Patricia E. Gay to Shawn and Rachel Miller, Lot 39, McLellan Farms subdivision, $272,000.

Philip Talamo to Alex Thompson, Lot 17, Collet addition, $172,500.

Sami Quidan and Wesal Muhi to Mohammad Hamoudi, Lot 35, Nealwood addition, $108,000.

Judy Massey; Betty Jo Smith; and Thomas and Patricia Hendrick to Christopher and Jennifer Gravil, Parcel 1 (tract 2-4 and 2-5, revision of lot 2, Hendrick Property subdivision); and Parcel 2 (land near Hunts Bend Road), $450,000.

AJAE Management LLC to Jerry and Peggy Sharer, Lot 177, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $205,000.

Alma Fishburn Revocable Trust to Dewayne and Vickie Fishburn, Tract 1 (land near Mouth of Gasper River); and Tract 2 (land near Barren River Road), no tax.

South Glen Properties LLC to William and Kimberly Harlan, Lot 108, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $54,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Jacob Neiman, Lot 92, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision, $202,900.

Terry and Tena McAllister to Shawn Hudson, Lot 2, William T. and Jenny J. Davenport subdivision, $30,000.

Jonathan and Chelsey Moore to Steven Bell, Lot 131-5, Hidden River Estates, $278,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Stephen and Dena Lindsey, Lot 510, North Ridge subdivision, $169,900.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Aric Polston and Patricia Gay, Lot 132, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $422,000.

Ricky and Kelly Roy to Joyce Powell, Lot 28, Robert Loving subdivision, $175,000.

Shannon and Dustin Barnett to Joshua and Morgan Ingram, Lot 11, Sugar Mill Plantation subdivision, $208,000.

Jerry Cline to Harold Jones, Lot 6, Green Hills subdivision, $100,000.

John and Jana Boswell to James and Randa Brickner, Lot 1, Sleepy Acres subdivision, $300,000.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Kenzie Lamastus and Traci and William Wilson, Lot 11-1, Stone Oak subdivision, $126,000.

Buhr-Rock Development Inc. to John and Mary Fly, Lot 36, Buhr Rock subdivision, $110,000.

W. Lynn Davenport to Wayne Baird, Lot 60, Brentwood Place subdivision, $207,900.

Tammy Watt to Stephanie and Obbed Guerrero, land near Detour Road, $182,000.

Clarence Thomas Construction Inc. to Spencer and Kelsey Wright, Lot 26, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $315,000.

Tin Cup Properties LLC to Burrell Properties LLC, Lot 21, Backwoods subdivision, $120,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to GTS Properties LLC, Lot 199, McKinney Farms subdivision, $37,900.

Kathy Horne to Robert Krabbenhoft Revocable Trust, Lot 28, plat book 42, page 230, $239,503.71.

Michael and Tracey Kieffer; Lisa and Barry Lynch; and Terry Miller to Still Oaks Inc., land near Red Pond Road and Bethel Lane, $135,000.

Christopher and Lauren Armstrong to Braxton and Amie Price, Lot 75, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $410,000.

Joe Hitchel to Joe and Rhonda Hitchel, Lot 19, Hillwood Estates subdivision, no tax.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Anthony Johnson, Lot 52, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $190,745.

Gator Development LLC to TMAG Properties LLC, Lot 52, Upton Farms subdivision, $48,500.

Jeremy and Amanda Allen to Nung Lian Thang and Hau L. Dim, Lot 23, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $164,000.

Cook Property Management LLC to Cory Hunt, Lot 36, Hunters Gate Estates, $214,900.

Rachel Vaughan to Jordan and Michele Clarke, Lot 79, Shawnee Estates, $164,000.

Joshua and Sydnee Dorris to Natalie and Jason Riggs, Lot 51, Remington Place subdivision, $300,000.

Robert and Carolyn Myatt and Aeryka Towe to Joseph and Georgia Mayhew, Lot 195, River Bend Landing subdivision, $132,000.

Colby Osborne to Matthew and Carlee Miller, land near 11th Street, $150,000.

Corner Lot Holdings LLC to Matt Hardy, Lot 12, Tanglewood Estates, $18,500.

Jeffrey and Morgan Rowland to Jonathan and Alannah Robertson, Lot 60, Fairvue Farm subdivision, $400,000.

Michael Miller to The Loft MD Salon and Color Studio LLC, Unit 201, Tower Place Professional Condominiums, $140,000.

DMK Properties LLC to BG Storage LLC, Lots 14-26, Three Springs Warehouse subdivision, $2,200,000.

Pin Oak Estates LLC to Dale and Mary Henson and Todd and Denise Henson, Lot 111, Springwater subdivision, $44,500.

Larry and Jennifer Dotson to Brad Martens Investments LLC, Lot 35, Cherry Hill subdivision, $550,000.

Carlton Hix to Charles and Connie Drew, Lot 1-2, Ruth Cary Estate subdivision, $6,000.

Bennie and Laura Jones to Brent and Jill Austin, Lot 5, Poplar Grove subdivision, $395,275.

Sandra and William Boussard to Sean and Jillian Preston, Lot 7, Coventry subdivision, $935,000.

Mike and Kathy Ballard to Christine and Frank Schwender, Lots 16 and 17, Meadowlawn addition, $122,000.

Robert and Hannah Alvey to Jennifer Blair, Lot 52, McLellan Farms subdivision, $309,000.

Danny and Rachel Daniel to Zach and Jessica Massey, land near Hayner Road, $350,000.

