Cuai Luai and Dawt Thai to Cin Muan Lal and Niang San Kim, Lot 104, Crossings at Cave Mill, $250,000.

Scott and Summer Wilson to Stephen and Carrie Towe, Lot 3-62, Olde Stone subdivision, $820,000.

Larry Martin; Laura and Brian Dinning; Melissa and Mac Davenport; and Van Meagher to Jose Guadalupe Gudino Martinez, Lot 56, Shawnee Estates subdivision, $285,000.

Kenneth and Marquetta Massey to Revis Smith, Lot 2, Kevin and Melanie Luttrell subdivision, $280,000,

Savannah Hendrick to BR Enterprises LLC, Lot 177, North Ridge subdivision, $180,000.

Bradley and Michelle Bosma to Julie and Joe Pearson, Lot 98, Belle Haven subdivision, $405,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Denise Rush, Lot 40, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $267,500.

James and Joanne Magers to Cory Ellis, Lot 4, minor plat book 17, page 170, $48,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Joseph and Karen Prindeze, Lot 135, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $350,000.

Carter Crossings LLC to Rogers Real Estate Holdings LLC, Lot 53, Carter Crossings subdivision, $50,900.

Carter Crossings LLC to Rogers Real Estate Holdings LLC, Lot 54, Carter Crossings subdivision, $50,900.

Terry Lawrence to James and Amy Fox, Lot 6, plat book 44, page 314, $85,600.

Michael Miller to Ran Holdings LLC, Unit 202, Lot 1-1-3, Walker & Associates property, $132,000.

Linda Wallace to Exile Properties LLC, land near 17th Street, $125,000.

Gary and Lisa Jones to William and Beth Snyder, Lot 12, Elk Creek Farms subdivision, $435,000.

Estate of Terry Wayne Woods to Franklin and Lauren Tabor, two tracts on Barren River Road, $50,000.

Portales Building & Remodeling LLC to Noemi Gonzalez Estrada and Freddy Solis Gomez, Lot 15, plat book 2, page 181, $137,000.

Christopher and Sonja Bessinger to Stacy Brown, land near Richardsville Anna Road, $138,000.

P&L Properties LLC to PRPG-1377 High Street LLC, land near High Street, $205,000.

Jean Harvey to Timothy Simpson, Lot 15, Shields subdivision, $94,000.

James D. Gregory to Whiskey Decisions LLC, land near Brookwood Drive, $50,000.

Jo Ann Spinks Coleman and Lee Coleman to Andrew Coleman, land near Jackson Grove Church Road, $200,000.

Margaret Daniel and Autumn and David West, land near Ogden Park subdivision, $160,000.

David Smith to Joy Harris and Wesley Driver, Lot 7, Rolling Meadows subdivision, $232,000.

AMB Properties LLC to David and Gloria Manfredonia, Lot 141, Park Hills subdivision, $182,000.

Donna Johnson to Sharon Johnson, land near Melshed Ferry Road, no tax.

Douglas and Susan Hays to Atmos Energy Corp., Lot 3, Deer Trail subdivision, $35,000.

Philip and Wendy Silva to Abwe and Grace Hamisi, Lot 228, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $256,000.

Kelly and Amy Nuckols to Donald and Maura Gerard, Lot 102, Talbott Place subdivision, $775,000.

David and Amanda Smay to J&T Property Management Inc., Lot 28, Cedar Grove subdivision, $155,000.

J. Trapper Construction LLC to Marsha Shaddix, Lot 534, Greystone subdivision, $264,900.

Kenneth and Beverly Childress to Gil and Mary Cowles, land near Rockfield and Richpond Highway, $22,500.

Juergen and Andrea Zirnstein to Steven Ross, land in minor subdivision plat book 23, page 191, $465,000.

Keystone Development Group LLC to Build 2 Suit LLC, Lot 19, Keystone Commons subdivision, $119,900.

Big Red Rentals LLC to Caribou Ventures LLC, land near 14th Street, $165,000.

