September Lakes LLC to Tim and Janice Brockman, Lot 45, September Lakes subdivision, $69,500.

Emily and Robert Donnelly Sr. to Samuel Donnelly, Lots 9-11, Parkview subdivision, $100,000.

Donald Williams to Robert and Renee Butler, Lot 4, Donald Williams property, $89,375.

Darrell and Tracy Oliver to Ronald and Misty Ragan, Lot 48, Cobblestone subdivision, $60,000.

Linda Jones to Buddy Jones, Lot 3, Kieffers Goshen Church subdivision, no tax.

Tony Henon Construction Inc. to Jonathan and Julia Ullrich, Lot 143, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $410,000.

Marian Edwards to Kristin and James Burch, Lot 1, Rolling Meadows subdivision, $188,000.

TCB LLC to I & S Real Estate Investments LLC, land near Stubbins Street, $35,000.

Myra and Donald Dew to Richard and Juliet Bruno, Lot 2-2, Pine Grove subdivision, $274,000.

TCB LLC to I&S Real Estate Investments LLC, land near Stubbins Street, $30,000.

Ashesh and Neha Pansuria to Jahna and Drew Fulkerson, Lot 75, Ridgewood Estates, $435,000.

John and Jenny Riley to David Farrell, Lots 1-1, 1-2-1 and 3, minor plat book 12, page 114, $349,000.

Larry and Sharon Coop to CVR Handyman Construction LLC, Lots 10 and 11, Green Meadow subdivision, $70,000.

Juddson and Sheryl Henk to Elvis and Patricia Green, Lot 3-1, subdivision revision of lot 3 of the Mark and Jennifer Whalen subdivision, $37,500.

Timothy and Kathryn Freeburg to Karen and Daniel Lutterschmidt, Lot 69-3, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $240,000.

Michael Cobb Sr. and Marilyn Anderson to Michael Cobb Sr. and Marilyn Anderson, Lot 3, C.A. Tygrett Lots, no tax.

W. Alan Cannon to Amanda and Austen Lafavers, Lot 6, Poplar Grove subdivision, $59,900.

Dominion Commercial Assets LLC to Fuji A. Network of Companies LLC, Lot 5, Kentucky Trimodal Transpark, $3,200,000.

Charles H. Reynolds Testamentary Trust B and the Estate of Mary Patricia Reynolds to Robert and Jackie Reynolds, land near the Barren River, $670,000.

Heather Fletcher and Allison Balentine to Fletcher Foundation LLC, Lot 5, plat book 16, page 38, no tax.

Elaine and Charles Hampton to Alexandria Hampton, Lot 1-1, plat book 30, page 26, no tax.

Gary Dave Jerls Revocable Living Trust to Kimberly Lauderdale and Gary Jerls, Lot 4, Farmington Woods subdivision and Lot 4, E.B. Gregory property, no tax.

Betty C. Coles Testamentary Family Trust to Zachary Pearl and Sarah Beth Salmon Brigance, land near Dishman Lane, $300,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to David and Anna Kerr, Lot 81, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to David and Anna Kerr, Lot 77, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Rita McGowan to Rita McGowan and Chester Hudson, Lot 71, Fort Valley addition, no tax.

Crabbe Homes to Caleb and Lorena Holloway, Lot 64, Weatherstone subdivision, $189,999.

Randy Coles to Jacquelyn Wilde Eubanks, Lot 3-1, Gerard subdivision, $429,000.

Billy and Christy Turner to John Lindsey, Lots 44, 45 and 46, Woodland addition, $110,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Timothy and Brittany Burnett, Lot 73, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision revision of Lots 1 and 2, $204,500.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Tom and Leslie Moran, Lot 205, McKinney Farms subdivision, $38,900.

GC Land Development to Southern Craftsman Homes LLC, Lot 102, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Prestige Worldwide HC LLC to Laurie Cox, Lot 26, Heritage subdivision, $255,900.

Kimberly Maxfield; David and Courtney Maxfield; and Sheila and Jeramy Stephens to REC Development LLC, land near Morgantown Road, $110,000.

Drew and Jahna Fulkerson to Andrew and Lindsay Bragg, Lot 49, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $405,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Romay Paw and Baynor Valdemar Lopez Agustin, Lot 74, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $260,496.

Madison Moss to Wendell and Mary Smith, Lot 73, Plano Estates subdivision, $270,000.

Wendell and Mary Smith to Jordan and Laura Iverson, two tracts on Peachtree Lane, $269,000.

