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FOR October, 2019. CLAIMS must be presented within six (6) months
after the date of appointment, all pursuant to KRS 396.011.
Nellie V. Taylor, 2945 Smallhouse Rd., BGKY, c/o Robert A. Taylor, CoExec. 207 Brookshore Ave., BGKY & Philip L. Taylor, Co-Exec., 5425
Woodburn-Allen Springs Rd., BGKY -Atty-Keith Carwell, POB 770, BGKY
Betty Jordan, 1439 Melrose St., BGKY, c/o Robert Jordan, Co-Exec.,
2176 Winterstone Way, BGKY & Gail Gum, Co-Exec., 381 Wagon Tr.,
BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000, BGKY
Leroy Murrell, 1333 S. Lee Dr., BGKY, c/o Sabrina Loving, Co-Exec., 771
Patton Way, Apt 6, BGKY & Hannah Whitney, Co-Exec., 1445 S. Lee Dr.,
BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000, BGKY
Paula Newby, 1630 McIntosh St., Apt. A, BGKY, c/o Cheynne Newby,
Admr., 1036 Morehead Rd., BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000, BGKY
Joy D. Strain, 212 Riverwood Ave., BGKY, c/o Travis Strain, Exec., 1904
Greathouse Rd., BGKY -Atty-Larry Hinton, POB 4000, BGKY
Betty Nalley, 1350 Ellis Pl, BGKY, c/o Karen Shelton, Exec., 1095 Cub
Run Hollow Rd., Cub Run, KY 42729 -Atty-Kaitlyn Embry, POB 3100,
Garland Martin, 302 Bellvue Ave., BGKY, c/o Alma Martin, Exec., 302
Bellvue Ave., BGKY -Atty-John David Cole, Jr., POB 1378, BGKY
Juanita Hammond, 855 Nutwood St., BGKY, c/o Janet Harl, Exec., 855
Nutwood St., BGKY -Atty-John Deeb, 418 E. 10th St., BGKY
Wanda Cooke, 2257 Smallhouse Rd., BGKY, c/o Robing Crutcher, Exec.,
104 Wickham Ct., Henderson, TN 37075 -Atty- George Strickler, Jr., POB
738, BGKY
Virginia Kuzma, 1517 Green Meadow Ct., BGKY, c/o Roy M. Kuzma,
Admr., 1517 Green Meadow Ct., BGKY -Atty-Suzanne G. Marsh, 1211 S.
3rd St., Clarksville, TN 37040
Mary Parsly, 550 High St., BGKY, c/o Thomas Parsly, 3328 Nugget Dr.,
Frances Stevens, 244 Witt Rd., BGKY, c/o Judy Fortune, Exec., 218 Proctor Tr., BGKY -Atty-John Deeb, 418 E. 10th St., BGKY
Reba Mae Osborne, 221 Valleybrook Ave, BGKY, c/o Reba Burden, Exec.,
2123 Hickory St., BGKY
Harold Rippy, 445 Middlebridge Rd., BGKY, c/o Anna Scott, Co-Exec.,
134 Sunset Loop, Morgrantown, KY 42261 & Dana Boden, Co-Exec., 5900
Sunrise Rd., Lincoln, NE 68210 -Attys- Currie Milliken, POB 1640, BGKY
& Bailey Walton, POB 128, BGKY
Janet Ennis, 806 Denzil Ave., BGKY, c/o Susan Cash, Exec., 1588 Cambridge Way, BGKY -Atty- George Strickler, Jr., POB 738, BGKY
Robert Nelson Stokes, 1713 Euclid Ave., BGKY, c/o Judy A. Stokes,
Admr., 1713 Euclid Ave., BGKY -Atty-Stephanie McGehee-Shacklette, 996
Wilkinson Tr., Ste. B-1, BGKY
Dickie L. McKinney, 325 Lewis Rd., BGKY, c/o Brandon McKinney, CoExec., 73 Willow Tree Cir., Austin, KY 42123 & Damon McKinney, CoExec., 270 Webb Ave., Smiths Grove, KY 42171 -Atty-John Deeb, 418 E.
10th St., BGKY
Constance J. Jackson, 1381 Campbell Ln, Room 117, BGKY, c/o Teurie
Tade, Co-Exec., 2904 Carriage Hill Dr., BGKY & Michael Jackson, CoExec., 2700 N. Mill Ave., Apt. 128, BGKY -Atty-David Cole, Jr., 1705 Ashley
Cir., BGKY
Karen Towe, 616 Chippendale Ct., BGKY, c/o Dennis Towe., Exec., 616
Chippendale Ct., BGKY -Atty-Hampton Moore, III, POB 10240, BGKY
James Hendrick, 918 Hunts Bend Rd., BGKY, c/o Betty Jo Smith, Exec.,
600 Hunts Brend Rd., BGKY -Atty-Keith Carwell, POB 770, BGKY
David B. Runner, 875 Dillard Rd., BGKY, c/o David T. Runner, Exec., 881
Dillard Rd., BGKY -Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB 4000, BGKY
Earl Loyd Estes, 1706 Upper Smiths Grove Rd., Smiths Grove, KY 42171,
c/o Clara Estes, Exec., 1706 Upper Smiths Grove Rd., BGKY -Atty-Mark
Alcott, POB 390, BGKY
Nora Bess Brennan, 116 Meadowbrook Cir., BGKY, c/o Bobby Glenn
Shaw, Exec., 113 Meadowbrook Cir., BGKY-Atty-Mike Reynolds, POB
4000, BGKY
James Franklin Hudson, 1123 Bethel Ln., BGKY, c/o Linda Hudson,
Exec., 1123 Bethel Ln., BGKY -Atty-Larry Hinton, POB 4000, BGKY
Philip George Holland, 1804 Affirmed Cir., BGKY, c/o Dena M. Holland,
Exec., 1804 Affirmed Cir., BGKY
Louise Korb, 1800 Westen Ave, #1307, BGKY, c/o Wade Barton 1280 Oil
Well Rd., Glasgow, KY
Elizabeth Rose Sinclair, 246 Lost River Lane, BGKY, c/o Susan Sinclair
Henon, 163 Chambers Drive, BGKY
Mary Cohron, 2945 Smallhouse Rd., BGKY, c/o Carolyn Wernver, 9607
E. 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN
John Thomas Algeo, 1800 Westen Ave, #1308, BGKY, c/o Catherine
Marie Algeo, 148 Homestead Court, Scottsville, KY
Dorothy Grise Dodson, 1924 Nashville Rd., BGKY, c/o John R. Grise,
1720 Single Tree Ct., BGKY
Brandi Duvall, Warren District Clerk
by Victoria Phelps, D.C.