Summit Partners Inc. to Seid Hasanovic, Lot 231, Summit subdivision, $59,900.

Andrew and Allison Williamson to Joann West, Lot 28, Meadowview subdivision, $185,000.

R&D Properties of Bowling Green LLC to Jesus Avila, land near 13th Street, $59,000.

Jason and Nicole Slaughter to Lee Reh and Pray Meh, Lot 300, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $220,000.

Lun Ngaih Cing and Khai Cin; and Man Huai Lun and Cin Lam Kim to Nang Do Kam and Marry Cing; and Cing Khup, Lot 5, Melrose subdivision, $185,000.

Elizabeth Ford to Scott and Tabitha Emsley, Lot 22, Backwoods subdivision, $129,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Adam and Sarah Skaggs, Lot 104, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $326,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Ronald and Hilda Westergren, Lot 68, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $235,900.

Christopher and Amber Nichols to Travis Newton and Diane Lickenbrock, Lot 214, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $322,500.

Graham Builders LLC to Andrew and Rachelle Dillon, Lot 28, The Heritage subdivision and Marjorie Clark estate subdivision, $268,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Amar Hasan and Leyla Safarali, Lot 26, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $292,368.

Jason Clark and Kelsey Wallace to Tandy Higgins, Lot 10, Whisperwood subdivision, $173,000.

Kenneth Watford to Wava Pendley, Peggy Hoffman, William Madison and James Madison, Tract 1 (Lot 6, Hunters Gate Estates and Tract 2 (land in deed book 790, page 614), $188,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Lot 9, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $174,000.

John and Mary Chandler to Paul and Deveta McFarland, land near Crewdson Lane, $70,000.

Karole Worthington to Justin Blanchard, Lot 28-23, North Mill Place subdivision, $127,500.

James and Kathryne Dunn to Thomas and Stephanie Delk, Lot 10, Shaker Mill Bend subdivision, $209,900.

Barbara and James Taylor Jr. to Wendy and Jonathan Blankenship, Lot 1, R.R. Alford Lot, minor plat book 22, page 118, $215,000.

Charlotte and Jerod Kaufman to Kenrick Jones and Jessica Watkins, Lot 183, North Ridge subdivision, $160,500.

Matthew and Erika Leffler to Candida and Randy Murrell, Lot 10, Joe Bill Bryant subdivision, $166,500.

Kenneth and Leisa Westray to Leon and Louise Ferguson, land near Fletcher Street, $30,000.

Myles Lamer to Derrick and Tosha Dean, Lot 2, Fulton and Lolita Wilson minor plat in minor subdivision plat book 17, page 174, $105,000.

Adam and Brittny Askren to Robert and Jennifer Hoyt, Lot 28, Pebble Ridge subdivision, $299,000.

VGF Investments LLC to S.A.M. Trio LLC, Lots 2, 2-1 and 2-2, plat revision for Lot 2, Otte Commercial subdivision, $810,000.

Brian Oulay and Alexandra Oulay and Joseph Browning to Browning Acres LLC, Lot 1-3, Nelda Kitchens Estate Morgantown Road subdivision, no tax.

James Nga to KeeLita Monique Williams, Lot 296, Park Hills subdivision, $175,000.

Thomas and Ashley Day to Casey Barnes, Lot 39, South Oaks subdivision, $239,000.

Jarrod and April Birch to Tony Whitney and Dalton Whitney, Lot 236, North Ridge subdivision, $156,900.

Andrew and Carrie Ford to Billy and Leeann Sneed, Lot 11, Deerfield Estates, $147,999.

David and Keleighn LaBore to Tasha and Kelly Coates, Lot 334, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $224,000.

Edward and Dawn Betts to Zachary and Daran McMillen, Lot 1-1, Ross and Deborah Cassetty subdivision, $279,500.

Adam Dausman to Peng Thang and Dawt Hnem Tial and Sun Iang and Kio Hmung, Lot 43, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $215,000.

Betty Boyd to Allison and Charles Baughn Jr., Lot 7, Deerwood Estates, $285,000.

Peggy Goforth to Margaret McCutchen, Lot 15, Collett View subdivision, $220,000.

John and Charlotte Phelps to Steven and Julie Collins, land near Smallhouse Road, $130,000.

John and Priscilla Fuesting to Ruth Buck, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $270,000.

Christopher M. and Anne G. Champion to John P. and Susan L. Gaines, Lot 41-91, Bent Tree Estates, $498,000.

Laura Kramer to Stephanie Bean, Lot 274, Deer Park Estates, $172,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to TMAG Properties LLC, Lot 606, North Ridge subdivision, $45,500.

Gator Development LLC to Brittany Rae Shirley Irrevocable Trust, Lot 19, Upton Farms subdivision, $48,500.

HM Squared Development LLC to Kaplan Fields, Lots 8 and 9, A.E. Anderson subdivision, $26,500.

Jeremy and Stephanie Lindsey to John and Jessica Becker, Lot 103, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $335,000.

Western Homes LLC to Visal and Fatima Karazha, Lot 213, McCoy Place subdivision, $362,500.

John and Debra Berry to Chris and Anne Champion, Lot 90, Fountain Trace subdivision, $560,000.

Clay and Emily Goodman to Khin Maung San and Zing Hlei Sung, Lot 359, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $193,000.

Stokes Homes LLC to Robert and Heather Keith, Lot 60, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $400,000.

GC Land Development to Gemstone Property Development LLC, Lot 127, Weatherstone subdivision, $39,000.

