Current job title: Retired teacher and local, regional and state educational consultant.

Hometown: Jonesville community in Bowling Green.

Family: Two adult daughters, J.T. Gides and A.T. Eaton; two sons-in-law: David Gides and Jack Eaton; and two granddaughters, Iman and Sade.

The one thing nobody knows about me is ... I have taught at 10 different local and surrounding city and state educational institutions, including Bowling Green High School, Warren Central High School and Greenwood High School, as well as Bowling Green Business College. My husband was a General Electric executive and we moved around a lot, bringing me in and out of Bowling Green.

My dream job is ... to own a publishing company.

My first job was ... a clerk at my cousin’s store built by my father in Jonesville.

Best advice I ever got ... was from a former high school teacher to immediately pursue advanced degrees as I had decided to wait for a while ... a much longer time ... like maybe never.

My heroes and why ... are my two daughters through whom I have lived vicariously and had so much exciting fun.

If I could do it over again ... I would have at least five more children as mine have been so thoughtful and generous to me and have made me so proud. Indeed, “the more the merrier.”

Part of my job I could have done without ... when I was actively working was all of those KERA (Kentucky Education Reform Act)-era essays which consumed all of my waking hours and everything else even though I am a genuine lover of writing.

The one thing I carry with me all the time ... is my Bible. I can’t make it without it to pray on daily.

The best meals I ever had ... were my mother’s annual holiday staple: turnip greens, macaroni and cheese, ham, dressing, chitterlings and bourbon bundt cake with caramel icing and egg custard!

At the top of my bucket list ... is overcoming my fear of airline flights. At present, I fly only when absolutely necessary to family graduations, family weddings and very reputable medical facilities. I missed out on things such as visiting other countries where my children lived for brief periods of time.

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Ms. Townsend was one of my favorite teachers. She gave me a tremendous amount of confidence in my abilities and challenged me to think big. A lot of the faith I had in myself came from being in her class. She will always be one of the best in my mind!

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