Matthew Moody to Christina Moody, Lots 9-2 and 10, Trammel Creek subdivision, $280,000.

Lacey and Brit Vincent to Matthew and Beth Wink, Lot 79, Deer Meadow subdivision, $320,000.

Summit Partners Inc. to Dino and Elizabeth Veletanlic, Lot 245, Summit subdivision, $59,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Rogers Real Estate Holdings LLC, Lot 57, River’s Landing Edge, $38,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Roger Real Estate Holdings LLC, Lot 56, River’s Landing Edge, $38,000.

Barry and Natalie Crawford to Cheryl Payne, Lot 14, Steeplechase subdivision, $197,500.

Timothy and Mary Cheatham to Dara Hocker, Lot 2, Samuel Rippy minor subdivision, $145,000.

Darren and Kimberly Ericson to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., Lot 23, September Lakes subdivision, $705,000.

WHW V Properties LLC to Scattergood Properties LLC, Lot 10, Fort Valley addition, $89,000.

Jared and Amber Nugent to Casey and Rachel Tinius, Lots 31 and 32, Hillview addition, $512,500.

Casey and Rachel Tinius to Malcolm and Denice Nelson, Lot 2, Rhea Manor, $267,500.

Patricia and Kelly Jaggers Jr. to W3 Properties LLC, Lot 24, Jennie Briggs addition, $46,000.

Kevin and Lindsey to Jazzmyn and Cortlin Dover, tract 3, James Banton property, $189,900.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Jesus Hernandez and Yohanna Banegas, Lot 621, North Ridge subdivision, $169,900.

Kelli and Matthew Embry to Kelli and Matthew Embry, Lot 45, McCubbins subdivision, no tax.

Estate of Georgia Zoellner to Karissa and Joe Newberry II, Lot 16, Thomasdale Estates, $210,000.

Franklin Bank & Trust Co. to TJ Rock Properties Limited Liability Partnership, Unit 104, Destiny Place subdivision, $150,000.

Billy and Donna Renfro to Marty Nichols, Lot 11, Robert T. Lee subdivision, $75,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Corey Matthew Yates Sr., Lot 2-2, Ishel Massey Estate, $219,000.

William and Letitia Clark to Brittany Grace Austin, land near Ky. 626, $219,900.

Cheryl Payne to Venita and James Garnett, Lot 19, Cedar Ridge, ext. 2, $239,000.

Sarah Avis to Ruth Fraser and Shazir Fraser, Lot 31, Brentwood Place, $199,400.

Malcolm and Denice Nelson to Garry and Debbie Bratcher, Lot 39, Hillview Mills, $259,900.

Alannah and Jonathan Robertson to Kristen Peterson, Lot 95, Belle Haven Development, $342,500.

John and Emily Scott to Jesse Reesor and Lauren Tuttle, Lot 33, Coalition Estates, $179,900.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kenneth and Lesile Fredrick, Lot 50, Blevins Farm subdivision, $351,026.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Aceland Holdings LLC, land near Collegeview Drive, $99,900.

Timothy and Tracey Stewart to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, land near Blue Level Road, $350,000.

Magnolia Hills LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lots 27-34 and 45-48, Magnolia Hills, $456,000.

Keith Honaker to Arturo Gomez and Efrain Gonzalez, Lot 4, Guy Sims subdivision, $96,000.

Mehdi Kariman to Meka Properties LLC, Lot 3, Corvette View subdivision, no tax.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to JSMB Investments LLC, Lots 600-602, North Ridge, $136,500.

Sarah Baker and James Gwilliam to Robin Nickolakakos, Lot 77, McCoy Place subdivision, $218,000.

Brad Martens Investments LLC to Larry and Jennifer Dotson, Lot 18, Enclave at Fordes Crossing, $800,000.

Robert and Sherry Stratton to Paul and Alissa Stratton, land near Wayne Watt Road, no tax.

Joyce Sampson to Julie and Seth Brown, tract 1, Joyce Sampson property, no tax.

Greg and Joe Ann Gary to Jacob Hurt and Casey Lloyd, land near Prices Chapel Road, $148,000.

Robert and Vicki Armstrong to Steve and Vanessa Sprague, Lot 10, Deer Meadow subdivision, $304,500.

Aaron and Kirsten Poore to Derrius Hibbitt, Lot 16, McKinney Farms subdivision, $190,000.

Deepak and Pinky Gaba to Daniel and Abby Scott, Lot 179, Crossridge subdivision, $410,000.

Hanifa Varupa to Hanifa Varupa and Veldin and Venesa Kudic, Lot 109, Countryside Manor, no tax.

Thomas and Joyce Scruggs to Robert and Stacy Dunning, land near Smallhouse Road, $135,000.

John and Jennifer Hammack to William and Robin Pyles, Lot 110, McCoy Place, $336,000.

3D Builders Inc. to Michelle Reece, Lot 8, Windsor Trace Farms, $259,900.

Melissa Powell to Bianca Grace Meyers, Lot 348, Springfield subdivision, $205,000.

Julia Heinze to Heather Brinkman, Lot 6, Jones & Vaughn addition, $162,000.

Elizabeth Bonham to Thomas and Gloria Wilson, Lot 3, plat book 29, page 32, $165,000.

Summit Partners Inc. to Kalyana Palleria and Madhuri Penchikala, Lot 198, Summit subdivision, $62,000.

GC Land Development to White Owl Ventures LLC, Lot 113, Weatherstone, $38,000.

GC Land Development to White Owl Ventures LLC, Lot 111, Weatherstone, $38,000.

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