Current Job Title: Founder/attorney, Reed Law Group PLC.

Hometown: I grew up in Leitchfield, but have considered Bowling Green my hometown since coming to WKU in 1993.

Family: My wife of more than 16 years is Bonnie Hannibal Reed. Our children are Truman, Margaret and Calvin. Our pets Rosie, Ivy, Misto, Latte and Carrot keep us company.

The one thing no one knows about me is ... It’s admittedly an odd thing, but when I sleep I cross my big toe on each foot over the second toe on each foot. Another interesting thing is that I met my mother-in-law, Bente, at the exact moment I met my wife, Bonnie. I think that’s pretty unique!

My first job was ... While in high school, I worked for the Grayson County News-Gazette covering high school sports as a writer and photographer. I also worked weekends at WKHG-FM radio in Leitchfield.

My dream job ... I love being a family law attorney and mediator, helping people move themselves and their families forward in times of crises. But if I had to do something different, I’d love to be a personal chef during the day and an official scorer for a major league baseball team during the evening.

Best advice I ever received was ... This one is especially hard to narrow down. I’ve gotten so much needed advice from trusted friends and family, and from professional mentors. But, I’d say probably the best advice was the reminder that it takes an attorney years of diligent work to develop a reputation for honesty and integrity, but that reputation can be lost in an instant if the attorney abandons his ethics.

My hero (and why) is ... I have tremendous admiration for my sister, Tracey, and my twin brother, Jason. I especially admire the jobs they have done raising their children and the differences they have made in the communities they have served professionally and civically. They have been tremendous role models for me. I definitely feel like I won the sibling lottery!

If I could do all over again ... I tend not to dwell on the past or regret decisions that, for good or bad, have helped shape me. Nevertheless, given the benefit of hindsight I maybe would have started my own law firm sooner than I did. I was fortunate to have the benefit of strong mentoring and invaluable experience from those I practiced with in other firms, but I was never sure I was ready to take such a big career step. I now know I was probably ready a few years before I finally realized I was.

The part of my job I could do without ... That is, unfortunately, an easy one to answer. As a family court lawyer, I could do without those parents who are so focused on themselves and their grievances with one another that they cannot focus on their children and successfully co-parent. Invariably, they say they will do “anything” for their child, but the one thing they seem to refuse to do is to insist on a positive, healthy co-parenting relationship.

One thing I always carry with me is ... I have blue eyes that are pretty sensitive to bright light, so I almost always have a pair of sunglasses with me. Also, I always carry a laminated index card with about 50 complex, randomly-generated passwords, most of which are dummies but a few of which permit me access to my laptop and devices that access confidential information for my work as an attorney. It’s a bit of a security blanket for me as it provides a back-up source of that information in case a tech-based source fails.

Best meal I ever had was ... To celebrate my most recent birthday, Bonnie made my favorite comfort food – slow-cooked pot roast with root vegetables – and a scratch-made strawberry cake, that were both as good as anything I’ve ever eaten. I also remember a tremendous experience with Walter, Kelli, Scott and a tableful of other friends at one of Jeff Ruby’s restaurants in Cincinnati during a years-ago Kentucky Bar Association Annual Convention.

At the top of my bucket list is ... I hope to be able to see my children grow to adulthood and be fulfilled and successful in whatever endeavors they choose. All the other things I hope to do – travel, MLB stadium circuit, playing in the WSOP Main Event – are way down the list compared to the one at the top.

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