Current job title: Attorney at law. I have been in private practice for almost 32 years, as a trial lawyer. My practice is primarily criminal defense and personal injury.

Hometown: Bowling Green.

Family: I have been married to Micki Cangemi Simpson for almost 34 years. We were high school sweethearts. We have two daughters, Caroline and Madeleine. My parents were Lola and Buel Simpson, and I have three sisters, Brenda Wiseman, Dewanda Brown (deceased) and Sharon Payne. I was not necessarily a planned child, arriving some 10 years after my youngest sister Sharon.

The one thing nobody knows about me is ... I played college baseball and my baseball nickname was “Suitcase Simpson.”

My dream job is ... being an entertainment agent/lawyer. I love music and would love to be a part of helping to produce records and concerts.

My first job was ... My parents opened Al’s Ice Cream Parlor (Old Morgantown Road) when I was 11. They named it after me. I worked there as we prepared to open and then after it opened.

I earned enough money to buy my own set of golf clubs from Woolco in the old Bowling Green Mall.

Best advice I ever got ... really two pieces of advice:

1) “Life isn’t fair, it just is.” – Dr. Joseph Cangemi, my father-in-law.

2) “Trust your gut.” – the late Jerry Safford, my first boss.

My heroes and why are ... as I have gotten older I have realized that I have never really had a hero, per se. But I have always tried to emulate successful people. My parents showed me unconditional love and were living examples of what it means to work hard. For that reason, they are my heroes.

If I could do it over again ... I really have no regrets, but I wish that I would had traveled more when I was in my 20s.

Part of my job I could have done without is ... waiting for my cases to be called in court. It is a necessary evil, but it can be time consuming.

The one thing I carry with me all the time ... Rosary beads in my left front pants pocket. I need all the help I can get. Having those in my pocket is like my security blanket.

The best meals I ever had ... usually there is steak involved. I love steak. Probably the best “home-cooked meal” I ever had was at my aunt’s house. Her name was Willie Bird Moats (that’s not a typo).

At the top of my bucket list ... I would love to drive from coast to coast. I would stop along the way and hang out in the local eateries and enjoy live music wherever we stopped. And, of course, I would try to figure out a way to get the band to let me sit in as their drummer.

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