"Encanto" the latest from Walt Disney studios is a charming tale of family bonds and finding your voice. It's a beautifully animated film with memorable characters that is sure to entertain family members of all ages.

"Encanto" tells the story of Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz), a young girl living with her family in a village in Columbia. Mirabel's family is the Madigrals, founders of a town known for their magical house and the family's magical powers - with each family member, except for Mirabel, given a magical power during a family ceremony. As the latest family member receives his power, Mirabel discovers the magic of the house is in danger - trying to convince the rest of the family of the potential danger. 

No one heeds Mirabel's warnings, so she sets out to save the family and preserve the magic herself.

The film was from the same team that created "Zootopia." Both films do an excellent job of capturing the world in its story with "Encanto" really capturing the vibrant culture of the fictional village. The story is a familiar formula of family bonds and self-discovery but it presented in a fresh and captivating manner.

As the case with most Disney films "Encanto" is a movie that features plenty of musical numbers (penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda). While the music is charming and zippy, most of the musical numbers actually stall the narrative - taking away from the film's mostly effective story telling.

Fortunately it's the one drawback in a film that is easy to like because of its carefree charm. The story makes it easy to connect with this family, with Mirabel a worthy new addition to the ever growing list of memorable Disney heroines. 

After recent misfires like "Clifford the Big Red Dog" and "Space Jam: A New Legacy" it's nice to finally have a movie like "Encanto" that the whole family can enjoy.

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