Jeffrey Fields to J Warner Ventures Inc., Lot 5, Collett addition, no tax.

Earl and Joyce Kirby to Bradley and Jessica Arnett, Lot 6-6, Quail Run Farm, $450,000.

Aaron and Sarah Rayburn to Yanira and Vincent Copcutt III, land near Blue Level Road, $470,000.

Dannie and Patsy Adkison to Cole Gibson, Lots 5 and 6, plat book 37, page 382, no tax.

Spring Lakes LLC to Cornerstone Construction LLP, Lots 5-7, Spring Lakes subdivision, $120,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Johnny Leng and Nazaneen Farahani, Lot 133, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $428,400.

Michael and Andrea Davidson to Michael and Kelly Boos, Lot 3, minor plat book 24, page 36, $475,000.

Patricia Johnson to Nick and Stephanie Dorsey, Lot 23, Cedar Ridge Road, ext. 2, $230,000.

Wesley and Emily Gentry to James Bielinski Jr., Lot 6, Rolling Meadows, $175,900.

Claudia Eisenmann to Isaac and Amber Barrick, land near Plum Springs Road, $114,500.

Seven Eleven Steeplechase LLC to Sydney Hitchel, Lot 50, McKinney Farms, $184,500.

Eric Sack to Todd and Christina Oller, Lot 6, Point Breeze subdivision, $15,000.

Darlasue Roach to Karla O’Hara and Jean Malinowski, Lot 327, North Ridge subdivision, $172,500.

Shamrock Homes LLC to Kenia Elizabeth Recinos Guillen and Alec Sears, Lot 77 Weatherstone subdivision, $171,900.

William and Julia King to Tina and Edin Smajlagic, Lot 15, plat book 40, pages 175-176, $365,000.

Billie Frost to James, John and Jesse Properties LLC, Lot 15, McFadden Station, $285,000.

Freda Compton to Southern Comfort Apartments LLC, land near Dye Ford Road, $175,000.

Jeffrey and Melinda Joyce to Benjamin and Julie Mock, Lot 71, Drakesboro subdivision, $379,500.

Janet and Gerald Hogan to Carl and Gail Hinton, Lot 3, plat book 18, page 64, $215,900.

Michael Ann Williams and David Carpenter to Jonathan and Amy Handy, Lot 20, Edgewood subdivision, $250,000.

Hossiri H. Godo-Solo and Leislie R. Godo-Solo to William and Peggy Duncan, Lot 157, McFadden Ferry subdivision, $124,900.

American Bank & Trust Co. Inc. to Ryan and Caitlin Lawson, Lot 23, Parkview addition, $284,900.

Phillip and Gloria Moore to Gina and John Davis Jr., Lot 1, plat book 43, page 421, $60,000.

A.V. Conner to Christan Decker, Lot 5, plat book 37, page 261, $53,000.

Earl Cole to Michael and Amy Boyle, land near Old Dearing Road, $107,000.

Golden Hammer LLC to Paul McHugh, Lot 1, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $240,000.

Frances Naegal to Luvica Thomas, land near Ky. 240, $205,000.

Husejin and Nizama Husic to Husejin and Nizama Husic, Lot 11, Ivan Downs Planned Unit Development, no tax

River’s Landing Edge LLC to DKTC LLC, Lot 65, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $30,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to DKTC LLC, Lot 40, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $30,000.

James Mayes to 3D Builders Inc., Lot 60, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $48,000.

Louise Moore to Suzanne Carmichael, Lot 17, Mount Ayr Square subdivision, $325,000.

Michael Smith to Jennifer Arms, Lot 1, minor subdivision plat book 21, page 120, $168,000.

Teresa Tanner to Billy Miller, Lot 17, Gatewood subdivision, $50,000.

Essig Farms LLC to Charles and Samantha Kelley, Lot 1, Heralds Porter Pike subdivision, $67,000.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Mike Howe Custom Building Inc., Lot 10, Heritage subdivision, $45,000.

Keith Honaker to Shelby Burtoft, Lot 43, Jennings Mill subdivision, $145,000.

Nathan and Janet Theiring to Julia and William King, Lot 24, Meadowwood Estates addition, $247,000.