Miller & York LLC to Live the Dream Development Inc., Tract 1 (land near Holly Street); and Tract 2 (land near Catherine Street), $80,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Western Homes LLC, Lot 256, McCoy Place subdivision, $52,000.

Brian and Rebecca Melloan to Jessica Fields and Seth Halcomb, tract 1, plat book 1, page 337, $480,000.

Moore Real Estate Ventures LLC to Suan Khan Mang and Lang Za Vung, Lot 51, Lost River Cove subdivision, $213,500.

Horizon Construction LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lots 40-44 and 46-47, Spring Lakes subdivision, $308,000.

GVTP Developments LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot. 71, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $45,500.

Amy Wininger to Eric and Ashley Bauer, Lots 13-1 and 14, plat book 20, page 190, $162,500.

Willodean Madison to Linda King, Condo Unit 4C, Villas at Callaway Gardens subdivision, $252,500.

TryCo Properties LLC to Bowling Green Concrete LLC, Lots 10, 30, 69, 190 and 196, River Bend Landing, $600,000.

Chestnut Properties LLC to Brian and Virginia Meadows, tracts 2 and 6, plat book 44, page 88, $125,000.

Larry and Sabrina Butler to Joni and Jack Butler Jr., land near Parkside Drive, $20,000.

CAS Holdings LLC to CCRJ Investments LLC, Lot 127, Normal View addition, $180,000.

William Sanders and Courtland Sanders to Chad and Elaine Montgomery, Lot 1, Ivan Herrara subdivision, $315,000.

Tony May and Thomas J. Hall Jr. to Shane and Stephanie Weckerly, land near Ford Springs Road, $375,000.

Mary Cassady to Ashley Circle Real Estate LLC, Lot 3-2, Ford & Ford Properties, $1,091,400.

Gary and Laura Refka to Taylor Jennings, Lot 101, Riverbend Landing subdivision, $150,000.

Mark Smith to CSN Enterprises LLC, Lot 1-1, plat of revision of lot 1 of the Elsie B. Douglas subdivision of record in plat book 44, page 325, no tax.

The estate of Fredia J. Stratton to James Shelley, Lot 9, Cloverdale subdivision, $210,500.

Timothy and Janet White to Christopher Parker, Lot 4, Ed and Nancy Faye subdivision, $460,000.

Thang Tuang and Man Sian Cing to Tin Kham and Bawi Biak Sung, Lot 147, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $220,000.

Wendy Wilkerson to Bu Reh and Kyeh Meh, Lot 102, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $230,000.

Kimberly and William Buckman Jr. to Kyle Mann, Lot 39, M.C. Hinton subdivision, $176,000.

Steven and Nichole Turner to Jason Mills, land in deed book 813, page 559, $127,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Mark Leo Davis, Lot 52, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $190,400.

HQ Properties LLC to Big Dog Investments LLC, Lot 8, Jones & Vaughn subdivision, $124,000.

Scott and Anndee Crutcher to Alexander and Carli Gabbard and Terry and Linda Cornell, land near Elm Street, $525,000.

James and Lindsey Helms to Matthew and Maura Day, Lot 463, Greystone subdivision, $294,000.

Barry Young to Bryan and Alison Sergent, Lot 11, Briar Ridge Estate subdivision (Barrington Manor), $140,000.

Overholt Builders LLC to Christopher and Amy Aske, Lot 10, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $272,900.

Burrell Properties LLC to AceLand Holdings LLC, 1112 E. 13th Ave. and 857 E. 11th Ave., $135,000.

Shawn and Geraldine Taubert to Brian and Laura Hymer, Lot 1, Southern Bluegrass Land Corp. property, $35,000.

201 Tobacco Road LLC to SMP Properties LLC, land near Tobacco Road, $3,300,000.

Covington Farms Development LLC to Covington Farms Builders LLC, Lot 22-21, Covington Farms subdivision, $47,500.

Benjamin Anderson to Steve and Alesia Chaffin, land near Ky. 185, no tax.

