This years Academy Award winners will be announced Sunday night in Los Angeles, but a Bowling Green couple will have a special reason to watch the telecast.Leslie Pope, a Bowling Green native and graduate of Bowling Green High School, is part of a Best Art Direction nomination for Seabiscuit. Pope was a set decorator working with the films art director, Jeannine Oppewall.Her mother, Sara M. Sookie Bennett of Bowling Green, said she will be rooting for her daughter from a friends home in Charleston, S.C., along with her husband, Jim Bennett.I hope she wins, but shes not really expecting to, Sara Bennett said. She thinks its going to be hard to beat The Lord of the Rings.All three of Sara Bennetts children are involved in creative careers.Her son, Bill Pope, is also in the movie business. He has worked as cinematographer on various films, including all three films in The Matrix franchise.Her other daughter, Janet Pope, owns an art studio and does commissioned art jobs around the country.Bill just finished working on the upcoming film Spider-Man 2, and Leslie is at work on a new film called Spanglish. Meanwhile, Janet just flew to Florida to do some work at the summer home of Art Modell, owner of the National Football Leagues Baltimore Ravens, their mother said.The busy lives make it difficult for the children to see their mother or each other, she said.They get home about twice a year each, Sara said. And Bill and Leslie live about 20 miles from each other, but they have to make dates to get together and have lunch because theyre both so busy.While she has seen most of the films her children have worked on, a few remain personal favorites, Sara said.Of Bills movies, I really liked Bound and Army of Darkness and Darkman, with Liam Neeson, she said. I thought those were really good.Her favorite film of Leslies was probably Ironweed, a 1987 film starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep.I got to go with her to the New York City premiere for that movie, Sara said. So that was a really nice experience and I thought it was a pretty good movie, too.Other films Leslie has worked on include Catch Me If You Can, The Astronauts Wife, In & Out, The Prince of Tides, and many others.Bills oeuvre also features Bedazzled, Zero Effect, Clueless and numerous other films.While neither of the Popes in the movie business set out for Hollywood when they left Bowling Green for college Bill worked on an architecture degree and Leslie was pre-med their mother said she is happy they have found a niche doing jobs they enjoy.Im very proud of both of them, their mother said. But if they were garbage collectors and they were doing a good job and they were happy doing it, Id be proud of them for that, too.

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