Sam and Taylor Logan to Mary Carol Svec and Lawrence Vann, Lot 328, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $220,000.

Brad Martens Investments LLC to Richard and Kathleen Kennedy, Lot 252, Summit subdivision, $425,000.

Fahir and Jasminka Gagulic to Nevzeta and Devlija Ahmetovic, Lot 105, Springhill subdivision, $132,500.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Cody and Natasha Sheffield, Lot 71, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $216,127.

Jackie and Stephanie Hoffman to Samuel and Micah Bennett, Lot 16, Western Heights subdivision, $285,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 184, McKinney Farms subdivision, $38,900.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 183, McKinney Farms subdivision, $38,900.

Stephen and Melanie Hardin to James and Amber Brooks, Lots 5 and 6, minor plat book 17, page 1, $80,000.

Dorothy Anders to Dorothy Anders, land near Blue Level Road, no tax.

Jerry and Janie Giles to Mary Ann Griffin, Lot 26-24, Hartland subdivision, $270,000.

BOAM Holdings LLC to Estate of John Wheeler, land near Russellville Road, $366,750.

Marilyn Cassady to Benjamin Redmon, Lot 8, Quails Run subdivision, $600,000.

Java Properties LLC to Cornerstone Construction LLP, Lots 36, 40-43, Autumn View subdivision, $175,000.

Shawn and Melanie Crabtree to Matthew Hunt, Lot 6, Summer Place subdivision, $229,900.

Sara Moody to Mohamad Issa Maali and Jennifer Caryl Smith Maali, land near Whitlock Road, $130,000.

Nathan and Gina Crabtree to Byah Ta Keh and Bee Meh, Lot 94, Park Hills subdivision, $175,000.

Nancy Scott to Lian Cin Mung and Nem S. Muang, Lot 473, Hidden River Estates, $235,000.

Robert Camp to Matthew Hall, Lots 49-51, Cedar Springs Estates, $170,000.

Terrence and Debbie Finley to Kasey and Stephanie Alford, Lot 11-23-1, Olde Stone subdivision, $367,000.

Richard and Diane Oates to Amanda and Harley Shaff, Lot 1, Oates Shaff subdivision, $50,000.

Corey and Caroline Truman to Allison and Tyler Toon, Lot 120, McCoy Place subdivision, $330,900.

Chelsie and Tyler Johnson to Phillip Norman, Lot 37, Suburbanite Heights subdivision, $155,000.

Roger and Laura Brewer to Caitlin and Randall Burbage II, Lot 2-1, Tom Willis minor subdivision, $252,400.

Ervin Sorrell Sr. and Barbara Dye to Bryan and Shanna Kozak, land near Ky. 1402, $100,000.

Casey Pruden to Terry and Tami Cohron, Lot 10, Village at Jennings Creek subdivision, $145,000.

Neil and Shirley Wood to Mark and Toni Langevin, Lot 52, Talbott Place subdivision, $375,000.

Timothy Sumner and Deborah Stracener to Thomas Henry, Lot 1, minor plat book 25, page 148, $206,000.

Estate of Dorothy Holland to Michael and Evon Hymer, Lots 5 and 6, plat book 44, page 32, $307,090.

Andrew Hurt to Madison and Bradley Eadens, Lot 5, South Fork subdivision, $170,000.

Douglas and Phyllis Goodrum to Jacob Swanson, land near U.S. 231, $165,500.

Matthew Hunt to Maria Elena Cisneros Galicia and Fernando Mandujano, Lot 305, Park Hills subdivision, $179,000.

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Siddens to Lauren and Richard Price II, Lot 393, Briarwood subdivision, $310,000.

Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc. to Jeremy and Mary McGinty, Lot 30, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $282,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Tallie Schaffer and Luke Calvert, Lot 9, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $187,000.

Lorraine Rogers to Erin and Benjamin Russell, Lot 175, McCoy Place subdivision, $344,000.

Lauren and Richard Price II to Andrew Hurt and Abby Rock, Lot 62, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $250,000.

Zoller Family Holdings LLC to Danny and Sue Zoller Revocable Trust, Lot 3, Creekwood Village subdivision, no tax.

Miller & York LLC to Big Dog Investments LLC, land near Stubbins Street, $18,500.

