"Dark Horse" a big time winner

A scene from the new documentary "Dark Horse."

With a story that sounds like something created by Hollywood the documentary "Dark Horse" proves to be a big time winner. 

It's a film that transends its sporting background, an inspiring tale that is full of intriguing twists and turns.

"Dark Horse" tells the story of a group of people in a former mining village in Wales, led by a barmaid named Janet Vokes, who bred a racehorse named Dream Alliance who became an unlikely champion that thrusted the investors into the world of horse racing.

It's the kind of story you wouldn't believe if someone told you, but it is all true - starting with Vokes convincing trainer Philip Hobbs to get involved to the horse overcoming a nearly fatal setback to become a champion.

Director Louise Osmond blends real footage with interviews with Vokes, Hobbs, and other members of the ownership group to create a "Rocky" like inspirational tale featuring some very colorful and interesting people. One of my favorite moments is when Vokes husband gloats about the first time he was able to bring his own lunch to the track  because he was looked at different since he owned a horse.

Dream Alliance is easy to root for as well, with a persona that was a perfect match for his every man ownership group.

Racing fans will find "Dark Horse" a delight, but the human story is equally as enticing for non-sports fans.

In a year that has already seen some strong documentaries, none can match the crowd-pleasing charm of "Dark Horse."

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