Spring Lakes LLC to Mackenzie Meadows LLC, Lots 10 and 11, plat book 43, page 339-342, $80,000.

Thomas and Kathleen Chimera and John and Elaine Donnelly to The Mane Salon LLC, land near Broadway, $170,000.

Bobbie Thomas to Southern Comfort Apartments LLC, land near Love Howell Road, $400,000.

Jason Powers to Matthew Boyer, Lot 63, Pleasant Place subdivision, $187,450.

Alene Hewitt to Bradley Harper, Lot 3, plat book 43, page 456, no tax.

Blevins & Blevins LLC to Louisville Road Ventures LLC, Lot 36, Industrial Park, $456,207.04.

K&M Properties LLC to Luke and Kim Williams, Lot 16, Mount Ayr Estates, $900,000.

Elizabeth and John Williams to William and Shirley Carter, Lot 51, Shawnee Estates, $115,000.

South Glen Properties LLC to James Mayes, Lot 142, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $54,000.

T&C Homes LLC to Frederick Hoechner, Lot 63, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property, $280,000.

Tammy and Phillip Goodman to Daniel Allen, Lot 2, George and Barbara Cowles minor subdivision, $10,000.

Tammy and Phillip Goodman to Daniel Allen, Lot 3, minor plat book 15, page 72, $15,000.

Chase and Taryn Lester to James and Jessica Horn, Lot 27, Ridgewood Estates, $370,000.

Matthew and Diane Sauber to Seh Reh and Soe Reh, Lot 197, Springfield subdivision, $217,500.

Daniel and Sherrill Oglesby to Jordan Cole, Lot 25-2, North Mill Village subdivision, $139,900.

Katherine Mead to Robert Baxter, land near Magnolia Avenue, $160,000.

Icon BG LLC to Betsy Howton, Suite 306, The Icon, $200,000.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to Kenneth and Sandra Metzler, Lot 119, Weatherstone subdivision, $185,297.

Emily Barnes and Karen Barnes to Lucas Larger, Lots 23-25, Woodlands subdivision, $158,300.

Teddy and Lisa Webb to A&A Rentals LLC, Lot 37, Springhurst, $174,000.

Kevin Beach to Logan Beach and Russell Brewer, Lot 5, Dovefield Estates subdivision, $96,000.

SAAB Holdings LLC to Elias and Elizabeth Embry, Lot 72, Upton Farms, $280,000.

Joyce Cassady to Charles and Kimberly Witherspoon, Lot 141, Briarwood Manor, $3,200.

Abigayle and Richard Dort to Samuel Hann, land near Southland Drive, $160,000.

Craig and Latisha Pierce to Chadwick and Amy Smith, Lot 299, Greystone subdivision, $172,500.

Richard Simpson to Jon and Jenifer Holloman, Lot 1, Four Oaks Farms, $415,000.

William Spurgeon to Lance and Janette Schoenbaum, tract 2-3, plat book 40, page 226, $70,000.

Jon and Jenifer Holloman to Jeremiah and Kayla Robinson, Lot 459, Greystone subdivision, $216,000.

Jaime Gomez and Iveth Zavala to George and Karen Kalamets, Lot 9, Briar Creek subdivision, $290,000.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to BG Constructors LLC, Lot 37, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,500.

Anthony and Jennifer Swift to Michael Spears, Lot 175, Hunters Crossing, $415,000.

Patrick and Sarah Davis to Crystal and Michael Bratcher II, Lot 63, Meadowview subdivision, $225,000.

Scarlett and Adam Eadens to Mary Reed, Lot 1-1, plat book 40, page 214, $145,000.

Mary Hensley and Martin Killebrew to Mary Hensley and Martin Killebrew, Lot 87, Richland subdivision, no tax.

Mary Hensley and Martin Killebrew to Mary Hensley and Martin Killebrew, Lot 65, Hartland subdivision, no tax.

Ferrell and Sharon Martin to Allen and Anna Martin, Lot 6, Pinewood Estates, $87,500.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Wayne and Donita Boyett, Lot 10, Blevins Farms subdivision, $316,342.

Sondra and Robert Mathews to Paula and Stephen Mattison, Lot 91, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $440,000.

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