Wednesday, September 22, 2004

For Bowling Green/Warren County Community Education, autumn means more than falling leaves and football it marks the beginning of Fall Enrichment.

Beginning this month, night classes in about 60 different subjects will be given in various locations around the city. Topics range from foreign languages to cooking classes, Enrichment Coordinator Anne Grubbs said.

Were just very excited to have it going on and are happy to be able to offer these classes, Grubbs said.

New classes this year include a French language class, more cooking classes and several new art classes, including still life, mixed media and fabric calligraphy. Classes can begin anywhere between 5 and 7 p.m., although 6:30 is the typical starting time, Grubbs said. The number of sessions and the length of each class vary by subject.

In a semester, we can have (a total of) 600 to 700 people in these classes, Grubbs said. The most popular class varies by year we can never predict because we never know. This year, weve had a lot of people sign up for computer classes, and Spanish is always a big one.

The cost of each class also varies. For example, a yoga class lasts for six sessions and costs $45, while computer classes could be $75-80. There are some online classes offered that can be taken from home; those are $35. The cheapest classes are $15 and are one-time seminars including gift-wrapping, decorating and holding a yard sale.

There are classes for all age ranges, some for families and some for children to take alone. A lot of couples take classes together.

We have one class called Its Easy to be Polite, Grubbs said. Its two sessions taught by the Bowling Green Womens Club on childrens etiquette.

One example of a family class is Mom and Me, which focuses on arts and crafts projects that parents and children can do together.

Mom and Me is still kind of new, Grubbs said. Weve gotten some interest, but we need to get the word out more because people arent aware of it.

Fall Enrichment was supposed to kick off Monday night with a sign language class at Greenwood High School, but only two people showed up not enough to make a class, since each class must have at least five students. The two-hour sign language class, which is 10 sessions long, adjourned but will meet again next Monday in the hopes that more people will attend.

Grubbs emphasized that Fall Enrichment classes are not graded and not for credit.

Its a good way for people to continue to educate themselves without the fear of grades, she said. When theyre not being graded, its not quite as stressful.

To learn more or to enroll in a Fall Enrichment class, visit Community Educations Web site at or call the office at 842-4281.  Daily News ·813 College St. ·PO Box 90012 ·Bowling Green, KY ·42102 ·270-781-1700 


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