Old Hickory Homes LLC to Theresa Hicks, Lot 181, McKinney Farms subdivision, $205,000.

Ruching Builders Inc. to LJ2 Construction LLC, Lot 52, Heritage subdivision, $46,500.

Oliver & Hansbrough Development Partners LLC to Hansbrough Development LLC, Lot 8, Cornerstone Point subdivision, $40,000.

Michael and Karen Wheeley to David and Lecia Conroy, land near Ky. 240, $289,500.

Terrill and Vicki Garmon to Jason and Rebekah McKinney and Jon and Meredith Stokes, Lot 2, Terrill and Vicki Garmon subdivision, $235,000.

Kenneth and Sheldon Allen to J. Allen Builders Inc., land near Mount Olivet Road and Lansing Lane, $135,000.

Erika Wiggins to Gary and Andrea Bayles, Lot 85, McLellan Farms subdivision, $353,000.

Perry and Goldie Lowery to Bruce Moles, Lot 113, Winfield Acres, $160,000.

Titan Properties LLC to Corvette View Properties LLC, Lot 19, Corvette View subdivision, $322,450.

Titan Properties LLC to Corvette View Properties LLC, Lot 17, Corvette View subdivision, $322,450.

Lucas Garmon and Samantha Johnson to Jesse and Virginia Harmon, Lot 4, Coy Hinton Estate, $194,900.

Rebecca and Zach Phelps to Joseph Sawyer, Lot 170, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $215,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Mark and Janet Turner, Lot 26, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $191,900.

B’NR Realty LLC to Stephanie Carpenter, Lot 503, Greystone subdivision, $187,400.

Shamrock Homes LLC to Timothy and Jennifer Firkins, Lot 353, North Ridge subdivision, $169,900.

Sandra and Logan Light to Kevin Kappes, Lot 231, Greystone subdivision, $177,500.

David and Valerie Blethen to Brett Duncan, tract 1, David and Valerie Blethen property, $168,000.

Mike and Judy Martin to Mark and Vickie Wade, Lot 5-60, Olde Stone subdivision, $625,000.

Joshua and Laura Menser to Brennan and Tara Elsas, Lot 7, Fair Ground addition, $230,000.

Aaron and Miranda Brooker to Gage and Jessica McCawley, tract 21, Dr. Robert Wilson Estate, $164,000.

Peggy Brownfield to Java Properties LLC, Lot 4, Philip and Peggy Brownfield Family Farm, $30,000.

Karen Greenwell to Kaye and George Burnette Jr., Lot 42, Crossridge subdivision, $316,000.

Kenny and Marie Weaver to Marie Weaver, Lot 471, North Ridge, no tax.

Buhr-Rock Development Inc. to BR Development LLC, Lot 34, Buhr-Rock subdivision, no tax.

Alicia Duncan to Blevins & Blevins LLC, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $143,000.

Christopher and Miriam Warmack to Anthony and Jennifer Moore, Lot 1, Bridlewood subdivision, $299,900.

Carolyn Stice to Roger and Vicki Stice, Lot 2, Stice Property subdivision, no tax.

Jessica Vincent to Hollie Austin, land near Main Street, $89,000.

Michael and Tracey Kieffer to Justin and Jennifer Basil, tract 9, Robert Wilson Estate, $325,000.

Jo Anne Gabbard Revocable Trust to Pamela Neighbors, Lot 37, Hartland subdivision, no tax.

Garry and Amy Hammer to Josh and Heather Givens, Lot 2, Ferguson subdivision, $525,000.

Icon BG LLC to JJEM Properties LLC, Suite 201, The Icon condominium project, $431,250.

Bluegrass Contracting and Consulting LLC to Alexa Allen, Lot 1, Siegert Properties, $199,500.

A.M. Ventures LLC to BabyDr Properties LLC, Lot 83, Cherry Hill subdivision, no tax.

Sabahudin and Mirsada Muratovic to Klaudia Radul, Lot 5, Hillwood Estates subdivision, $10,000.

Khalid Taha Alogaili and Hanan Alani to Jocelyn Acker, Lot 186, Park Hills subdivision, $163,500.

Brenda Lissett Buezo De Diaz and Erick Giovanni Diaz Bobadilla to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., Lot 533, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $264,000.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Carolyn Harmon, Lot 3, John Taylor minor subdivision, $117,000.

Omni Custom Meats Inc. to Tyrone Martin and Terry Martin, land near Smiths Grove Oakland Road, $100,000.

