Bank of Edmonson County to Atticus Enterprises Ltd., Lot 17, Enclave at Fordes Crossing, $65,000.

Cave Mill Station LLC to The Sheldon Family LLC, Lot 1-6-2, Cave Mill Station, $500,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Phil Brown Construction LLC, Lots 619-624, North Ridge subdivision, $273,000.

Joy Cunningham to WKU Real Estate Corp., land near High Street, $125,000.

Joey and Carrie Gump to James and Lindsey Forkum, land near Greathouse Road, $160,000.

Estate of Wanda Joyce Cooke to Lawrence Lamb Shadd III Irrevocable Trust, land near 18th Street, no tax.

Matlock Properties LLC to Harlan Construction Inc., Lot 2, Matlock Farms subdivision, $80,000.

Matlock Properties LLC to DTD Inc., Lot 4, Matlock Farms subdivision, $80,000.

Laura Hayes to Jerry and Sarah Janes, Lot 96, Springwater subdivision, no tax.

Magnolia Lane Investments LLC to Stallion Realty Group LLC, Lot 37, plat book 15, page 54, no tax.

Purple Door Realty LLC to Scott and Noemi Bonham, Lot 29-1, Robert T. Lee subdivision, $12,500.

Lou White to Brenda Sublett and Lewis White, Lot 3, plat book 37, page 201 and Lot 3-1, plat book 37, page 301, no tax.

Parview 48 LLC to Kris Hamilton, land near Main Street, $1,535,000.

Vera Higgs to David and Shelia Patterson, Lot 2, Robert Leland Mathews minor subdivision, $190,000.

Shelia and Roger Marsh to Victor Garcia, Lot 25, McCoy Place subdivision, $215,000.

Vijay and Rebekah Golla to Lawrence and Susan Vann, Lot 122, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $195,000.

GMV Properties LLC to Charles and Karri Provance, Lot 538, Greystone subdivision, $208,000.

Rebecca and Clinton Laird to John and Carolyn Ellis, Lot 17, Perkins Heights subdivision, $137,500.

Charles and Karri Provance to Terris Parrish, Lot 137, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $324,500.

Marley and Jeffrey Sumner Jr. to Benjamin and Rayanne Bryant, Lot 19, Collettview subdivision, $180,000.

Richard and Bethany Pape to Tiffany and David Quiles Jr., land near U.S. 68 Ky. 80, $120,000.

Dewey Parker Miller Jr.; Donna and John Loid; and Diane and Jack Estes to Dwight Embry’s Garage Inc., tract 29-5, North Park Industrial subdivision, $210,900.

Ottis Yokley to Blevins & Blevins LLC, Lot 7, Ottis Yokley property subdivision, $27,500.

Legacy Homes and Remodeling LLC to Kendall and Caroline Sledge, Lot 181, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $406,700.

AF Holdings LLC to AceLand Holdings LLC, Lot 2, Smallhouse Hines subdivision, $117,000.

Jones & Ritter LLC to Bennie and Laura Jones, Lot 237, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, no tax.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Brad Knee Builders LLC, Lots 615 and 616, North Ridge subdivision, $91,000.

Ashron Properties LLC to Timothy Elkins and Kelsey Southard, land near Hays Hydro Road, $97,500.

Michael and Kimberly Simpson to Michael Simpson, Lot 12, Leichart addition, no tax.

Nathan and Kelsey Weed to Dustin and Mary Lee, Lot 48, Creekwood subdivision, $210,000.

Giuseppe and Betty Ancona to Louis Ancona, land near Grayhouse Road, no tax.

Deena Brooks to Keith Honaker, land near Moorman Lane, $150,000.

Brent and Vikki Harris to BOAM Holdings LLC, land near Russellville Road, $366,750.

Carol Quinn and William Martin to Thomas Quinn, Lot 48, Remington Place subdivision, no tax.

Joey and Melanie Eaton to Stephen and Emily Richardson, Lot 3, plat book 40, page 22, $84,500.

Doran Investments LLC to David and Meridith Doran, Lot 4, Bridlewood subdivision, no tax.

The estate of Bobby Joe Wells to Jeffrey and Carla Cannon, land near Sunset Street, $32,100.

Greystone Properties Inc. to B.G. Builders LLC, Lot 545-1, Greystone subdivision, $38,500.

