"The Climb" is an absolute delight - a hilarious bromance smartly crafted by Michael Angelo Covino, Kyle Marvin (they co-starred and co-wrote with Covino directly).

This is a smart examination of toxic friendships that is full of charm, some laugh out loud moments and an over sense of confident filmmaking that is rather refreshing. 

"The Climb" tells the story of Kyle (Covino) and Mike (Marvin) - best buds whose friendship is tested when Kyle reveals to Mike that he has been in a relationship with Mike's fiancée.

The repercussions of the revelation are far reaching, spanning several years. "The Climb" finds distinct moments in the time span, dropping in to see how their lives have changed since the initial reveal of the affair.

Covino makes the creative decision to frame the story with extended moments, including a great first scene as the two friends are biking on the country side. The style works perfectly in the film, making the audience feel like they are eaves dropping on these characters while advancing the narrative in a seemingly effortless fashion.

The screenplay takes some intriguing turns as well, finding the humor in the most painful of situations. 

Covino and Marvin are both great on the screen as well, with a chemistry that makes this combustible friendship believable.

Gayle Rankin also shines as a former girlfriend who comes back into Mike's life after his breakup with his fiancée - the calm between the bromance storm.

"The Climb" is independent filmmaking at its very best - one of the funniest films of 2020 and among the best films in any genre that I've seen this year.

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