Timothy and Amy Hawkins to Christopher Peters and Nomathamsanqa Moyo, Lot 85, Fountain Trace subdivision, $475,000.

Kevin and Hannah Taylor to McKenzie and Thomas Wells III, Lot 2, Ruby Suddeth Estate, $304,000.

W. Lynn Davenport to Oo Reh and Kirsty Law, Lot 171, Crossings at Cave Mill, $215,000.

Christopher Kelly to Scott and Lisa Mason, Lot 138, McCoy Place subdivision, $338,000.

Jack and Katelyn Blaha to Bradley and Rachel Salyer, Lot 17, Wesley Estates subdivision, $221,730.

Harlan Construction Inc. to Stephen and Lindsey Burton, Lot 22, plat book 42, page 283, $506,000.

Joseph and Patricia Corcoran to David Cowles, Lot 35, Hunting Creek Estates, $165,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Nicholas Pearson, Lot 25, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $174,900.

Muhammad Atlaf Ahmed and Aysha Ahmed to Haresh Patel and Ramanbhai Patel, Lot 131, Summit subdivision, $85,000.

Glen and Martha Hill to Om Naing and Kho Tam and Lam Cing, Lot 59, Pleasant Place subdivision, $237,000.

Rhoades Properties Inc. to JJP Investments LLC, Lot 3-51, Olde Stone subdivision, $65,000.

Freddy and Carolyn Brown to Donald and Amy Jones, Lot 58, Heather Heights subdivision, $258,000.

Tamara Hendrix to Shaw Reh and Ko Meh, Lot 69, McCoy Place subdivision, $225,000.

James Henson to Hager & Pike LLC, land near Loving Union Road, $65,000.

Earl and Judy Beloin to Jonas and Tanya Hackney, land near New Cut Road, $376,900.

Estate of Bobby Burnette to David and Lauretta Jaggers, Lot 3, H.H. Hardcastle property, $25,500.

Vision Builders LLC to Robert and Stacie Warren, Lot 109, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $239,100.

Antony and Susan Norman to Autumn and Joe Grinstead, Lot 3, Hillview Estates, $305,000.

Brittney and Chris Sweeney to Cody Eblen, Lot 66, Twin Elms subdivision, $140,000.

Jerry and Brenda Cantrell to Joseph and Patricia Corcoran, Lot 48, Springhurst, $200,000.

Glen and Lila Finley to Scott and Stephanie Barbeau, Lot 32, North Ridge, $159,900.

Josh and Heather Givens to Donald Kendel, Lot 223, Hunters Crossing, $410,000.

Jason and Dena Mills and Big Dog Investments LLC to Barry and Natalie Crawford, Lot 20, Blue Grass Meadows subdivision, $256,900.

David A. and Dana Barker and David K. and Donna Barker to AMB Properties LLC, Lot 59, Upton Farms subdivision, no tax.

Andrew Marley to Timothy Talley, Lot 63, Wesley Estates, $212,000.

SNS Homes LLC to Presley Woods, Lot 3, Bobby H. Turner minor subdivision, $114,000.

Damir and Amira Cokljat to Ayad Albuali and Raghad Alkhafaji, Lot 62, Hillview Mills subdivision, $240,000.

Russell and Colleen Oliver to Russell Oliver II, land near Smallhouse Road, no tax.

Price Property Management LLC and Chestnut Group Properties LLC to Taylor Gentry, Lot 6, Monta Vista subdivision, $139,900.

George and Eleanor Allen to Pengwin Properties LLC, land near Stubbins Street, $42,500.

Elizabeth and Joe Hood to Jack and Cheryl Matthews, Lot 28-9, North Mill Place subdivision, $145,000.

Hammer Development Company LLC to Prestige Worldwide HC LLC, Lot 27, Heritage subdivision, $45,000.

Hammer Development Company LLC to Prestige Worldwide HC LLC, Lot 26, Heritage subdivision, $45,000.

Javier Quezada-Herrera and Marie Elena Garcia de Quezada to Ting Chang, Lot 26-40, Hartland subdivision, $278,500.

Stephen and Lindsey Burton to Harlan Construction Inc., Lot 98, McCoy Place, $239,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Zimrri Morfin, land near Old Greenhill Road, $168,000.

Michael and Christy Marion to Charles and Valorie Copas and William and Alexis Stephens, Lot 3-73, Olde Stone, $599,000.

