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FOR MARCH, 2021. CLAIMS must be presented within six (6) months
after the date of appointment, all pursuant to KRS 396.011.
Bea Isable, 317 Hilltop Dr., BGKY, c/o Harold Isable, Exec., 317 Hilltop
Annette Arnett, 443 Cumberland Ridge Ct., BGKY, c/o Deborah Griffin,
Exec., 443 Cumberland Ridge Ct., BGKY -Atty-Kenneth Meredith,
Terry Wayne Woods, 3920 Belle Rive Cir, BGKY, c/o Terri Woods,
Admr., 4868 Stern Wheel Ct., BGKY -Atty-Edward Faye, 1131 Fairway
St., Ste. 200, BGKY
Samu A. Ralhla, 7262 Russellville Rd., BGKY, c/o Nanlay Ralhla,
Admr., 7262 Russellville Rd., BGKY -Atty-George Strickler, Jr., 1010
College St., BGKY
Kimberly E. Johnson, 1216 Whitlock Rd., BGKY, c/o Kelley McIntrye,
Admr., 215 Sugar Mill Dr., BGKY -Atty-Heather Coleman Brooks, 1101
College St., BGKY
James S. Morrison, 301 Stagecoach Ct., Alvaton, KY 42122, c/o
Suzanne Morrison, Admr., 301 Stagecoach Ct., Alvaton, KY 42122
Deborah Barclay, 1304 E. 13th Ave., BGKY, c/o Michael Barclay, Admr.,
1304 E. 13th Ave., BGKY -Atty-J. Christopher Hopgood, 318 2nd St.,
Henderson, KY 42420
Donald B. Webb, 672 Huntington St., BGKY, c/o Gayla Miller, Exec.,
809 Huntington St., BGKY -Atty-Lindsey Hinton, POB 4000, BGKY
Ersie Maser, 3970 Chevy Way, BGKY, c/o Gracie Jessie, Admr., 3404
Smallhouse Rd., BGKY -Atty-Phillip Kimbel, 4108 E. 10th St., BGKY
Russell Heard, 995 Galloway Mill Rd., BGKY, c/o Frances J. Heard,
Exec., 995 Galloway Mill Rd., BGKY -Atty-George Strickler, POB 738,
Jacqueline A. Lubbers, 324 Springhill Ave., BGKY, c/o Madelyn Lubbers, Exec., 3161 N. Star Ct., Middleburg, FL 32068 -Atty-Amanda
Blakeman/Brian Schuette, 719 Dishman Ln., Ext., BGKY
Shirley Devasher, 1612 Crown Ridge Rd., BGKY, c/o Angela Bailey,
Exec., 3624 Woodbridge Ln., BGKY
Jerome L. Krauss, 170 Peach Blossom Ln., BGKY, c/o Linda Lay,
Admr., 170 Peach Blossom Ln., BGKY
John Kiraly, Jr., 864 New Cut Rd., BGKY, c/o Barbara Kacer, Exec.,
864 New Cut Rd., BGKY -Atty-Harland Judd, III, 869 Broadway Ave.,
Robert L. Tinsley, Jr., 2181 Belle Haven Blvd, BGKY, c/o Melayna Tinsley, Exec., 2181 Belle Haven Blvd., BGKY -Atty-Mike Bishop, POB
10088, BGKY
Elias Lockhart, 764 Sagittarius Ave., BGKY, c/o Kayla Galbreath,
Admr., 764 Sagittarius Ave., BGKY -Atty-Matt McGill, POB 990, BGKY
Paul Gregory, 1149 College St., BGKY, c/o Donna Gregory, Admr., 1149
College St.,1101 B, BGKY -Atty-Travis Newman, 2420 Frankfort Ave.,
Ste. 300, Louisville, KY 40206
William Ferkler, Jr., 194 Quail Tr., BGKY, c/o Debbra Smith, Exec., 194
Quail Tr., BGKY -Atty-George Strickler, Jr., POB 738, BGKY
Russell R. Below, 334 Pawnee Ct., BGKY, c/o Helen Below, Exec., 189
Fowler St., Woodstock, GA 30188 -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000,
Euleen Jones, 2509 Stonebridge Ln., BGKY, c/o Jeffery Green, Exec.,
859 Bristow Rd., BGKY -Atty-Chris Minix, 1011 Lehman Ave., Ste. 101,
Elashia J. Martin, 2725 Pointe Ct., BGKY, c/o Rodney Martin, Admr.,
2725 Pointe Ct., BGKY -Atty-Robert Chaudoin, POB 390, BGKY
Hollis M. Hinton, 2115 Smallhouse Rd., BGKY, c/o Sally Hinton, Exec.,