Bluegrass Legacy Properties LLC to Heather and Marcus Roe, Lot 1, Guy Sims minor subdivision, $165,000.

JAVA Properties LLC to Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc., Lot 20, Autumn View subdivision, $35,000.

Charles Davidson and Neli Ouzounova, land near 13th Street, $106,500.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Shamrock Homes LLC, Lot 59, South Oakes subdivision, $42,500.

Roger Choate to Keith Honaker, land near Glasgow Road, $79,840.15.

William and Pamela Bell to Ernon and Leah Simpson, Lot 115, Winfield Acres subdivision, $225,000.

Marc and Gena Lazich to Steven and Melissa Albert, Lot 3, Summer Place subdivision, $328,000.

LCB Investments LLC to ZPTC Investments LLC, Lot 35, plat book 2, pages 74-75, $125,000.

Benjamin and Krista Graves to Howard and Mary Ralph, Lot 210, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $330,000.

Tim Haley Real Estate Inc. to Donald Ragland, Lot 23, Coopertree subdivision, $88,500.

September Lakes LLC to Ricky and Rhonda Gearlds, Lot 44, September Lakes subdivision, $68,000.

Timothy Higdon to Terry and Judy Chaffin, land near 13th Street, $105,000.

Larry Grinstead to Cody and Rachel Gordon, Lot 44, Dogwood Village subdivision, $13,000.

Kevin Jewell and Sheila Crump-Jewell to Jerry Webb, Lot 409, North Ridge subdivision, $181,900.

Joel and Penny Cline to Adam Brown and LeAnn Sparks, Lots 5 and 9, Horace and Mildred Cline Estates, $95,000.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 54, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,900.

JAVA Properties LLC to Julio Rangel and Beatriz Hernandez-Cerrito, Lots 4 and 5, Autumn View subdivision, $70,000.

Kenneth and Virginia Lewis and Evelyn and Victor Jarvis to Matthew and Jennifer Simpson, Lot 1, Robert Loving minor subdivision, $55,000.

Ed and Chrystal Mills to Barry Hardison, Lot 38-1, Woods at Hartland subdivision, $515,000.

William and Abigail Beard to Scott Lee and Susan Hopkins, Lot 21, Parkview addition, $289,000.

Diane and Jack Minish Jr. and William and Tracey Minish to Patricia Minish, Lot 26, Rolling Fields subdivision, $120,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Adam Dausman, Lot 13, Heritage subdivision, $279,900.

Clay and Taylor Myles to Ervin and Tara Puskar, Lot 12, The Enclave at Forde’s Crossing, $430,000.

Samantha Stuntz to Joseph and Laura Beavers, Lot 170, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $439,900.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Shelly and James Johnson, Lot 603, North Ridge subdivision, $189,900.

Ernie and Makenzie Burnett to Thomas and Jamie Miller, Lot 117, Shawnee Estates, $219,000.

Harold Miller to Chrystal Mills, Lot 1, Greens at Hartland Patio Homes, $315,000.

William Madison to Adam Loafman, Lot 9, Ridgecrest subdivision, $181,900.

Roger Childress to Ricky and Donna Anderson, land near Youngs Ferry Threlkel Ferry Road, $40,000.

Big Oak Properties LLC to Charity and Houston Flener, Lot 5, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $269,900.

Estate of James Geyer Thomas Sr. to Jason Mills, Lot 67, Meadowwood Estates, $192,600.

Otis Yokley to Timothy Minton, Lots 1 and 2, Melton Lockhart subdivision, $90,750.

Larry and Sharon Coop to Todd and Jennifer Gibbs, Lot 3, Green Meadows subdivision, $70,000.

Phak and Thida Sy to Dao Thai and Jenevi Nguyen, Lot 88, Cedar Grove subdivision, $295,000.

Bobby and Helen Allen to Adrienne Connor, Lot 257, Briarwood Manor subdivision, no tax.

Houston and Charity Flener and Matthew and Lisa Milburn to Charlotte and Benjamin Clark, land near Blue Level Road, $119,900.

Billy C. Oates to MNM LLC, land in deed book 837, page 88, $240,750.

Hammer Rental Homes LLC to David and Bonny Tate, Lot 8, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $256,900.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Christopher Stunson, Lot 23, Magnolia Hills, $299,183.

GMV Properties LLC to Timothy N. Cannon, Lot 613, North Ridge subdivision, $176,900.

Joseph and Julia Davis to Melvin Morrison and Loucenda Morrison, Lot 6, Tabor-Dodson subdivision, $100,000.

David and Rogenna Driver to Alisa Bosnjakovic, Lot 158, Summit, $393,500.

Donald and Tittica Hines to Ian and Darcy Smith, Lot 250, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $322,000.

Elizabeth and Scott Alexander to Raymond P. Wilt Revocable Trust, Lot 319, Deer Park subdivision, $111,680.

Jamie and Leon Moran II to Andrew Givens, Lot 13, Decker subdivision, $132,000.

Sylvia Joy Marcum to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, land near Park Street, $89,000.

Sylvia Joy Marcum to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, land near Park and 15th streets, $389,000.

Brittany Kelley to Victory Lane Sober Living LLC, land near Old Morgantown, $217,750.

Jason and Sara Brown to Amber and Ryan MacGillis, Lot 75, Hidden River Estates, $378,000.

Jerry and Angela Wolf to Natasha J. Vondracek, Lot 86, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $259,000.

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