Current job title: Senior pastor of State Street United Methodist Church.

Hometown: Franklin, Ky.

Family: Kim (spouse), Haylee (daughter), Izzy (Cat), Hannah (Dog), Red (Fish).

The one thing no one knows about me is ... that most would say I have a fear of heights. Yet, I like to say I have a healthy and informed respect for gravity.

My dream job is ... retiring to become part of a ground crew for a major/minor league baseball stadium. We always get to baseball stadiums early enough to see the field prepped. It is almost better than batting practice. In fact, a few years ago my wife arranged for me to work with the grounds crew after the game at Slugger Stadium in Louisville for a graduation present!

My first job was ... a grocery store bagger at Charlie’s Big Star.

The best advice I ever got was ... that God always goes before us. When I remember this, it creates a sense of curiosity that helps me look for this in all circumstances. This proves most helpful in the most trying times.

My hero (and why) is ... every person who has ever shown me what it means to be a better person. My parents taught me to think for myself. My uncle taught me what it looks like to be a calm presence. My wife has shown me the importance of joy. My daughter has shown me what resilience looks like. My pastors, peers and mentors have shown me how to be authentic as a child of God. I could go on!

If I could do it all over again, I ... realize that I cannot change a thing! What I can do is remember those things that I’d like to have done differently or done better … and try to do better the next time. I feel I am at my best when I just keep trying to do the next right thing.

The part of my job I could do without is ... usually the very reason I do what I do. The world is a wonderful place, and people are amazing. It is sometimes broken, and so are we. Yet, I do feel the church can be a source of healing, hope and community that is sorely needed these days.

The one thing I always carry with me is ... my smartphone. Pro: Having a robust library of books in Kindle, my books are always with me! Con: It can be a challenge to “disconnect” at times.

Best meal I ever had was ... pinto beans and cornbread (with relish), turnip greens (with a touch of vinegar) and mashed potatoes.

At the top of my bucket list is ... to complete two 100-mile section hikes on the Appalachian Trail. Once, I thought I would like to do this by myself, but I’d love to share this with someone else, too.

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