After the summer season got off to a slow start with “Wolverine” last week, “Star Trek” arrives in theaters giving sci-fi action fans a film worthy of the hype.

With J.J. Abrams directing, this restart of the popular franchise is fresh and exciting and will please its rabid fan base as well as entertain viewers who don’t know the difference between a Romulan and a Vulcan.

The film returns to the early days of the USS Enterprise, following the rise of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the rest of the crew of the famous vessel.

When a Romulan spacecraft captained by a ruthless miner (Eric Bana) emerges through a black hole with plans to destroy every planet in the Federation, the Enterprise is called into action - providing the first test for the young crew.

Abrams, the creator of television’s “Lost” and “Alias,” has crafted a fun film with wall-to-wall action, some great special effects and a group of actors who are more than ready to live up to the lofty heights of the original cast.

Pine channels his inner William Shatner, but puts a fresh and quite fun spin on Kirk. Quinto makes a worthy Spock, while Karl Urban (as Dr. Leonard McCoy) and Simon Pegg (as chief engineer Scotty) have some funny moments as well.

I was never a big fan of the “Star Trek” series, but I was quite familiar with the franchise thanks to a high school friend who was such a fan - he actually dragged me to a convention in Cleveland in the early ’90s.

I haven’t spoken to that friend in a while, but I’m sure he must be ecstatic with the latest incarnation of the popular franchise. This is a project faithful to its origins (including a couple of nods to “Star Trek” lore that will be appreciated by those with quite specific knowledge) but willing to explore new areas - and bring in a whole new fan base in the process.

“Star Trek” isn’t the best film in the series (I still regard “The Wrath of Khan” as one of my favorite science fiction films), but it is right up there - making it the first must-see event of the summer.

DVD dandy of the week

There are weeks when it is difficult to narrow the DVD choice down to one selection and then there are weeks like this week - when the selection pool is mighty thin. So by default, the choice this week is My Bloody Valentine 3-D (B-), a fun remake of the 1980s cult classic that should please old school horror fans.

“Valentine” takes place in small mining community that is still trying to overcome the tragic events of a Valentine’s Day massacre 10 years earlier.

When massacre survivor Tom (Jensen Ackles) returns to town, the killings start again - and Tom finds himself suspected of picking up where the original murderer left off.

If you’re not a fan of slasher flicks, then there probably isn’t much to recommend in “My Bloody Valentine.” Still, I found myself entertained - mainly due to the old-school horror approach from director Patrick Lussier. In an era when the slasher genre has produced some rather disturbing entries like the “Saw” films and “Hostile,” I kind of liked watching a horror film that was more about the chase and less about trying to gross out its audience.

“My Bloody Valentine 3-D” is rated R for graphic brutal horror violence, some strong sexuality, nudity and language and is now available on DVD.

— When he’s not busy trying to beat Kige “YouTube Sports” Ramsey for the latest southcentral Kentucky sports scoop, sportswriter/movie reviewer Micheal Compton can be reached by e-mailing


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