"Wrath of Man" is a film that knows its lane and stays in it quite comfortably.

This blood-soaked revenge flick that reunites action star Jason Statham and director Guy Ritchie takes a while to get going, but once it does it is a pretty fun ride.

In "Wrath of Man" Statham plays H (no really that's his name), a man of few words and plenty of mystery who takes a job with an armored car company that has had some bad luck with robberies lately.

When H single-handedly stops the latest robbery attempt, he becomes a hero to his co-workers who still can't figure out why someone with his skill set would be working a job like this.

It turns out that H is on an undercover mission, trying to avenge the death of his son (during an armored truck heist). He is convinced that the thieves had someone on the inside, so his plan is to find the perpetrator - which will hopefully lead him to the man who pulled the trigger.

This all unfolds on a fractured timeline, with Ritchie opting to slowly peel back layers to create an element of surprise for the audience.

This leads to a slow first half, a steady build that we've seen in a lot of similar action films. But once H's true plans are revealed - and we get a glimpse of the crew he is intent on taking down - the film takes off with the insanity growing exponentially as the bullets fly.

This allows Statham to do what he does best, say very few words and beat people to a pulp. It's a role that showcases the actor's strength and gets better as the film progresses.

But "Wrath of Man" also allows Ritchie to use a talented supporting cast that includes Jeffrey Donovan, Scott Eastwood, Josh Hartnett, and Andy Garcia.  It's the detail to these characters that really allows "Wrath of Man" to hit another level - and provides the depth that makes the finale quite engaging.

To Ritchie's credit, he dials back his hyperkinetic style here - letting this cast work hard. He's rewarded with a film that is truly a meat and potato kind of action film - one that fans of the genre will find fun and quite satisfying.

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