Ronald Yim and Lynne Gomez-Yim to Rondell Green, Lot 1, M.S. Cherry subdivision, $127,900.

David and Teresa Oliver to Brian Pack, Lot 1, E.B. and Ruth Oliver minor subdivision, no tax.

Elizabeth and Matthew Rondeau to Jennifer and Jeffrey Rogers, Lots 1 and 2, Brush Creek Valley, $147,500.

Leslie Tutt and Thomas Kerrick to Sameer Badarudeen, Lot 10, Covington Grove subdivision, $577,800.

Mason and Catherine McDonald to Gabriel Fillman, Lot 132, Coalition Estates, $174,900.

On-Site Transport Refrigeration LLC to Link Property Group LLC-Series 2, Lot 26, North Industrial Park, $422,500.

April and Bradley Wayland Jr. to Gregory and Cynthia Walker, land near State Street, $370,000.

Stewart’s Chevron Inc. to Puja Mohan Inc., land near Nutwood Avenue, $450,000.

Luther Eidson to LaManda Foster and Aaron Murphy, Lot 1, Flossie Elkins minor subdivision. $55,000.

Heather and Foy Skillern Jr. and Lori Skillern to Heather and Foy Skillern Jr., land near Mouth of Gasper Road, no tax.

Tony Henon Construction Inc. to Terry and Judy Thornton, Lot 127, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $380,000.

Lee Mueller to Lee Mueller and Okie Mueller, Lot 121, Cedar Grove subdivision, no tax.

Molsheim Holdings LLC to San Cesario Holdings LLC, Lot 1-1, A. Franklin Berry Jr. subdivision, $683,375.40.

Southern Comfort Apartments to Douglas Sullivan and Timothy Page, Lots 333, 333-1 and 334, Southmeade Estates, $479,700.

Carolyn Frye and Earl Scott to Michael Holcomb, Lot 17, Robert Loving lots, $80,000.

Bank of Edmonson County to Burrell Properties LLC, Lot 100, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $100,000.

Tabitha and John Payton to Donna Causey, Lot 50, Lake Ayre Estates, $210,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Bowling Green/Warren County to Blanquismery Rodriguez, Lot 11-3, Durbin Village, $115,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Bowling Green/Warren County to David Khap Thang and Thang Lam Niang, Lot 11-10, Durbin Village, $120,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Bowling Green/Warren County to Hau Khan Lian and Kam Nuam Niang, Lot 11-9, Durbin Village, $120,000.

Twindom LLC to John and Donna Loid, Lots 1 and 2, minor plat book 25, page 143, $24,000.

John and Jonell Price to The Decedent’s Estate of Billy Price, Lots 3-1, 3-2 and 3-3, Price Family Farm, no tax.

Ruth Britt to Ruth Britt, land near Church Street, no tax.

Jackson White to the 3A Group LLC, land near Barren River Road, $2,600,000.

Timothy and Chelsea Kickert to Adam and Sarah Nuse, Lot 4, William H. Briggs addition, $67,500.

Kathryn Rogers to William Cox, land near Ky. 234, no tax.

Rilee Mathews to John Curd and John Groves, Lot 8, Glendale subdivision, $88,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Robyn and Jacob Walton, Lot 2-1, Ishel Massey Estate subdivision, no tax.

Bluegrass Realtor Group LLC to Mark Douglas Construction Inc. LLC, Lots 4 and 57, Cobblestone subdivision, $110,000.

Verna and Wanda Lamastus to Tycoon Investment Group Inc., Lots 64 and 6-3, Tanglewood Estates, $82,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Bowling Green/Warren County to Gin Suan Mang and Cing Lam Vung, Lot 11-12, Durbin Village subdivision, $120,000.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Thomas Hefty, Lot 21, Lowe subdivision, $156,000.

Alexander and Sandra Maxwell to Bluegrass Farm Venture LLC, land near Old Scottsville Road, $392,200.

Daphne Whitney to Dakota Covell and Nicole Jean Rowley-Covell, Lot 41, Copperfield Estates subdivision, $233,600.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Timothy Parson, Lot 22, Woodstone Springs subdivision, $139,900.

Southern Living Construction LLC to Cody Fox, Lot 13, plat book 42, pages 360-364, $264,000.

John Parker and Karen Wilson to James and Jill Brown, land near State Street, $305,500.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to JDA Construction LLC, Lot 34, Heritage subdivision, $45,000.

High Point Homes LLC to Nathaniel and Krystal Greathouse, Lot 4, Brawner Bluffs subdivision, $40,000.

Dustin and Kristen Vincent to Justin and Whitley Davis, Lot 43, Farmgate subdivision, $235,000.

Patricia and William Lowe Jr. to Jacob Howard, Lot 5, Jaggers subdivision and Lot 163, Whispering Hills subdivision, $180,000.

J&R Contracting LLC to Mark Swagler and Yajie Chai, Lot 122, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $372,500.

Biggs Real Estate LLC to Biggs Properties LLC, Lot 9, Kitchens & Reeves Realty Co., $50,000.

TCB LLC to Trinh Rental LLC, land near Wilson Street, $105,000.

Francis Mayes and Rose Mayes to Price Property Management LLC and Chestnut Group Properties LLC, Lots 5 and 6, Monta Vista addition, $95,000.

John and Suellen Whittle to Richard and Frances Herrington, land near Oakland Smiths Grove Road, no tax.

Richard and Frances Herrington to Richard M. Herrington, land in plat book 5, page 99, no tax.

Richard and Frances Herrington to John and Suellen Whittle, land near Oakland-Smiths Grove Road, no tax.

Hammer Homes LLC to Amy and Vincent Sprenger, Lot 44, Windsor Trace Farms, $272,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Keri and Robert Hodge Jr., Lot 526, North Ridge, $169,900.


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