Two men who have been instrumental in bringing a military veterans nursing home to Bowling Green have been inducted into the Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame.

Metcalfe County resident Bill Lytle, an Air Force veteran who served during the Vietnam War, was inducted during a Sept. 11 ceremony in Lexington.

Lytle is a past president of the Cumberland Trace chapter of the Military Officers Association, an organization that spearheaded the effort to have a veterans nursing home built in Bowling Green.

Also inducted during the Sept. 11 ceremony was Ray Biggerstaff, a Montgomery County resident who spent 30 years teaching in the Department of Health and Safety at Western Kentucky University.

Biggerstaff, a Vietnam War veteran who was awarded a Bronze Star, and the late Robert Spiller spent more than a decade pushing for a veterans nursing home in Bowling Green.

That nursing home has been approved for federal and state funding and has a 25-acre site designated on property donated by the Inter-Modal Transportation Authority, which oversees the Kentucky Transpark.

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