Mike Howe Custom Building Inc. to Sally Neely and Susan Blanchard, Lot 162, Glen Gables residential subdivision, $440,000.

Dixie Williams to Lariza Properties LLC, Lots 3 and 4, Green Meadows subdivision, $118,000.

John and Mary Fly to William Barman, Lot 48, September Lakes subdivision, $569,000.

Thomas and Rhonda Kelly to Angela Unseld, Lot 6, Shields subdivision, $150,000.

Steven and Kimberly Harris to Kathryn L. Lengel Revocable Trust, Lot 84, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $279,900.

Gator Development LLC to ABWG Holdings LLC, Lot 8, Upton Farms subdivision, $48,500.

Marilyn Thomas to Marilyn Thomas Revocable Trust, parcel 1 at 834 Wakefield St. and parcel 2 at 1500 Kenton St., no tax.

GVV Development Co. LLC to Victor Garcia, Lots 184-187, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $160,000.

Bell Vue Properties LLC to Linda Ortiz, Lots 56 and 57, Briggs addition, $89,900.

Thessen Concrete Contracting Inc. to Thomas and Andrea Carrasco, Lot 16, plat book 44, page 47, $68,000.

Garry Vickery and Christi McGown to Mary Gaines Dunham, Unit 3C, Villas at Callaway Gardens subdivision, $249,900.

Kara Compton to David and Kara Compton, Lot 41-45, Bent Tree Estates, no tax.

Jeremy and Kristina Moran to Robert Lents, Lot 8, Singletree Meadows subdivision, $184,500.

David Bell to Adam Lehman, Lot 462, Greystone subdivision, $236,000.

Cook and Davenport LLC to W. Lynn Davenport, Lot 39, Walnut Valley subdivision, $233,500.

Cook and Davenport LLC to Donald and Deborah Cook, Lot 14, plat book 42, pages 485-86, $233,500.

Jerry and Peggy Sharer to William and Bonnie Barbee, Lot 20, Cloverdale subdivision, $176,000.

Fieldstone Commercial LLC to Rajesh and Bina Soni, Lots 4 and 6, Fieldstone Farms commercial subdivision, $825,000.

Robert and Jennifer Hilliard to Kerry Miller, Lot 188, McFaddens Ferry subdivision, $150,500.

BLK Investments LLC to Big Dog Investments LLC, land near 11th Street, $48,000.

Sevco and Senija Music and Sanel and Mirela Music to Thawng Ling and Sui Sui, Lot 1, Moss Meadows subdivision, $178,000.

Ricky and Renea Stevens to Thomas and Alisa Larmon, Lot 10, Stone Crest subdivision, $259,900.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Julie and Steve Bridgens, Lot 126, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $54,900.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Mark Green and Camaila Roberts, Lot 9, Blevins Farm subdivision, $309,421.

Stonehenge Properties LLC to Michael and Eliza Nicola, Lot 69, Crossings at Cave Mill, $245,000.

Estate of George Edward Blair to George E. Blair II, Lot 33, Sunrise addition, $105,000.

Beard and Partners LLC to Kirkman and Julia Hodges, land near Stone Bluff Court, $246,000.

Senahid and Hajrija Husic to Adina Husic, Lot 117, Covington Station subdivision, no tax.

Yvette and Paul Sanderford Jr. to Matthew and Starlla Malloy, Lot 29, Talbott Place subdivision, $415,000.

Ray Raymer and Patricia Desrosiers to Susan and James Jackson Sr., Lot 13, Pebble Ridge subdivision, $294,000.

Mary Moore to Brenda Williams, Lot 23, Gay Lynn Acres subdivision, no tax.

Zuhoija and Rasima Cerimovic to Maranda Duron, Lot 1, Albert Thurston subdivision, $42,000.

Douglas and Leigh Watt to Chad and Wendy Moseley, Lot 86, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $165,000.

The Swango Family Trust to Harold and Betty Swango, Lot 16, Remington Place subdivision, no tax.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Jackie and Stephanie Hoffman, Lot 82, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $279,900.

Brette Wimpee to Joetta Arnett, Lot 9, Glendale subdivision, $128,500.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Alderson Homes LLC, Lot 74, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $38,000.

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