Linda Booth to Mailin Vong and Terry Chou, Lot 50, Covington Grove subdivision, $395,000.

Donna and Glenn Howard to Tamela and James Draper III, land near Macey Highway, $41,500.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Graham Builders LLC, Lot 48, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,500.

David and Susan Stalker to Raymond and Donna Sapp, tract 1, minor plat book 3, page 37, $199,900.

Nannie Tarter to Johnny Tarter, Lots 17-20, College Hill addition, $15,000.

Amanda Sowell to Brian and Amanda Hunley, Lot 136, McCoy Place subdivision, $278,000.

Stokes Homes LLC to Robert and Janet Siddens, Lot 23, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $377,000.

Robert and Stacie Warren to Matthew Chavis, Lot 6, Saddlebrook subdivision, $179,900.

Mark and Lidija Loik to Chase and Taryn Lester, Lot 49, Rivergreen, $710,000.

Wesley Forshee and Brittany Forshee to Brittany Forshee, Lot 22, Cumberland Landing subdivision, no tax.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Graham Builders LLC, Lot 41, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,500.

Arthur and Terri Shannon to Kaitlyn Shannon, Lot 5, Creekwood subdivision, no tax.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Overholt Builders LLC, Lots 222 and 230, McCoy Place, $105,000.

The estate of Steven Ground to Eugene Ground, land near Coles Bend Road, no tax.

GC Land Development to Gemstone Property Development LLC, Lot 112, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Terry and Melissa Grimes to Braxton and Cassondra Ferguson, Lot 71, Jennings Mills subdivision, $95,000.

Wilma Pauline Cunningham Revocable Trust to Reed Hammonds, land near Iron Bridge Road, $175,712.50.

Steve and Vivian Hoofnel to Deneedly Wells and Idonna Ancrum, Lot 78, McFaddens Ferry subdivision, $154,500.

Amir and Emina Alihodzic to Joseph Norris, Lot 356, Greystone subdivision, $196,700.

Jennifer and Casey Travelsted to Judy and John Woodring, Lot 17, Point Breeze, $320,000.

Otis Sledge Jr. to Jennifer Clay, land in deed book 546, page 230, $225,000.

Darrell and Susan Traughber to Shane Vanmeter, Lot 8, plat book 36, page 130, $320,000.

Marc and Kelly Lovell to James and Andrea Curtis, Lot 10, Deerwood subdivision, $250,000.

Bishop Land Sales LLC to Southeastern Displays Inc., Lot 8-1 A, Franklin Berry Jr. subdivision, $50,000.

Philip and Rose Prive to Scott Mayo, Lot 98, Fountain Trace Development, $455,000.

Terrill and Vicki Garmon to Robert and Amanda Kawai, tract 1, plat book 43, page 38, $57,500.

Jerilynn Massey to Lazaro Velazquez, Lot 18, plat book 18, plat book 2, page 171, $80,000.

Joshua and Kristen Wyrick to Kristen Wyrick, land near Travelstead Road, no tax.

Reeun Nicol Perez and Misha Dela Cruz Perez to Mariano Su Soe and Rosemary Su Soe, Lot 183, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $200,000.

Mary Jordan to Jordan Family Protection Trust, tract 7, plat book 18, page 30, no tax.

Gina and Earl Holmes Jr. to Lian Mang and Si Si, Lot 43, Deer Park Estates subdivision, $162,000.

Jarrett and Heather Stephens to Mark and Lidija Loik, Lot 3-88, Olde Stone, $435,000.

Dean and Catherine Warren to Trident Properties of Bowling Green LLC, Lots 1 and 2, Firstar Bank property minor subdivision, $210,000.

Frank Snyder to Frank and Rebecca Snyder, Lots 38, 39, 37 and 40, Woodlands subdivision, no tax.

Steven M. and Tiffany Gaines to Jonathan A. White, Lot 8, Cross Creek subdivision, $375,000.

Glenda Gray to Scuderia Holdings LLC, land near Tom Dishman Lane, $347,750.

Terence and Kathleen Walsh to RAC Closing Services LLC, Lot 74, Fountain Trace subdivision, $899,000.

RAC Closing Services LLC to John and Shannon Watkins, Lot 74, Fountain trace subdivision, $899,000.

Phillip Payton and Barbara Payton to Jack and Crystal Andersen, Lot 497, North Ridge subdivision, $162,000.


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