Mackenzie Meadows LLC to James and Susan Peterson, Lot 30, Spring Lakes subdivision, $242,500.

Lou McElroy to John and Donna Loid, land near Audubon Drive, $10.

Michael and Billie Jo Nutter, Lot 1, minor plat book 12, page 52, $272,850.

James and Janet Hasford to James and Janet Hasford Revocable Trust, land near Ky. 240, no tax.

Velma Hood to Matthew and Tina Martter, land near Bethel Lane, $150,000.

BG Rental Property LLC to TNG Developments LLC, Lot 44, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $185,000.

Alvaton Land Partners LLC to South Central Contracting LLC, Lot 6, Breckenridge subdivision, $47,500.

Luke and Kimberly Williams to 1128 South Park LLC, land near South Park Drive, no tax.

Paula Hester to Michael and Sherry Williams, Lot 6-4, Price Family Farm subdivision, $355,000.

Vincent and Joyce Broce to Hideyosi Keogh, Lot 12, Southfork subdivision, $194,000.

Kevin and Heather Alexander to William and Monica Porter, Lot 83, Deer Meadow subdivision, $359,000.

Super Wash Limited Partnership to M&R Auto Sales Inc., Lots 3 and 3-1, minor plat book 25, page 14, $430,000.

Gina McIntosh and Michael Nutter to Tom and Portia Pennington, Lot 3, Parker subdivision, $160,500.

Brenda and John Faulkner Sr. to Angela Talley, Lot 50, South Glen Gables subdivision, $436,900.

Western Kentucky University to Habilitation Information Vocation & Education Inc., Lot 5, R.C.P. Thomas addition, $250,000.

KC Properties of BG LLC to Moe Aung and Kyi Pyar Win, Lot 104, Weatherstone subdivision, $239,000.

Ricky and Cherie Cothern to John and Jessica Erickson, Lot 8, Nob Acres subdivision, $355,000.

Darren Viox to Garret and Michelle Johnson, Lot 2A, Meredith subdivision, $208,000.

Bethany Keltner to Michael and Leah Lampert, Lot 46, Unit 5, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $260,000.

BG Builders LLC to Nay Zaw Oo and Paw Paw, Lot 564, Greystone subdivision, $237,000.

Donald & Deborah Cook Rentals of Bowling Green LLC to Sims Revocable Living Trust, Lot 26, Highland Pointe subdivision, $150,000.

Burch Investments LLC to T&C Homes LLC, Lot 8, Breckenridge subdivision, $47,275.

Elvis and Patricia Green to Laquinta Broyles, Lot 199, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $259,900.

Jopes Properties LLC to Hardcastle Rental Properties LLC, land near Park Street, $285,000.

Titan Properties LLC to Ronakriya Properties LLC, Lot 2-15, Otte Commercial subdivision, $880,000.

Emily Leeper to Hunter G. Hanks, Lot 6, Shaker Mill Bend subdivision, $242,450.

John and Cathy Otis to Emily Leeper, Lot 27, Cumberland Landing subdivision, $355,250.

Hunky Dory LLC to John and Judy Tarter, Lot 16, Fairview Heights subdivision, $110,000.

Ronald and Susan Studle to WKU Real Estate Corp. Inc., Lot 3, Mrs. Pauline Russell subdivision, $286,000.

Martin and Wanda Folio to Dorothy Austin, Lot 97, Crossings at Cave Mill subdivision, $255,100.

Teryl and Rodger Carter Jr. to Frankie and Peggy Sewell, Lot 1, Sewells Cosby Road subdivision, $225,000.

Barry Jones Construction Inc. to Kendra Hurt, Lot 3, Friendship subdivision, $238,000.

Daniel Geis to Joseph and Jenn Cutrona, Lot 365, Hunting Creek subdivision, $632,900.

Edward and Kathy Petrusch to Michelle and Kerry Hendrick, Lot 19, Drakes Creek Acres subdivision, $334,999.

Keystone Development Group LLC to Franklin Bank & Trust 1031 Trustee for W Earp Holdings LLC, Lots 26-29, Keystone Commons subdivision, $479,600.

Betsy and Jeffrey Harned to James and Jill Brown, three parcels on Highland Drive, $214,000.

Charles and Carolyn Hardcastle to Mike Jordan, land near Porter Pike, $102,720.

Bruce and Carla Quick to Hunky Dory III LLC, Lot 32, Eastland Park subdivision, $219,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Joseph and Joan Douglas, Lot 4-15, Olde Stone subdivision, $70,000.

Jamin and Elisha Mackie to Jeffrey and Shannon Duggan, land near Boiling Springs Road, $525,000.

Marlene and Bobby McPherson II to Emily Logsdon, Lot 46, South Oaks subdivision, $275,900.

Big Time Properties LLC to Seval and Edina Povlakic, Lot 65, plat book 42, page 360, $313,500.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Debra Broz, Lot 3-55, Olde Stone subdivision, $110,000.

Joe Carter to Jose Gonzales, land near Woodford Street, $125,000.

The estate of David Basham to Nicohl Siegert, land near Sand Hill and Anna Road, no tax.

Philip and Diana Summers to Christopher Summers, land near Matlock Road, $325,000.

Mike and Glenda Howell to 623 Group LLC, land near William Simmons Road, $335,000.

Matthew and Leah Krisher to Mark Ford, Lot 94, North Ridge subdivision, $160,000.

Jaime Hinojoza and Iveth Zavala to Michael Kalamets, Lot 8, Briar Creek subdivision, $345,000.

Kerry and Michelle Hendrick to Judy Stevens, Lot 12, Rockfield Estates subdivision, $234,900.

Darrell Hazel to James and Linda Talley, Lot 112, Deer Park subdivision, $181,000.

Builders Association of South Central Kentucky Inc. Christie and John Kennedy Jr., Lot 68, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $462,500.

Park Street Investments Inc. to WYPS LLC, Lot 49, Thoroughbred Acres subdivision, $127,500.

Mervin and Leora Overholt to Overholt Builders LLC, Lot 16, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $49,500.

Sandra Hall and James Hall to Shari and Kenneth Gray, Lot 31, Hillview Mill subdivision, $320,000.

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