Jackson White to Wendy Patrick, Lot 2, subdivision plat of Jackson White property, $188,000.

Stephen Daniel Properties LLC to Todd and Ginger Piroch, Lot 21, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $174,900.

Hammer Homes LLC to Andrew and Natalie Hughes, Lot 5, Heritage subdivision and Marjorie Clark estate subdivision, $290,000.

Jason and Erin Sarver to George and Rebecca Heard, Lot 37, Stagecoach Springs subdivision, $347,500.

Burr and Jones LLC to JDA Construction LLC, Lot 29, Poplar Grove subdivision, $57,900.

Summit Partners Inc. to JDA Construction LLC, Lot 222, Summit subdivision, $63,000.

Visal and Fatima Karazha to KV Properties LLC, Lots 9 and 10, Creekwood Townhomes, no tax.

Stagner Farms LLC to Stagner Farms Homeowner’s Association Inc., Lots 117 and 134, Stagner Farms subdivision, no tax.

Stagner Farms LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lots 13-116, 118-113 and 135, Stagner Farms subdivision, $6,001,600.

Kelly and Patricia Lawrence to Perkins-Baseheart Rentals, Lot 1, minor plat book 16, page 75, $330,000.

Payton Lear to Joseph and Amanda Morgan and Kaleb Morgan, Lot 143, Northridge subdivision, $169,900.

Billy and Angela Miller and Joseph Vallelonga to DonTin Properties LLC, Lot 17, Gatewood subdivision, $152,500.

DNB Inc. to DBR Holdings LLC, Lot 32, North Industrial Park subdivision, $1,287,500.

Juanita Wilcher to Parachute Adams LLC, Lot 2, Harris Development subdivision, $165,000.

Daniel and Claire Klein to Kentucky Christian Foundation Inc., land near Park Street, no tax.

Alexander and Jamie Garden to Elizabeth Torrence, Lot 53, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $173,900.

Brandi and Christopher Ogren to Brian Dyer, tract 4, South Bluff on the Drake, $10,000.

ABWG Holdings LLC to Nancy and Charles Pattison, Lot 32, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $171,900.

Vivian Brannon to Gary and Brenda Thorp, Lot 1, September Lakes subdivision, $382,000.

Ronald Bunch to Dana Cosby, Lot 33, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $380,000.

Harry and Barbara Ford to James and Janette Meyer, Lot 27, Mount Ayr subdivision, $750,000.

Amanda and Ned Steele Jr. to Joseph and Julia Ianello, Lot 60, Lake Ayre Estates, $207,000.

Overholt Builders LLC to Logan and Jenny Fischer, Lot 522, Greystone subdivision, $226,500.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Cameron Wallace, Lot 72, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision, $210,000.

Andrew and Lindsay Bragg to Matthew and Crysta Smith, Lot 33, McCoy Place subdivision, $275,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Stephen Daniel Properties LLC, Lot 10, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $30,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Stephen Daniel Properties LLC, Lot 11, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $30,000.

DBR Holdings LLC to KLAMS LLC, Lot 56, Bratton Farm subdivision, $190,000.

ABWG Holdings LLC to Adam Jaggers, Lot 54, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $168,000.

JAVA Properties LLC to Terry Davis Construction Inc., Lot 28, Autumn View subdivision, $35,000.

Woodland Station Development LLC to Big Time Properties LLC, Lot 12, Merrill and Shirley Stuart Property subdivision, $45,000.

Darante and Shelby Lightfoot to Robert Payne, Lot 60, McKinney Farms subdivision, $239,000.

Jordan and Demont Franklin to Jack DeBruin and Yinghong DeBruin, Lot 41, Richland subdivision, $215,000.

George and Beatrice Sowards to Elioanai Villalobos and Ernestina Jimenez, Lot 6, Woodford St., $50,000.

Naomi and Jason Drake to Jessica Thrasher, Lot 93, Meadowview subdivision, $245,000.

Robert and Beth Lawrence to Robert and Beth Lawrence, Lot 3, Magers Bristow subdivision, no tax.

Mervin and Leora Overholt to Matthew Adamson, Lot 29, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $266,400.

Kevin and Terri Sims to Benjamin and Stephanie Wilson, Lot 10, McLellan subdivision, $365,000.

Curtis and Karyn Rafferty to Jackson’s Landing Inc., land near Plano Pike, $1,728,562.

Keystone Development Group LLC to Build 2 Suit LLC, Lot 20, Keystone Commons subdivision, $119,900.