Dorothy Lindsey to Justin Miller, Lot 1, Chaney addition, $180,000.

Asif Najmuddin and Sana Ali to Bajazit and Rahila Huremovic, Lot 236, Hunters Crossing, $380,000.

Calvin and Lindsey Tooley to Perry Solomon, Lot 2, Andy Woods minor subdivision, $167,500.

Kendall and Caroline Sledge to Kenji and Yukiko Aono, Lot 143, Belle Haven, $352,000.

Mervin and Leora Overholt to Bekim and Valdete Retkoceri, Lot 23, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $267,000.

Richard and Julie Richardson to Jacob and Mercedes Delong, Lot 112, McCoy Place subdivision, $298,500.

Darrell and Tracy Oliver to Tina Hutchison, Lot 57, Rivergreen, $562,500.

Joseph Brown to Laura Brown, Lot 16, Indian Ridge subdivision, $210,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Bradley and Leia Knee, Lot 489, North Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Jo Anne Tinsley to Melissa Jones, Lot 3, Fountain Trace subdivision, no tax.

Stacey DePriest to Thomas and Ginger Tomlinson, Lot 57, Richland subdivision, $213,000.

Joe Martin to Tedrick Demumbrum and Chalanda Williams, Lot 3, minor plat book 18, page 108, $400,000.

Andrew and Kristan Elkins to Rebekah and Joseph Hall, Lot 34, Woodstone Springs subdivision, $129,000.

David and Leigh Deerman and Carol Collver to Seanathon and Jessica Rustad, Lot 70, McLellan Farms subdivision, $467,000.

Oliver & Hansbrough Development Partners LLC to Yolanda and Thomas Hackman, Lot 50, Plano Estates major subdivision, $281,400.

Armin Peimanovic and Nermin and Asmira Peimanovic to Emir Real Estate LLC, Lot 15-3, plat book 41, page 172, no tax.

Faik and Shemsije Mirena to Nexhat and Fiknete Mirena, Lot 46, Lost River Cove subdivision, no tax.

Victor Joel Garcia and Ma. Guadalupe Camarena Ayala To Garcia Holdings LLC, Lot 199, Park Hills subdivision, no tax.

Donna Cooper to Donna Cooper, Lot 6, Greenbriar Acres, no tax.

Bhavani Inc. to Jay Shree Om Deep LLC, Lot 1, Perkins & Hock subdivision, $2,150,000.

MNWK Holdings LLC to Highlight Homes LLC, Lot 108, North Ridge, $138,500.

Estate of Brunelle Flowers to Savannah and Brandon Dillard, Lot 170, Greystone subdivision, $162,000.

JAMM Holdings LLC to Amber and Bobby Harrell, Lot 127, Countryside Manor, $124,000.

Ellen and Jared McKinney to Tammy Sabens, Lot 3, Tim Craycroft minor subdivision, $154,900.

Ashlee Tilford to Clyde Crysel, Lot 313, Deer Park subdivision, $161,500.

Mary and Anthony Powell to Jimmy and Sandra Cooke, land near Fifth Street, $75,000.

Mary Utley to Mary Utley, Lot 29, Bent Tree Manor, no tax.

Sycamore Properties LLC to Deena Brooks, land near Sycamore Drive, $200,000.

Johnny Watts to Robert and Connie Belcher, Lot 172, River Bend Landing, $124,900.

Derick and Jaime Fair to Maegan Hance, Lot 185, Springfield subdivision, $214,900.

Gil and Mary Cowles to Gil and Mary Cowles, Lot 1, minor plat book 24, page 117, no tax.

Greystone Properties Inc. to ARM Properties LLC, Lot 529-1, Greystone subdivision, $38,500.

Kris Hamilton to Focus Ventures LLC, land near Main Street, no tax.

Michael Aaron London to Reuben Stahl, Lot 2, minor plat book 11, page 32, $112,000.

Shaun and Candice Baise to Derick and Jaime Fair, Lot 82, Ivan Downs Planned Unit Development, $312,000.

Shirley Meador to Ellen McKinney, Lot 13, Dogwood Village subdivision, $285,000.

Odette Rogers to Odette Rogers, Lot 5, Lee Square subdivision, no tax.

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