Leo and Freida Eggleton to Timothy and Pepper Phelps, Lots 1-4, Nealwood addition, $155,000.

James and Janet Arnold to Pamela Johnson, Lot 10, Jennings Mill subdivision, $125,000.

Estil and Linda Jones to Calvin and Lindsey Tooley, Lot 1-1, Steve Turner minor subdivision, $140,000.

Lori Skillern to Heather and Foy Skillern Jr., tract 1, Skillern heirs property, $150,000.

Diana Howard to Sherry Howell, Lot 16, Richland subdivision, $247,750.

Muamer Razic to Khai Za Pau and Cing Lam Mang, Lot 48, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $252,000.

Estate of Diane Hunton to Steven and Astra Daugherty, parcel 4, Pearson Place, $313,500.

Khai Pau and Cing Mang to Casi Bright and Chris Chamberlain, Lot 354, Greystone subdivision, $175,000.

David and Elizabeth Hurd to Miguel and Jenny Phelps, Lot 242, Greystone subdivision, $152,000.

Stokely Hall to Garry and Amy Hammer, Lot 25, Twin Elms subdivision, $193,500.

Michael Miller to Jeremy and Stephanie Lindsey, land near Three Springs Road, $475,000.

Patricia Miller to Michael Horn, land near Southmeade Estates subdivision, $135,000.

Penn Station Partners LLC to Phong Nguyen, Lot 9-5, Units 3 and 4, Penn Station, $693,000.

JAVA Properties LLC to Elijah Properties LLC, Lots 2, 3, 8-12, 18, 19, 35, Autumn View subdivision, $340,000.

Paul Lucas to Elijah Properties LLC, land near 10th Street, $123,050.

Paul Lucas to Elijah Properties LLC, land near Kentucky Street, $107,000.

Jacqueline and Douglas MacArthur Douglas to Barry Douglas, Lot 9, Walter Wilson subdivision, no tax.

Lawrence and Tamara Snyder to Elizbeth Alexander and Nancy West, Lot 29, Dutch Gardens subdivision, $255,000.

Jason Mills and Big Dog Investments LLC to Leonard and Donna Baer, Lot 11, Oakwood subdivision, $224,000.

Mirsada Becirovic to Ismar Alihodzic and Mernisa Hrustanovic, Lot 7, Stonecrest subdivision, $180,000.

Evan and Angela Cook to Robert and Candace DeRoss, Lot 83, McLellan Farms subdivision, $295,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to William and Teresa Price, Lot 36, Heritage subdivision, $240,000.

The estate of Lavonda Hall and the estate of Carolyn Evans to Willow Bend Property Management LLC, Lots 5 and 6, plat book 44, page 16, $105,600.

Jessica Thrasher to Pau Khan Suan and Cing Sian Muang, Lot 278, The Springfield subdivision, $190,000.

Paul and Beth Pethalsky to Gina and Louis Medley II, land near Park Street, $210,000.

Judy and Morton Russell Martin Jr. to Luther and Joyce Clark, Lot 36, Westgate View subdivision, $220,000.

Estate of Joyce Reels to Ryan McDermott, Lot 76, Springhurst subdivision, $178,690.

Douglas and Jayne Zandstra to Lisa Stephens, Lot 11, Youree Howell subdivision, $132,000.

Todd and Denise Henson and Mitchel and Mary Ellen Henson to Jayde Johnson, Lot 233, McCoy Place subdivision, $290,000.

David Allison and Jeffrey Willis to Linda Allison, Unit 10A, Eaglestone Villas, no tax.

Paul Creasy to Kevin Murphy and Lauren Oller, Lot 18, Saddlebrook subdivision, $197,500.

Wilford Davenport to Dianna Wolf, Lot 63, Bailey’s Farm subdivision, $202,000.

Mount Victor Development LLC to Timothy and Pamela Geegan, Lot 1, plat revision for Moses and Huddleston property subdivision, $47,500.

Paul Lucas to Juan Angel Duron Guerrero, land near 10th Street, $152,475.

David and Ellen Hulleman to Kimberly and Brooks Crites II, Lot 20, Cobblestone subdivision, $40,000.

Stokes Homes LLC to Marla and John Burch II, Lot 24, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $378,500.