Thomas and Amber Avery to Thomas and Amber Avery, land near Hunt’s Lane Extended, no tax.

Vision Development LLC to Marvin and Nancy Hinten, Lot 54, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $62,500.

Zam Khat Mung and Cing Hua to Sonam Tamang and Ganga Gurung, Lot 124, Covington Station, $221,000.

Auction Concepts U.S.A. Inc. to Elijah Sindelar and Alyssa Sindelar, tract 3, J&T property subdivision, $299,900.

Custom Design Build LLC to Chanthom Builders LLC, Lot 7, Golden Ayr Estate subdivision, $37,500.

The estate of Freida J. Stratton to James Shelley, Lot 9, Cloverdale subdivision, $210,500.

Kevin Cruz to Lauren and Stephen Shuler, Lot 19, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $275,000.

John and Betsy Kullman to Bryan and Amanda Brewster, Lot 223, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $275,000.

Donna and Joseph Browning to William and Jane Wilson, Lot 30, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $315,000.

Frank and Bonnie Nicks to Jonathan Long, Lot 3, Melody Acres subdivision, $175,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to LKY Investments LLC, Lots 3-104 and 3-43, Olde Stone subdivision, $200,000.

John Melson to Megan Miller and Jason Douglas, Lots 29 and 30, Edgewood addition, $272,500.

Neftali Cabrera and Ana Karina Gomez to Neftali Cabrera and Ana Karina Gomez, Lot 1, Mary T. and Eulas B. Hatcher minor subdivision, no tax.

Sean and Haley Danehy to Gary and Lisa Jones, land near Ewing Ford Road, $415,000.

Clark Station Homes LLC to Boutique Bungalows LLC, Lot 56, Richland subdivision, $272,000.

Wanda Warren to Zam Mung and Cing Za Huai, Lot 26, Buhr Rock subdivision, $374,900.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Lots 7, 8, 9, 100, 101 and 102, South Oaks subdivision, $255,000.

Kenneth Hightower to Asher Sullivan, Lot 86, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $323,500.

The Club at Olde Stone LLC to Mike and Tonya White, Lot 1-20, Olde Stone subdivision, no tax.

Harlan Construction Inc. to Amanda Lashlee Cashion, Lot 19, Matlock Farms subdivision, $639,400.

Christopher and Daughtry Whitehurst to Kienan Crutcher and M’randa L. Kavanaugh, Lot 3, Pennyroyal Farms subdivision, $307,000.

Tapp’s Rental Properties Ltd. to Marvin Rocael Roblero Berduo and Dari Rosmari Quejnay, Lot 17, Jennie Briggs addition, $120,000.

Donald and Laurie McCombs to Jeffrey and Lee Richmond, Lot 59, Drakesborough Inc., $495,000.

Pauline and Brent Norris to Christopher G. Bowen Revocable Trust, land near Hwy. 101 and U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $50,000.

Robert and Vicki Mundy to Bradley Hugus, Lot 46, Meadowview subdivision, $285,000.

Ivo and Ruza Tunjic to Borislav Vignjevic and Branka Tunjic, land near 10th Street, $340,000.

Linda Booth to Linda Booth, Parcel 1 (land near Porter Pike); and Parcel 2 (Lot 176, McCoy Place and revision of Lot 105, phase 3, subdivision plat of record in plat book 42, pages 83-85), no tax.

Daniel Fannin to Melissa Sergent, trustee of the Daniel Ray Fannin Irrevocable Trust, Lot 5, Jakes Acres subdivision, no tax.

Carol Quinn to Thomas Quinn, Lot 58, Remington Place subdivision, no tax.

BCTA Properties LLC to Ofelia and Jose Gama Jr., Lot 26, Crabtree Estates subdivision, $48,000.

Custom Design Build LLC to Chanthom Builders LLC, Lot 11, Golden Ayr Estates, $37,500.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Eric Greenwood, Lot 578, North Ridge subdivision, $214,400.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Gas Line Guy LLC, Lot 106, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,000.

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