Alicia Duncan to Billy Miller, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $112,200.

Bethany and Eric Kinney to John Dubree, Lot 19, Cedarmoor subdivision, $157,500.

Kaitlyn and David Brown to Jordan and Megan Proffitt, Lot 2, Southern Bluegrass Land Corp., $173,500.

Susan and Scott Henon to Jamie Williams, Lot 9, Townhomes at Lost River, no tax.

Wayne and Donitka Boyett to William and Dorothea Harris, Lot 210, Greystone subdivision, $171,000.

Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc. to Gregory and Donna Lindsey, Lot 27, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $242,200

Emin and Aida Huric to Dexter Pedigo and Victoria Gipson, Lot 115, Park Hills subdivision, $173,000.

G&M Construction LLC to Marvin and Jennifer Brooks, Lot 83, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $245,000.

Jason and Scarlett Chludzinski to Mtambala Assumani and Albertina Lusende, Lot 23, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $187,500.

Brandon and Lara Overton to Kiyoshi Nakawaga and Judy Stephens Naagawa Lot 67, The Crossings at Cave Mill, $235,000.

William Smith; Janet and Rickey Armstrong; and Harlan and Lori Smith to Dennis and Lori Causey, land near Sunrise Drive, $30,000.

Big Time Properties LLC to Benton and Sandra King, Lot 16, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $265,000.

Betty Boyd to Brandon Boyd, Lot 60, Farmgate subdivision, no tax.

Stephen and Paula Mattison to Jacob and Hannah Meredith, Lot 239, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $298,000.

William Canon Jr. to William Canon Jr., land near Glen Lily Road, no tax.

Roberta Northern to Downtown Property Management LLC, land near Chestnut Street, $70,000.

Estate of Linda Osborne to Harold and Staci Simpson, land near Woodland Drive, $119,840.

Keystone Development Group LLC to Newcomb Oil Co. LLC, Lot 2, Keystone Commons subdivision, $478,660.

George and Eleanor Allen to Pengwin Properties LLC, land near Plain Street, $42,500.

Ronald and Tina Jo Hargett to Hudson Capital Properties LLC, Lot 5, section F, Idle Acres subdivision, $130,000.

The estate of Donald Keown to Clay and Kasey Jo Word, Lot 80, Greenbriar Acres subdivision, $169,000.

David and Melissa Zimmer to Rami Sleem, Lot 9, Callaway Gardens, $286,500.

B ‘N R Realty LLC to Collin Childress, Lot 509, Greystone subdivision, $205,000.

Ronald and Monica Kercheval to Gary Kerr, Lot 76, Crossings at Cave Mill, $222,500.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Sammantha and William Ballou, Lot 553, Greystone subdivision, $214,900.

The estate of Doris Rhodes Johnson; Mark Johnson; and Melinda Paris to Neal and Katelyn Tucker, 912 Hampton Road, $222,500.

Sokhon Pok to Mohamed Kamara and Kady Jalloh, Lot 15, Pennyroyal Farms subdivision, $275,700.

Matthew and Gabrielle Boyd to Thomas and Kelly Clark, land in major plat book 37, page 443, $214,000.

Greg and Joe Ann Gary to Gomez Construction LLC, Lot 10, Briar Creek subdivision, $30,000.

Madden Intermediary LLC to Gary and Jane Gienger, Lot 43, New West Town subdivision, no tax.

Lindsey and Caleb Sheffield to Bo Ne and Mee Meh, Lot 31, Springwater subdivision, $205,000.

Chris Bell to Kyle and Tabitha Carlock, land near Richpond Rockfield Road, $137,800.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to James DeMaio, Lot 82, Magnolia Hills, $220,000.

Stephen and Cristy Baker to Nami and Tina Nahid, Lots 1 and 2, Ed Browns Hilltop Acres, $61,000.

Earnest and Shirley Glass to Chris Bell, land on Richpond Rockfield Road, $165,000.

DP3 Properties LLC to Joshua Mata, land near Brockley Avenue, $137,000.

Billy and Vickie Crabtree to John and Marcy Lyons, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $126,000.

Junhao Huang to Hua Beliles and Yilin Wang, Lot 46, The Crossings at Cave Mill, $209,900.

Thomas and Jessica Dolan to Chad and Jennifer Ennis, Lot 8-1, Matlock Manor subdivision, $75,000.

Andrea Heming and Philip Joe Price to Snyder Holdings LLC, land near Nutwood Avenue, $148,000.

James and Debra Bush to Southern Saw Home LLC, Lot 2, James Thomas Bush property subdivision, $36,250.

William Floyd to Henry and Brittanh Lay, Lot 1, plat book 37, page 261, $44,500.

Marilyn and Howard Leeper to Hunky Dory LLC, land near Iroquois Drive, $172,000.

Kentucky Housing Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 403, North Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Modesto and Janette Murillo to Alexander and Olga Menjivar, land near Delia Perkins Road, no tax.

Regina Rodriguez to Big Dog Investments LLC, Lot 25, Robert T. Lee subdivision, $62,500.

Terry Jenkins to Scott Jenkins, land near Porter Pike, no tax.

Sky Value Properties LLC to Right Angle Studio LLC, Lot 19, Plano Estates major subdivision, $35,000.

Mackenzie and Brandon Condiff and Donna Whittle to Chadwick Eaton and Kennedy Logsdon, $135,000.

Greystone Properties Inc. to Gomez Construction LLC, Lot 549, Greystone subdivision, $38,000.

Uma Doraiswamy to Kevin Burner, Lot 94, subdivision plat for Bailey’s Farm, $215,000.

Scott and Bridget Mock to John and Laura Atkinson, Lot 16, Stagecoach Springs subdivision, $381,000.

Real Estate Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Stephanie Winters, Lot 182, McKinney Farms subdivision, $215,000.

Jimmy Reneau to Betty and Charles Plemons Jr., Lot 6, Jimmy Reneau property, $35,000.

Melissa Willis to America Ramirez Leon, Lot 146, Deer Park subdivision, $142,000.

Richard and Kelley Tittle to Justin Halcomb, tract 3, plat book 27, page 289, $250,000.

Daniel and Sarah Morrison to Daniel and Sarah Morrison, Lot 17, Meadowview subdivision, no tax.

Cynthia Sullivan to Daniel Rafferty and James Adkins-Gilbert, land near Walters Avenue, $180,000.