Donald and Connie Bratcher to DCTJ Properties LLC, Unit 32, Capitol Commons Condominiums, no tax.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to SJV Properties LLC, Lots 651 and 671, North Ridge subdivision, $98,750.

John and Christine Huntington to Joseph and Maci Davidson, Lot 99, Drakesboro subdivision, $459,000.

John and Scarlett Prine to Tun Thian Khup, Lot 49, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $305,000.

Jason Cherry to Jason Cherry, Lot 135, Riverbend Landing subdivision, no tax.

Janakiram and Sailaja Konduri to Trieu D. Vo and Vy T. Nguyen, Lot 124, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $327,000.

JJP Investments LLC to Burrell Properties LLC, land near College Street, $315,000.

Taibos Landing LLC to BaoNam Properties LLC, Lot 90, Normal View addition, $610,000.

Keith Honaker to Cing Nem Ciang, Lot 46, Springhill subdivision, $175,000.

Suvad and Habiba Hrustanovic to S&M Management LLC, Lot 1, Stone Crest subdivision, $100,000.

Chad and Jennifer Tatum to Soleiman and Barbara Kiasatpour, Lot 188, Summit subdivision, $50,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Victor Rivas, Lot 192, McKinney Farms subdivision, $219,400.

Landon and Holly Bryant to Jason Avery and Galen and Gale Avery, Lot 9, Twin Elms subdivision, $225,100.

Donald and Maura Gerard to Pods LLC, Lot 21, Brookland addition, $95,000.

SAM Capital LLC to Tiffany and David Quiles, Lot 55, Countryside Manor subdivision, $135,000.

Matthew and Helen Moseley and John and Carrieann Moseley to Jared and Ashley McGinnis; Leslie and Ruby McGinnis; and Jason McGinnis, Lot 2, plat book 44, page 269, $78,276.

Nelson and Shirley Aberese to Antonio Molina Paredes and Maria Eneida Trujillo Rojas and Asuncion Cancino Sanchez, Lots 1 and 2, Joe and Beverly Moore minor subdivision, $212,500.

Floyd and Sheila Washer to Saul Armengolt, land near Woodford Street, $64,000.

Misty and Roger Burch Jr. to BSPC Holdings LLC, Lot 2, The Meadows at Smiths Grove, $235,000.

Victoria and Salvatore Grado II to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., land near Claypool Boyce Road, $316,700.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Shannon and Lawson Lambert, land near Claypool Boyce Road, $316,700.

Joshua and Rebecca Duff to Hansbrough Development LLC, Lot 3, Cornerstone Point subdivision, $40,000.

Chris and Myneka Russell and Barry and Shirley Locke to Nedin and Amela Davarovic, Lot 3-1, plat book 44, page 165, $57,500.

Lesa Booker to Chad and Miranda Elkins, land in deed book 763, page 75, $10,000.

N Fuller LLC to Carnac Real Estate LLC, Lot 1-3, plat book 43, page 192, $1,096,000.

Ronald and Marci Morehead to BROSIS LLC, Lot 131-1, Hidden River Estates, $260,000.

Benjamen Sissom to Zack Puckett, Lot 94, Stonehenge subdivision, $252,500.

James and Linda Talley to David and Tonja Breaux, Lot 34, Steeplechase subdivision, $220,000.

Paul and Ginny Mooney to Lynda Upton, Unit 105B, Lot 105, Stonehenge subdivision, $93,500.

Connie Hill to Donnie Perruquet, land near Brawner Road, $25,000.

Elnora Wade to Delanie Martin, Lot 10, Northgate Country Estates, no tax.

Robert and Jenny Page to Muriz and Amila Mahmutovic, land near U.S. 68, $150,000.

James and Autumn Cannon to Mikayla Kieffer, Lot 33, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $220,000.

Christine and David Ball to Kristen and Clyde Basham, land near Park Street, $175,000.

Brennan and Tara Elsas to Jerrod Choate and Stephanie Burton, land near Nutwood Avenue, $319,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Karnal and Abhilasha Singh, Lot 3-19, Olde Stone subdivision, $225,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Rashaud and Toynika Blake, Lot 68, Stagner Farms Phase 1, $300,115.

Linzie DeJarnette to Kimberly and Maxie Lohden Sr., land near Blue Level Road and Lot 2, Estill Branham property, $187,000.

Jason and Ericah Claycomb to Dan and Cathy Ware, Lot 11-14, Olde Stone subdivision, $390,000.

Alfie and Annette Garcia to Seaene Adlih Garcia, Lot 4, Cherry Tree subdivision, no tax.

Old Town Square LLC to Novo Capital LLC, Unit 102A, Old Town Square Condominium subdivision, $200,000.

James and Deloris Glass to Commonwealth of Kentucky, land near Reedyville Road and Scoggins Road, $42,000.

James and Rhonda Follin to Hunt Farms, land near Ky. 242, $800,000.

Paul and Shannon Maglinger and Lisa and Daniel Garcia to Steven and Vicky Maglinger, land near Magnolia Avenue, no tax.

Kevin and Katharina Cisco to Stephen and Jasmine Nelson, Lot 78, Hartland subdivision, $540,000.

Vision Builders LLC to Vincent and Maryke Becker, Lot 112, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $289,900.

Matthew and Helen Moseley and John and Carrieann Moseley to Valerie and Tracey Zion, land in plat book 44, page 269, $78,500.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Mike Howe Custom Building Inc., Lots 22, 23 and 93, South Oaks subdivision, $127,500.

Lisa Nash to Big Dog Investments LLC, Lot 85, Parkland Gardens subdivision, $47,000.