2115 Smallhouse Rd., BGKY -Atty-Leah Morrison/Charles English,
Brownie Lewis, 5909 Louisville Rd., BGKY, c/o Jerry Lewis, Exec.,
1334 William Simmons Rd., BGKY -Atty-Phillip Grogan, 1039 College
St., Ste. 205, BGKY
Viola Napier, 3288 Plano Rd., BGKY, c/o Sharon Owens, Admr., 3288
Plano Rd., BGKY -Atty-Travis Newman, 2420 Frankfort Ave., Ste. 300,
Louisville, KY 40206
Bessie Nolan, 981 Campbell Ln., BGKY, c/o Larry Nolan, Co-Exec.,
1315 Rosehill Dr., Owensboro, KY 42303 & Brenda Turley, Co-Exec.,
1123 Lord Murphy Way, BGKY
Lonnie Futey, 2700 N. Mill Ave., Apt. 162, BGKY, c/o John Paul Futey,
Exec., 203 E. Pleasant Grove Rd., Jackson, NJ 08527 -Atty-Ashley
Gertughty, 996 Wilkinson Tr., Ste. B1, BGKY
Ione Parsley, 1800 Westen St., Unit 2201, BGKY, c/o Patty Sutherland,
Exec., 10511 Leadenhall Gardens Way, Knoxville, TN 37922 -AttyRalph Beck, 625 E. 10th St., BGKY
Sarah Bettersworth, 1413 Euclid Ave., BGKY, c/o Joe Bettersworth,
Admr., 1413 Euclid Ave., BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000, BGKY
Joe Byrd, 1376 Richpond Rockfield Rd., BGKY, c/o Brenda Solomon,
Admr., 95 Anson St., Bridgeport, CT 06606 -Atty-Travis Newman, 2420
Frankfort Ave., Ste. 300, Louisville, KY 40206
Carol Jean Morgan, 1616 Patrick Way, BGKY, c/o Tracie Harrell, Exec.,
306 Motley Ln., BGKY -Atty-Mark Alcott, POB 390, BGKY
Adam Carpenter, 3330 Kami Dr., Bowling Green, KY 42104, c/o Andrea
Dennis, Admr., 3330 Kami Dr., BGKY -Atty-Brian Schuette/Amanda
Blakeman, 719 Dishman Ln Ext., BGKY
Jeffrey C. Denham, 3509 Nashville Rd., Lot 61, BGKY, c/o Marcia
Gilliam, Admr., 1403 Clagett Ave., BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB
4000, BGKY
Eva Marr, 108 Taylor Ave., Oakland, KY 42159, c/o Mark Marr, Co-Exec.,
515 N. Main St., Smiths Grove, KY 42171 & Danny Marr, Co-Exec.,
5350 Louisville Rd. #26, BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000, BGKY
Ricky Emberton, 2419 Three Springs Rd., BGKY, c/o Tim Emberton,
Exec., 833 S. Broadway, Portland, TN 37148 -Atty- Mark Alcott, POB
390, BGKY
Edna Flora, 1855 Jack Simmons Rd., BGKY, c/o Tommy Flora, Exec.,
1645 Roger Cole Rd., BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000, BGKY
Jana Mulliken, 686 Red Maple St., BGKY, c/o James Gifford, Exec.,
880 Memorial Cir., BGKY -Atty-Robert Chaudoin, POB 390, BGKY
Martha Lou Miller, 6990 Buddy Miller Dr., Alvaton, KY 42122, c/o Darla
Harwood, Exec., 122 Cynthia Lynn Dr., BGKY -Atty-Lanna Kilgore, 915
E. 10th Ave., BGKY
Ralph Eaton, 717 Sturbridge Ct., BGKY, c/o Elizabeth Eaton, Exec.,
717 Sturbridge Ct., BGKY -Atty-Edward Faye, 1131 Fairway St., Ste.
200, BGKY
Mack Billingsley, 1003 Rivergreen Ln., BGKY, c/o Anna M. Tapp, CoExec., 1003 Rivergreen Ln., BGKY & Keith Billingsley, Co-Exec., 178
Summit Cove, Collierville, TN 38017 -Atty-Linda Thomas, 996 Wilkinson Tr., Ste. A1, BGKY
Linda Adams, 208 Chippewa Dr., BGKY, c/o Edward Fisher, Exec.,
1212 Woodhurst St., BGKY -Atty-Wade Markham, II, 1131 Fairway St.,
Ste. 200, BGKY
Brandi Duvall, Warren District Clerk
by Victoria Phelps, D.C.
This advertisement was paid for by Warren Circuit & District Court using taxpayer dollars in the amount of $949.18