Current job title: Attorney, The Simpson Firm.

Hometown: My family moved when I was young, and I claim both Greenville and Grand Rivers. I spent many formative years in both communities, and only listing one would be leaving out a piece of my history that is vital to who I am today.

Family: I am married to Todd Porter, who is a sergeant with the Bowling Green Police Department and a captain with the Kentucky Army National Guard. I am the bonus parent to three sons, Stephen, Sam and Cameron. My parents, Roger and Cindy Shepherd, reside in Grand Rivers.

The one thing no one knows about me: That’s difficult because I typically share too much about myself to anyone who will listen. Very few people, however, know that I once appeared on a since-canceled game show called “Let’s Ask America!” I was terrible and was the first contestant to be eliminated. I’ve never even re-watched the video because it was so embarrassing.

My dream job: To be a U.S. senator, but I believe I’d best serve our community by being family court judge someday in the future.

My first job: I was a lifeguard at Venture River Water Park in Eddyville for many summers in my youth.

The best advice I ever got was: “You can’t just hear what you want to hear.” The first, and only time to the best of my knowledge, a teacher scolded me was in second grade. Her message to me resonated with me in a way that helped develop my analytical abilities and critical thinking skills that are vital in my career as an attorney. I do my best to be, at all times, objective in my thought processes so that I can understand arguments and evidence from both sides of a case in order to develop the best courses of actions for my clients. I think if my teacher had given me this same advice in 2020, she would have simply said, “Fact. Check. Everything.”

My hero (and why): My hero is the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her work as a jurist paved the way for the abilities and rights of millions upon millions of citizens, especially women, in the United States, whether they know about it or not. She had an unmatched talent to utilize the building blocks she had of existing law and constitutional authority, and shape her positions with those blocks in a way that built an entirely new, forward-thinking structure to further gender equality, women’s rights, voting rights and mental health coverage for Americans with disabilities. She was tenacious and fierce with her pen; never having to raise her voice in order to raise her voice.

If I could do it all over again: I would have started traveling to as many places as I could as soon as I could.

The part of my job I could do without: The uncertainty. You can prepare as much as possible, and have a general idea of what the outcome in the courtroom will be, but you can never be certain.

The one thing I always carry with me: A caffeinated beverage, preferably a Diet Dr Pepper.

Best meal I ever had: The best meal I ever had was in a candlelit cafe in Bayeux, Normandie Region, France. I don’t recall every course, but I will never forget the way I felt being in that historical location, sharing a meal with the love of my life.

At the top of my bucket list: There is a World War II United States Army Barracks for sale in Bastogne, Belgium. My ultimate goal in life is to buy it, transform it into a hotel and lead historical tours in and around Bastogne and Foy.

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