Stellar cast can't save "After the Wedding"

Michelle Williams appears in a scene from "After the Wedding"

"After the Wedding" is the kind of movie that probably sounded better in the pitch meeting than the actual final result.

Here is a film headlined by two of the most reliable actresses working today - Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams - that starts out with such a contrived setup that no matter how hard Moore, Williams and the rest of the cast try they can't overcome the plot's shortcomings.

"Wedding" is a remake of a 2006 film, which I admit I have not seen, with Williams playing Isabel - the manager of an orphanage in Kolkata who comes to New York to meet a successful media mogul named Theresa (Moore) who is interested in providing financial support for the orphanage,

While Isabel is ecstatic about the chance to have the orphanage funded, she is also eager to get back. Theresa wants to take a more deliberate approach to the transaction, even inviting Isabel to the wedding of her step daughter Grace (Abby Quinn).

It's hard to describe what happens next, with "Wedding" piling up the eye rolling plot twists that involve Theresa, Isabel, Grace and Theresa's husband Oscar (Billy Crudup).

Which each new twist and turn of the story "Wedding" grows more tedious.

Fortunately, the cast is strong enough to make this completely unbearable. Moore gets more out of the character than the script gives her, while Williams and Quinn elevate the material above mediocrity. Their scenes are the best moments in "Wedding" with Quinn proving her work in "Landline" was no fluke. Here's hoping she gets more work because she is an interesting young actress.

Quinn and Williams almost make "Wedding" worth seeing, but it's not enough to save a film that feels more like a second rate soap opera than a quality family drama.


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