Estate of Roger Dale Woolbright to Angela Woolbright and Michael Woolbright, land near Jackson Bridge Road, $21,194.64.

Andrew Gabbard to Jason and Sandra Quinn, Lot 4-4, Hidden Ridge subdivision, $327,500.

Amber Scering and Christina and Claude Roddy III to Christopher and Erica Anderson, Lot 2, Bluebird Meadows subdivision, $199,000.

Gary Grudzielanek to Jarred and Ashley Reber, land near Wedgewood Way, $160,000.

Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc. to Jana and Randall Alvey Jr., Lot 1, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $270,000.

Amanda Waid and Alyssa Stahl to Matthew and Erika Leffler, Lot 15, Jaggers subdivision, $205,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Claude and Ashley Badgett, Lot 3-37, Olde Stone subdivision, $110,000.

Ronnie and Susan Keeton to Larry Allen and Wanda Dishon, Lot 9, Shamrock Acres subdivision, $200,000.

DNB Inc. to Teeltui Zuasiam Asian Market LLC, land near U.S. 68, $548,000.

James and Sandra Cook to Linda and David Sanderson, Lot 17, Wind Haven subdivision, $525,000.

The Prodigy Co. LLC to Kyle and Kacey Rowland, Lot 234, Summit subdivision, $380,000.

Jere Chapman to Michael and Nicola McPhearson, Lot 38, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $260,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Darko and Hana Palkic, Lot 88, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $209,810.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 6, Heritage subdivision, $47,900.

Mark and Connie Press to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, Lot 5, Point Breeze subdivision, $267,325.

The estate of Lavonda Hall; the estate of Carolyn Marie Evans; Jonita and Tony Piper; and Bettina and Jeff Rich to Matthew Hardy, Lots 1 and 4, plat book 44, page 16, $47,300.

Autumn and Joe Grinstead to MPH Property Management LLC, Lot 39, Tanglewood Estates, no tax.

Jeryn Lee and Robyn Bailey to Jeryn Lee, land near Barren River Road, no tax.

Dane Wilson to Larry Stewart, Lot 116, Hartland subdivision, $438,000.

E.A. Biggs Farms LLC to Hunky Dory LLC, Lot 2, Grinstead & Probst property, $100,000.

Eagle Ridge Developers LLC to Thomas and Darla Day, Lot 27, Eagle Ridge subdivision, $125,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Stephen Daniel Properties LLC, Lot 18, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $27,500.

Eagle Ridge Developers LLC to Thomas and Ashley Day, Lot 28, Eagle Ridge subdivision, $125,000.

JT Real Estate LLC to Andrew and Mackenzie Deaton, Lot 7-4, Olde Stone subdivision, $155,000.

Lucas and Makenzie Mohon to Courtney Zint, Lot 350, Springfield subdivision, $190,000.

Rachel Murphy to Lesa and Raymon Guffey, Lot 34, Hillview Mills subdivision, $270,000.

Winston and Katrina Eaton to Kenneth and Lauren Bryant, Lot 155, Countryside Manor subdivision, $135,000.

Micah Embry and Heather Parker to Bouyisse and Abdellah El Houass, Lot 33, Bellevue subdivision, $160,000.

Melissa Rush to Hailey and Joseph Petty, Lot 141, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $165,000.

Chad and Lauren Park to Chad and Lauren Park, tract 3, plat book 19, page 77, no tax.

Summit Partners Inc. to Mary and Jarrett Murphy, Lot 150, Summit subdivision, $55,000.

Shaun and Casandra Curtis to Matthew and Lindsey Groves, land near U.S. 231, $385,000.

Autumnstone LLC to Digs on the River LLC, land near River Street and 13th Avenue, no tax.

Connie Thomas to Robert and Marjorie Wilkerson, Unit 5B, Greens at Hartland subdivision, $235,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Sabahudin Salihovic, Lot 29, South Oaks subdivision, $42,000.

Hal and Anna Marie DeLaRosby to Katrina and Winston Eaton and Terence Olson, Lot 67, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $275,000.

Highland Property Management LLC to David Hayes, Lot 4, Kitchens & Reeves Realty Co., $71,000.