SVJG Development LLC to Rogers Real Estate Holdings LLC, Lots 18-20, Hillview Mills subdivision, $575,000.

Kayla Smith to Stanley Lane, Lots 1 and 2, minor plat book 17, page 79, $260,000.

Hartland Office Park LLC to Sinj Holdings LLC, Suites B-101 and B-201, Lot 2-2, Hartland Professional Plaza, $1,547,055.

Kelly and James Donnelly III to Robert and Janet Eblen, Lot 140, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $434,900.

Joe and Navada Campbell to Bobby and Emma Farley, Lot 1, Mount Ayr Square subdivision, $475,000.

Valerie and Tracey Zion to Valerie and Tracey Zion, land near Ky. 185, no tax.

Lillie Walton to Leighia Simouth, land near Campbell Road, $54,000.

SVJG Development LLC to Rogers Real Estate Holdings LLC, Lots 18-20, Hillview Mills subdivision, $575,000.

Kayla Smith to Stanley Lane, Lots 1 and 2, minor subdivision plat book 17, page 79, $260,000.

Hartland Office Park LLC to SINK Holdings LLC, Suites B-101 and B-201, Lot 2-2, Hartland $1,547,055.

Kelly and James Donnelly III to Robert and Janet Eblen, Lot 140, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $434,900.

Caleb and Sarah Johnson to Frankie Williams, Lot 4, Cumberland Pointe Villas subdivision, Lot 4, $282,000.

Jose and Elisabeth Valadez Aranda to Rolando Vanegas and Debora Castillo, land near Butler Avenue, $140,000.

BLK Investments LLC to Bright Brains Investments LLC, land near 13th Street, $52,000.

Timmy and Karen Young to John Clark and Deloris Clark, land near Richardsville Road, $430,000.

Brandon and Bethney Salmon to Ronald Lax, Lot 3, Western Heights subdivision, $236,000.

Alisha and Windsor Thompson III to Brandon and Bethney Salmon, land near Wakefield Drive, $372,000.

Jamie Basham and Rita Hurt to Juan Jose Tomas Alonso and Kaitlin Leigh Alonso, Lots 22 and 23, Parker Bennett School subdivision Urban Renewal Project, $178,000.

Danny Maurice Benton Estate to Hannah Burton, Lot 85, Eastland Park subdivision, $200,000.

South Glen Properties LLC to Tony Henon Construction Inc., Lot 161, South Glen Gables subdivision, $60,000.

Luke and Kim Williams to Jason Mills, Lot 16, Mount Ayr Estates subdivision, $900,000.

Sydney Engle to Melissa and Troy Dorris, Lot 505, North Ridge subdivision, $210,000.

Jason and Rebekah McKinney to Sarah Higgins, Lot 61, September Lakes subdivision, $675,000.

Nessa Timoney and Jordan Sucher to Darren and Kimberly Jones, Lot 20, September Lakes subdivision, $830,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Ronnie Rhodes, Lot 90, Stagner Farms subdivision, $324,315.

Java Properties LLC to Michelle Anderson, Lot 6, Autumn View subdivision, $216,900.

Wendell and Janis Strode to Thomas and Alicia Vetetoe, land near Mizpah Road, no tax.

Lisa and Carl Graham Jr. and Nagasha and Stephen McCrudden to Big Dog Investments LLC, Lot 12, Springhill subdivision, $130,000.

ARM Properties LLC to A&A Rentals LLC, Lot 21, Springhill subdivision, $145,000.

Lou S. Graham to KBJ Investments LLC, Lots 10 B1 and 10 B2, Searcy Farms subdivision, $900,000.

Estate of Carey Wayne Hood to Carlos Taylor, Lot 7, Rockfield Estates subdivision, $160,500.

Handy Homes LLC to James Crain, Lot 3, Hickory Hollow subdivision, $242,000.

Timothy and Susan Brotherton to Thomas Moore, Lots 51-55, Woodlands subdivision, no tax.

Jadius and Jena Wilson to Elizabeth and Laura Upton, Lots 17 and 18, Lind Cliff Meadows subdivision, $212,000.

Fuqua Family Holdings LLC to Shake Rag Barbershop LLC, land near State Street, $130,000.

Brad and Stacy Vincent to Brad and Stacy Vincent, Lot 5, Broad Acres subdivision, no tax.

South Glen Properties LLC to Craig Mayes, Lot 158, South Glen Gables subdivision, $60,000.

Roy Justin and Shelley G. Shepherd to Joseph and Allyson Brunk, Lot 1, RCP Thomas Estate, $195,000.

Thu-Thao Luu to Rachel and James Miller, Lot 27, Cedar Ridge subdivision, $235,000.

Amanda and William Poland Jr. to Nam M. Doan and Ngn K. Huynh, Lot 61, McCoy Place subdivision, $265,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Judith Hunton, Lot 35, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision revision, $254,900.

Shane Van Meter to Greg and Kathleen Carrell, Lot 91, Kelly Heights subdivision, $155,000.

Nikki Hagan to Jessica Gray and Jennifer Shockley, Lot 54, Brentwood Place subdivision, $200,000.

Overholt Builders LLC to Dino Pinerola, Lot 9, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $251,449.

Shamrock Homes LLC to Timothy Donnelly, Lot 59, South Oaks subdivision, $270,000.

Joel and Candice Turner to Berschel Hunt, Lot 31, September Lakes subdivision, $619,900.

Maggie Plank to Aubrey Elise Basham Supplemental Needs Trust, land near Detour Road, $8,500.

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