Brandon and Cassie Clark to Jonathan and Erin Packer and Nicholas Packer, Lot 36, Cobblestone subdivision, $402,000.

Betty Satterfield to Betty Satterfield and Whitney and George Ransdell, Lot 18, Steeplechase subdivision, $10,000.

Donna Sapp to Barrett and Arrika Peterson, Lots 2 and 3, Campbell Road, $118,000.

Gary and Marcia Ball to Viola Ausban, Lot 219, Hidden River Estates, $225,000.

Caroline Kiser and Gregory Blass to Neal and Micah Logan, Lot 11, Red Cedar subdivision, $460,000.

Get Fit Properties LLC to Robert Brogli, Lot 70, Parkland Gardens subdivision, $125,000.

Frances Hall to Justin McDonald and Shana Atkinson, Lots 1 and 5, minor plat book 18, page 42, $12,000.

Shelley Shoulders to Kyle Hunt, Lot 181, Countryside Manor subdivision, $122,500.

Thomas Dooley to Joan Anderson, Lot 75, Sherwood Manor subdivision, $250,750.

William and Natalie Stinson to Kahler Studio LLC, land near Dishman Lane, $222,000.

Jerry and Carolyn Basham to David and Sherri Moore, Lot 1-1, Stone Creek subdivision, no tax.

Barry Graden to Barry Graden, land near W.G. Talley Road, no tax.

Thoroughbred Contracting Group Limited Company and Eric Wallace to Glass Innovations LLC, Lot 109, Spring Lakes subdivision, $43,000.

Theodore Mapp Jr. to Po Reh and Me Meh, Lot 373, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $185,000.

Sunnyside Holdings LLC to Josh Winters and Cayla Sheffer, Lot 1, Christopher Michael Brown subdivision, $154,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to William Baker, Lot 5, plat book 42, page 360-364, $279,900.

Keith Springs to Gabrielle Springs, Lot 5-127, Olde Stone subdivision, no tax.

Charles and Carolyn Hardcastle to J.E. Holland Properties LLC, Lot 1, Neal Turner subdivision, $125,000.

Robert and Judy Coots to William and Barbara Foster, Lot 87, Normal View addition, $42,000.

Mazel Stumbo to Earl and Judy Beloin, Lot 31, Drakesborough Inc., $267,900.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to Joseph Johnson and Maci Hensley, Lot 112, Weatherstone subdivision, $183,800.

Bruce and Janet Dickison to Sanjin and Hasnija Grabus, Lot 45, Cambridge Grove, $295,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Derek and Sasha Hayes, Lot 9, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $307,300.

Tryco Properties LLC to Douglas Henning, Lot 21, Autumn Grove subdivision, $405,000.

Kyle and Kristiana Ketterman to Erin Hopkins, Lot 8, Hilltop Acres, $260,000.

Hudson Capital Properties LLC to Wesley and Vitoria Jones, Lot 92, Crossridge subdivision, $326,000.

Bobby and Sandra Woods to Sharon Woods, Lot 1, Omer May Wood property, $2,500.

JoAnn Woods to Sharon Woods, Lot 2, Omer May Wood property, $2,500.

JoAnn Woods to Bobby and Sandra Woods, Lot 3, Omer May Wood property, $2,500.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Western Homes LLC, Lot 207, McCoy Place subdivision, $54,500.

Kelvin and Lorie Deberry to Vincson Moody, land near Audubon Drive, $88,500.

John and Whitney Scott to Judy and John Poling II, Lots 41-54, Bent Tree Estates, $640,000.

Dorothy Craighead to Curtis and Karyn Rafferty, land near Shaker Mill Road, $170,000.

Buhr-Rock Development Inc. to BR Development LLC, Lot 33, Buhr-Rock subdivision, no tax.

Buhr-Rock Development Inc. to BR Development LLC, Lot 5, Buhr-Rock subdivision, no tax.

Ezra and Tanya Tarrence to Melanie Jensma, Lot 62, Sugar Mill Plantation subdivision, $222,000.

Paul and Jean Lehmann to Charles and Angela Massey, Lot 101, Twin Elms subdivision, $360,000.

Southern Saw Homes LLC to April Williams, Lot 26, Weatherstone subdivision, $177,900.

Theresa Johnson and Marcello Simmons to John Weatherbee, land on Nutwood Avenue, $150,000.

Charles and Diana Richardson to James and Tina Smith, Lot 18, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $340,000.

Hardcastle Properties LLC to Frank Martin, Lot 36, Oak View subdivision, $95,000.

Patricia Grimes to David and Donna Mack, land near Graham Street, $90,000.

Susan Smith and Robert Snodgrass to Key Lime Properties LLC, Unit 101, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $200,000.

Graham Builders LLC to Steven Elkins, Lot 3, Jack Lawrence property subdivision, $39,000.

Estate of Mary Hood to Billy Hood Sr., land near Neelys Road, no tax.

Floy Huff to J.L. Young, land near Sandhill Road, $80,000.

Michael and Crystal Bratcher to Jaucoby El Vonte Poore, Lot 237, North Ridge subdivision, $155,500.

Shelly Vandiver to Mlelewa Tawimbi and Paul Rashid, Lot 375, Greystone subdivision, $208,900.

Western Homes LLC to Elmira Muradova and Binali Muradov, Lot 173, McCoy Place, $339,900.

Tullio and Julie Emanuele to Aaron Rayburn, Lot 17, Drakesboro, $451,900.

Mary Waldemar to Blevins & Blevins LLC, Lot 1, Michael and Lawrence Coleman subdivision, $33,450.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Thomas Day, Lot 36, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Thomas Day, Lot 39, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Scott and Erica Dowdy to Steven and Ann Mosley, Lot 51, Wesley Estates, $215,000.

Kevin Nelson to Esther French, land near Graham Street, $135,000.

GMV Properties to William and Emily Vance, Lot 542, Greystone subdivision, $209,900.

Red Rock Construction LLC to Estol and Cheryl Smith, Lot 30, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $352,000.

James and Sylvia Gaiko to Jessica and Mark Heyungs, Lot 25, Spindletop subdivision, $415,000.

Mandy Zeh to Tyler and Addie Scudder, land near Shaker Mill Road, $164,000.

Auction Concepts USA Inc. to Sherri Jessie, Lot 5-82, Olde Stone, $463,000.

Daniel and Laura Oliver to Janet and Thomas Heckinger Jr., land on Hillcrest Road, $234,900.

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