good, everything’s according to schedule.”

Are you close to 100 percent? “Oh I don’t know. I can’t judge it.”

Who are some of the teams you’ve heard from? “I’ve been talking to a couple teams, a couple different – they told me not to tell, so I respect that.”

Any expectations for this weekend? “Nah man, I’m kind of clueless, just kind of sitting here, waiting. Just trying to get my foot in the door.”

Plans to watch the draft: “We’re just gonna chill out, man, go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch it.”

Jack Doyle

The Draft: “It’s crazy. Bunch of emotions. It’s just been a crazy process and a long process. People think it’s fun and stuff like that, but it’s a hard process. I’m just excited to get it going and kind of knock it out.”

End of season to now: “Well I went to Indianapolis probably a week after the bowl game and worked out at St. Vincent’s Sports Performance. In the middle of that, had the Senior Bowl, had a Pro Day in Indy, came back here and worked out with coach Hall, had a Pro Day here and then been working out with coach Hall and been going from there.”

Your projection: “Right now you hear a bunch of different stuff. I’ve talked to a couple teams, their tight ends coaches. You always like doing that, being able to share what I do know about football. With the old staff and coach Taggart, they helped me a lot just knowing the game. Just been talking to some teams and we’ll see what happens.”

Specific teams: “I’ve talked to the tight ends coach from the Bengals and from the Dolphins. Those are good to have conversations with them. I even talked to coach Michaels from the Chargers, the old quarterback here, so that was cool talking to him. We kind of talked about more WKU stuff, but it was good hearing from him.”

Round projection: “I hear late rounds probably. I just control what I can control and go from there. I just want a chance at the end of the day. As long as I get that, I can’t complain.”

Doyle watch party: “I’ll probably just watch it in my apartment. My parents are talking about driving down and watching it with me, they wanna be there. It’ll just be a few people there.”

 The scenario of not getting drafted: “I’ve gotten a lot of contact from teams who have mentioned that, ‘If you don’t get drafted, we’d love to have you.’ They’ve already said that. It just comes down to getting a chance at the end of the day. It’s not about when you get picked. I barely even got a scholarship here. I just want a chance at the end of the day.”

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