Mercury Financial LLC to Robert and Tammy Drake, Lot 60, Upton Farms subdivision, $288,000.

Taibos Landing LLC to DMP LLC, Lot 39, Cedar Grove subdivision, $450,000.

Mount Victor Development to Timothy and Pamela Geegan, Lot 1, Moses & Huddleston property subdivision, $108,500.

129 Holdings LLC to Landmark Group LLC, Lot 3-1, Dishman Lane Industrial Park, $530,655.52.

WD Properties LLC to Robert and Connie Vincent, 362 Lawson St. and 248 Ridgecrest St., $160,000.

Donald Schardein to John and April Groves, land near Ewing Ford Road, $530,000.

Brett and Heather Meredith to Mischelle and Eddie Mattingly, Lot 14, Brentwood Place subdivision, $195,000.

Steven Daniel Singer to Kevin Simpson, Lot 20, Indian Ridge, $324,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Andrea Heming and Philip Price, Lot 8, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property, $276,000.

LCB Investments LLC to Robert and Kayla Kirby and Martha and Robert Kirby, Lot 69, Upton Farms, $275,000.

Kerry Sapp and Jill Johnson to Jennie McShane and Donald Pennycuff, Lot 4, River Hills Estates subdivision, $338,000.

Nihad and Mersiha Nuhanovic to Milorad and Dragana Kandic, Lot 1, Bailey’s Farm, $206,000.

Estate of Robert Smith to Ronnie and Mary Briggs, Lot 38, Parker Bennett School, $52,500.

Crystal and Donald Alvey Jr. to Heather Scroughams, land near Clays Chapel Road, $28,000.

Mark and Donna Oda to Stephanie Human, Lot 11, Meredith subdivision, $186,500.

Kevin and Heather Lashley to William and Lindsay Porter, Lot 81, Briarwood Manor, $200,000.

Kate and Jacob Latham to Michelle Hale, Lot 54, Stonehenge, $170,000.

Kevin Simpson to Michael and Teresa McSween, Lot 267, Hunters Crossing, $460,000.

Ethan and Jordan White to Martha Diaz Rondon and Juan O. Verdecia Evora, Lot 251, Park Hills subdivision, $175,000.

Frederick Gittins Jr. to Beverly and James Harl Jr., Lot 87, Belle Haven, $315,000.

Charles Croslin to Matthew Napier, Lot 1-1, Hugh W. and Mary E. Croslin subdivision, no tax.

Jason and Allison Street to Todd and Amy Dickerson, Lot 2-1, Dennis Wheeley subdivision, $65,500.

L.D. Nally to Williams Nally and Joseph Nally, land near Hammett Hill Road, no tax.

Young Family Trust to Jerry and Sharon Stokes, Lot 1, Callaway Gardens, $60,000.

Fairview Avenue Properties LLC to Callaway Court Properties LLC, Lot 17, Burr Oaks subdivision, $88,000.

Fairview Avenue Properties LLC to Callaway Court Properties, Lot 17, Burr Oaks subdivision, $88,000.

Susan Leachman to W3 Properties LLC, Lot 18-20, Ogden Park subdivision, $154,000.

Jesse and Elizabeth Snellings to Shelly and Andrew Wilgruber IV, Lot 36, Claiborne Farms, $475,000.

Ro Dinga and Kawltiri Lal to Sai Aung Htay and Yae Mom, Lot 151, Moss Meadows, $165,000.

Gail McCormack to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Lot 2, Carlos Taylor subdivision, $37,000.

Shirley Wilkinson to Richard and Julie Matre, Lot 40, Stagecoach Springs subdivision, $500,000.

Mark Lyne to Lillian Patience Bearnson, Lot 19, Plano Acres, $121,000.

Mike and Evon Hymer to Kristen and Matthew Caudill, Lot 34, Pebble Ridge subdivision, $232,500.

Jamie Williams and Edmund-Thomas Williams to GVTP Developments LLC, Lot 9, Townhomes at Lost River, $140,000.

Joanie Powers to Logan and Keisha Stewart, Lot 38, Chenoweth subdivision, $275,000.

Dadlani BG LLC to Uttam D. Dadlani and Vimi U. Dadlani, Lot 4, River Bend Commercial subdivision, no tax.

Richard and Shea Wilson to Todd and Janus Wilken, land near Old Martinsville Road and land in deed book 404, page 548, $245,000.

David and Lauren McClain to Clinton Parsons and Taylor Tanner, Lot 283, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $212,900.

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