Wilma and Mark Chumley to John and Charissa Evans, Lot 3, E.W. Kinser subdivision, $103,000.

Jason and Dena Mills to James Stockton, Lot 81, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $237,200.

Linda Bean to John Greco Jr., Lot 1, Carrier subdivision, $165,000.

Estate of Nancy Varnado to Wesley and Alexis Smith, Lot 165, McFaddens Ferry subdivision, $158,000.

James and Jennifer Wells to Bradley and Lauren McGuirk, tract 3, Stone subdivision, $399,900.

Desert Sunrise Property and Management LLC to Mary and Laymon Willis, Lot 4, Serenity Estates, $295,500.

Barbara Pack to Esaul Blas and Iraiz Shanchez Hernandez, Lot 1, John and Carla Daniel subdivision, $147,000.

Bobby and Diana Blair to Alayna and Brendan Hunt, Lot 2, plat book 38, page 235, $189,900.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Monica Jones, Lot 624, North Ridge subdivision, $179,900.

Jimmy and Sandra Cooke to Marissa Cooke, Lot 30, plat book 1, page 99, $145,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Mark and Kay Press, Lot 44, Blevins Farm subdivision, $353,005.

Terry and Kathy Hendrick and Teresa Hendrick to Slater and Kristen Mounts, Lot 2, Alma C. Hendrick property II, no tax.

BSV LLC to Jarrod and April Birch, Lot 55, Upton Farms, $300,000.

KB Family Limited Partnership to WKU Real Estate Corp., land near Chestnut Street, $444,050.

Todd and Stephanie Combs to Christopher and Jenna Tarter, Lot 8, M.E. Carter Estate minor subdivision, $510,000.

Sweets Design Build Inc. to Himanshu Harischandra Pandya and Pannaben Himanshu Pandya, Lot 3, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $465,040.

Lance Chapman to Brian and Nan Montgomery, Lot 40, plat book 43, pages 233-234, $260,000.

Kendal and Heather Diaz to Brandy and Michael Delpino Jr., Lot 60, Deer Park subdivision, $191,900.

Justin and Adriane Watt to Camron and Ryanne Gregory, Lot 9, Iron Bridge Estates subdivision, $275,000.

RMC Holdings LLC to Brooklyn Ennis, Lot 3, Rebecca Lynn Alderson property, $167,500.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Joy Kirby, Lot 66, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $221,215.

Ken and Ella Taylor to Anita and Roberto Amador, land near Richardsville Road, $272,000.

Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC and Eric Wallace to Tanner and Lynnden Pearson, Lot 4, Spring Lakes & Owen Sims subdivision, $43,500.

Derrick and Marian Wagoner to Jessica Stunson, Lot 355, North Ridge subdivision, $170,000.

The estate of David Russell to LA GALA LLC, Lot 7, Collett addition, $105,000.

Tetyana Sheychuk to Build 2 Suit LLC, Lot 194, Greystone subdivision, $169,900.

Justin and Whitley Davis to Kesley Collings, Lot 45, Springhill addition, $154,900.

Suraya Aliyeva and Rasul Aliyev to Law Reh and Sie Meh, Lot 357, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $208,500.

Barry and Lisa Cummings to Barry Cummings Enterprises LLC, Lot 4, Creekwood Commercial Development, no tax.

Mitchell and Amy Wright to Sarah and Brian Martin, Lot 72, Talbott Place subdivision, $689,000.

The estate of Sarah Smith to David and Sara Hunt, land in deed book 1191, page 121, $600,000.

JBLA Investments LLC to Shake Rag Barbershop LLC, Lot 23, Lee Square subdivision, $150,000.

Himanshu and Panna Pandya to Sheikh Urrehman and Rida Khan, Lot 375, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $184,900.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to James and Patricia Hogg and Michelle Jones, Lot 89, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $203,355.

WGCR Holdings LLC to Kobra Daryani and Amrollah Farahani and Parya Farahani, Lot 71, Upton Farms subdivision, $278,250.

John and Vicki Dillard to Travis Guy and Valerie Dillard, Lot 70, Richland subdivision, $183,500.

Camron and Ryanne Gregory to Sarah and Raymond Vaughn, Lot 436, Greystone subdivision, $225,000.

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